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  1. Have a great day guys! They are adding up for us!!! Andy
  2. Andyman

    lost !!!

    Fermont is on route 389 between Baie Comeau and Labrador City. They have tons of snow already and have had it since October!
  3. Just voted and Mark is in the lead!
  4. Andyman

    Lac Fallion

    Just read where there are new owners and they are preparing for the coming sled season! Very good news for Balbuzard gone for the season. Andy
  5. Andyman

    Riviere du Luop to Pembroke

    On the north side of the river you ride to the Colibri Motel to catch the shuttle and it drops you at the Bernieres Motel on the south side or vice versa.
  6. Andyman

    Riviere du Luop to Pembroke

    Hi Gerry Welcome to QR there are a great bunch of sledders on the site with hundreds of years of combined sledding experience not only in QC but all over North America. I did the ride you are considering in Feb 2015 as part of a 19 day 6300km ride from Riverview NB to Hearst On and points in between. We stayed in Pembroke at The Best Western and rode to Lancaster and stayed there can't remember the hotel name. Next day we rode to Valley-field QC and crossed the St Lawrence on the bridge on our sleds. We tried to follow the TQ5 to Sorel but there was a section that was closed/non existent. Through much trial and error we ended up on the Yamaska River and just by luck there was a huge gathering of local sledders and ATVers in a cove having a Valentines day party. They looked at these two old guys and basically said where the Hell are you guys going?LOL They gave us directions to follow the river and some local streets and trails to rejoin the regional trail system and we made our way to Sorel and stayed the night. Next day we rode on to Thetford mines and stayed the night. And as Forest Gump would say after that shrimping was easy just ride along perfect trails to RDL. If I was doing this ride again I would use the RT system and work my way down to the TQ35 as soon as possible and ride east on it as tends to be quicker and more reliable at least it was in 2015. Hope this helps some. In 2015 there was ample snow south of Montreal many years this is not the case. There are members on the site who live in the area and can provide accurate updates as the season progresses. Andy
  7. Andyman

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all my Quebecrider friends from cold and snowy Riverview Nb. Minus 25 windchill today.
  8. Andyman

    Anyone receive their trail permit ??

    I wrote the FCMQ when mine didn't show up and they promptly wrote back and advised me that the company who was doing the actual printing and mailing of the passes had some technical issues at the start and that they now have everything rectified and the passes are being mailed out. I ordered mine on Oct 28th and it came yesterday Nov 19th. The guy at FCMQ told me mine was mailed in the first batch with 2000 others on Nov 9th. The mail strike doesn't help either! Think snow! Andy
  9. Model B2005 used one season and they don't fit my new ride. Asking $225 CDN. You can go to their website to see if they will fit your sled. Think Snow! Andy
  10. Andyman

    Blue Bird Day!

    Hi Tom We rode through on this past Saturday La Cache is fixed up very nicely! Cabins as well and only $65 per person double with a complete breakfast! Saw this poor guy near New Richmond!
  11. Andyman

    Blue Bird Day!

    Rode through the Chic Chocs on an amazing day!
  12. Andyman

    TQ73 from La Tuque to Reliais 22

    I do send me your email. Andy
  13. Andyman

    Best loop to include the Mountains!

    Everything has already been said. This was the morning after the weather forecast called for flurries! Andy Learn from the mistakes of others you will not live long enough to make them all yourself!
  14. Andyman

    Spending a extra day at the Delta

    We used my come along to get one of them out! LOL
  15. Andyman

    Spending a extra day at the Delta

    I remember that blizzard like it was yesterday! The funny thing about it is Dave will still sled with me! LOL We are headed north tomorrow to find snow, green grass here in Riverview. We had a hard first day on our last trip but nothing like that blizzard. Andy