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  1. The Host is the perfect spot to stay nice rooms, nice bar and restaurant, and lots of parking and inside heated storage for your sled no charge! The trail runs through their yard. They are a very big supporter of the local club and always have dead flat groomed trails to the door.
  2. Steven that is my secret hiding spot with my buddies Alyre and Julie you were not supposed to say anything! LOl
  3. Mike we are down to 6 active cases here in NB and guys are still riding off-trail in the Christmas Mountains area. All indications are that we will be back to the new normal within a few weeks to months. As far as riding the northern half of NB has some great riding and a long season. There are resorts on the Miramichi River "Ponds & Wilsons" that cater to sledders and several hotels in Miramichi City. The Bathurst area is the snowmobile capital of the Maritimes with the Atlantic Host and Dannys being 2 of the top destinations. Campbellton has several hotels also catering to sledders and of course, there is Moose Valley a sledders heaven. As long as the border issue is solved everyone would be good to go! Pics are from FB this week northern NB.
  4. Hi Mike It is funny you did this post as I have had the same thoughts going through my head. Quebec has more than 50% of all the cases in Canada and this isn't going anywhere quick. There are 24982 cases as of today. I am trying to stay positive and look forward to a great winter season 20-21 but you never know what the future holds! Stay safe everyone and keep your fingers crossed that Quebec gets this under control! On a side note, Lisa and I were supposed to be arriving in Lisbon Portugal today after a transatlantic cruise. Not!!! Saw this picture from Western NFLD on FB taken this week. Andy
  5. 6602 km or 4102 miles. Had our last ride canceled due to the coronavirus. We all have to look toward next year and stay positive that this virus will be conquered and we can all have a great 2020-2021 season. Have a great summer everyone despite the tough times we are all going through right now. Andy
  6. Fuse 6 no it does not connect it is a dead end.
  7. Actually 2 sleds ended up in a truck to finish the ride! LOL Doo's all made it.
  8. Got home yesterday from a 12 day 4198 km ride. Left from home In Riverview NB and rode to Chibougamau, Senneterre 100 Lacs. Ran into Dan the Skidoo again in Chapais as well as Snowmater 2112 and met neksleder in Quebec City. Temps ranged from plus 3 to minus 33! For the most part excellent conditions lowest snow cover is north of Lac St Jean for a short area near La Dore and most areas have several feet!!!
  9. Here now this town appears to be shutting down.Ultramar gas closed, Tim hotels closed strip bar closed ! We are at a motel near the Nordic that had people in it about 5 years ago ! Paid at hotel Chibougamau then had to do Easter egg hunt to find this place. The locals had no clue where it is!! Real cheap too almost $600 for 3 rooms.
  10. Beautiful pics Chris! Heading out that way next week can't wait!
  11. Stayed there many years ago!
  12. I have known Chris many years and he has had a few mishaps over the years. The groomer incident for one or the time he jumped the gravel pit in Mont Valin. I am sure he will be fine and have a great story to tell! Andy
  13. Trail at Forestville is open via re-route. In Quebec City on the north side you go to the Colibri Motel and the shuttle leaves from there or the Normandin on the south side . Have a good ride. Andy
  14. How much does it save distance or time-wise Mark between Clova and Fer A Cheval?