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  2. Just announced August 9th fully vaccinated American snowmobilers welcome back!!!
  3. Just saw this post my condolences to Jim and Gemma. Rode 4934km or 3065 miles all here in NB. Would have done a few more but I had a chance to sell my 2021 900T for a good price and I spring ordered a 2022 Ren X 900R. 5-10 cm was forecast and this is what we ended up with!
  4. Southbound on the 73 from ST Raymond just north of the 3.
  5. Just east of Wilson's Sporting Camps on the 42 trail. All rail line like you remember Roadrunner! LOl
  6. Being a New Brunswick boy I will give you some help on this one. Priceville footbridge crossing the Miramichi River. Looks a bit different with the trees but the same bridge. 200 meters%2C this is,12 km west of Doaktown.
  7. Looks like Riotel Matane!
  8. Merry Christmas to everyone and please God let 2021 be a better year! The picture is my front yard 2013 Christmas day, today it is plus 13 and raining!!!
  9. Un peu éclairage sur le sentier Pessamit Présentement les hauts dirigent de la MRC Manicougan sont a travailler sur le dossier. A savoir quelles sont les revendications précises et réalisables que veulent le peuple Innus . Nous somme a l'écoute de ceux-ci Je ne répondrai pas a aucun commentaire car je ne veux pas faire de guerre a personne. Merci de votre compréhension. Jean-René Martel Président
  10. That is my buddy Butch I will see him Tuesday!
  11. Thanks Dave We are getting snow in northern NB and hope to do our first ride next week, sure going to miss Quebec!
  12. His day will come when he needs our help to get him unstuck again and I will bring that incident up! LOL
  13. I agree that true studs will always hook up better than a pre-studded track. However for the kind of riding that many members on this board do an ice ripper track will provide the extra traction and confidence needed to ride safely on the perfectly groomed trails of Quebec. Agree 100%! Whether to run true studs or a pre-studded track depends a lot on your style of riding and what you consider to be a"normal season" trip and mileage wise. If you only ride a limited number of trips/km then true studs can work for you. However, if you are like myself and the guys I ride with and unload your sled and set off on 10 day plus rides in excess of 4000 km then true studs are not the answer. On my most ambitious trip of 19 days and over 6700 km I was on a sled that had true studs. I changed 7 yes 7 idler wheels a real pain in the butt not to mention the cost. I remember at one point in Hearst Ontario being bent over in a garage that belonged to the hotel changing an idler wheel and my so-called buddies were standing around drinking beer and laughing at me! It was at that point that Andyman made the decision that this was the last sled that would have true studs! Lol These are just my personal views and observations and I hope we get to enjoy this winter despite Covid! Andy