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  1. Agreed rect1, I can’t image trying to locate bodies 2-3 Kim’s from the original entry point.
  2. Just wondering if anyone’s has recently been up to Chibougamau via 93 from Roberval. We heading there on Saturday, just wondering about conditions and confirming the sawmill is open for gas? thanks Roweboat
  3. 3 guys planning a 5 day trip from Jan 31- Feb 4. Looking for hotel recommendations for Chibougamau & Parent. Also if you have any feedback the trip plan below. Thanks in advance for the help.
  4. I also posting in the General discussion, but was just wondering how much the trail around St. Zenon has been impacted by the rain today? Anyone have first hand knowledge of the conditions? Heading up on Friday, but will cancel if the trails are washed out. Thanks in advance for any information Roweboat
  5. Anyone has an update on the St. Zenon area? Just wondering how much rain they are getting today? Heading up on Friday, but wondering if I should cancel ??
  6. I’m heading to Le Cabanon in St. Zenon on Friday, hopefully the rain is light and the trails survive. Might have to cancel Thursday after the rain they are calling for on Wednesday.
  7. No problem, thanks... that is a nice run your doing! We did it last year. Enjoy!
  8. Zrtkat, we are coming back to St Zenon next friday feb23rd. Next weeks weather look like tues and wed will be +3 both day. How long are you going to be in St. Zenon? Looking for a conditions update on Wednesday if possible. Thanks.
  9. Perfect. Thanks for the pic. Schooter!
  10. I'm going to be at the Delta February 7-11. First time to the area and just wondering about the parking at the hotel for the truck & trailer. There is a couple joining up from NH, just want to make sure there is room in the parking lot. Thank,Greg