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  1. His day will come when he needs our help to get him unstuck again and I will bring that incident up! LOL
  2. I agree that true studs will always hook up better than a pre-studded track. However for the kind of riding that many members on this board do an ice ripper track will provide the extra traction and confidence needed to ride safely on the perfectly groomed trails of Quebec. Agree 100%! Whether to run true studs or a pre-studded track depends a lot on your style of riding and what you consider to be a"normal season" trip and mileage wise. If you only ride a limited number of trips/km then true studs can work for you. However, if you are like myself and the guys I ride with and unload your sled and set off on 10 day plus rides in excess of 4000 km then true studs are not the answer. On my most ambitious trip of 19 days and over 6700 km I was on a sled that had true studs. I changed 7 yes 7 idler wheels a real pain in the butt not to mention the cost. I remember at one point in Hearst Ontario being bent over in a garage that belonged to the hotel changing an idler wheel and my so-called buddies were standing around drinking beer and laughing at me! It was at that point that Andyman made the decision that this was the last sled that would have true studs! Lol These are just my personal views and observations and I hope we get to enjoy this winter despite Covid! Andy
  3. Thanks, Jack I think I will invest in one of those little rubber mallets to beat the ice off when it gets built up. One of my buddies has a freeride and he is constantly smashing ice out of his tunnel with his boots.
  4. Hi Gutz I swapped the ripsaw 1.25 out for a 1.5 ice ripper only available as a Doo part number 505154057. Fingers crossed it works out! LOL
  5. Check these numbers out for Goose Bay Labrador! Warnings 3:56 PM AST Monday 23 November 2020 Blizzard warning in effect for: Upper Lake Melville Dangerous blizzard conditions are expected with substantial amounts of snow and strong winds. Locations: central Labrador including Upper Lake Melville. Time span: tonight until Tuesday night. Total snowfall: 50 to 80 cm, except locally up to 100 cm along the Trans Labrador Highway between Crooks Lake and Kenamu River. Maximum wind gusts: north to northwesterly 80 to 90 km/h, except 100 along the Trans Labrador Highway through Eagle River. Remarks: Snow will become heavy, at times, this evening and continue through Tuesday, before tapering off Tuesday night. Visibilities will drop to near zero in blizzard conditions as winds strengthen during the day on Tuesday. The winds are expected to begin easing overnight Tuesday night. Travel is expected to be very difficult or impossible due to near-zero visibility. If you must travel, keep others informed of your schedule and destination and carry an emergency kit and mobile phone. Blizzard warnings are issued when widespread reduced visibilities of 400 metres or less are expected for at least 4 hours.
  6. Just a heads up for anyone who has a 2021 900T a recall/bulletin just came out for the turbos. Check with your dealer to see if your sled is on the recall list.
  7. Auberge du Ravage posted this picture this morning!
  8. Hopefully, things open up so you can do your trip!
  9. ATVs and snowmobiles: fines of up to $ 25,000 PATRICE BERGERON The Canadian Press Faced with a heavy toll of nearly 600 dead in 10 years, the Legault government wants to civilize the practice of snowmobiling and ATVs with hefty fines of up to $ 25,000. Lhe Minister of Transport, François Bonnardel, tabled, on Thursday, Bill 71, which provides a much stricter framework for the circulation of these high-performance vehicles, which are increasingly numerous. In 10 years, ATVs and snowmobiles have caused no less than 581 deaths and 6,237 hospitalizations, said the spokesperson for the Minister of Transport, Florence Plourde. In comparison, there are more or less 400 deaths per year on the roads of Quebec. 16 years old If Bill 71 is passed, you will have to be 16 years old and undergo compulsory training to operate these machines. And beware: a person who lets a minor who does not have these prerequisites to drive this type of vehicle is liable to a maximum fine of $ 900, while for a rental company, it can reach $ 25,000. Also, the cars will have to slow down: the maximum speed imposed on snowmobilers will be 70 km / h, while it will be 50 km / h for “quad” drivers. And less than 100 meters from a home, a health establishment or an area reserved for the practice of cultural, educational, recreational or sports activities, the pilots will have to slow down to 50 km / h. A fine speeding regime is also planned, with penalties that increase for every 5 km / h that exceeds the permitted speed. Driving while impaired is prohibited. It would also be prohibited to drive off-road on public land when the State specifies it. Drivers must respect the tranquility of natural environments and not disturb the behavior of animals. It is now specified in full that it is forbidden to "frighten, chase, mutilate or kill an animal, with the vehicle or otherwise", or even "to throw or abandon any object or waste" . The fine can then reach $ 500 for an individual, but $ 15,000 for a legal person. Neighborhood In addition, the bill wants to end disputes with homeowners who live near trails. Indeed, the text provides that they will have to accept the inconveniences resulting from the circulation of this type of vehicle. And moreover, "no legal action can be brought against the owner or the lessee of private land which authorizes a club of off-road vehicle users to develop and operate a trail there", we can read. . However, traffic will only be permitted between 6 a.m. and midnight, except in more isolated and uninhabited territories which are specified in the legislative document. The text also provides for a series of rules on the maintenance, safety of the vehicle and its mechanical condition. Finally, a person who wants to rent an ATV or a snowmobile must first take training. Thus, the many French tourists who wish to go on a snowmobile excursion will have to be duly trained before venturing on the trails. The bill will now have to go through the legislative stages and therefore be studied in a parliamentary committee before it is eventually adopted. There are 200,000 snowmobiles and 400,000 ATVs in circulation in Quebec today. Because I love my community, I contribute to my local media.
  10. Good evening, We are happy to announce the decision of the CA regarding our snowmobile relay this winter if the situation remains the same for our region the relay will be OPEN of course we will follow the recommendations of Public Health to the letter. We are already advising you that dirty capacity will be decreased there will be no gas service this season too. Opening date and recommendations will be forwarded to you later. It's up to all of us to play, let's respect our government's instructions to keep the north coast in (Yellow). The board of directors would like to thank our goalkeepers Solange and Gérald for all these beautiful years unfortunately COVID has decided otherwise for this last year planned... Happy retirement to you both!!!!!!
  11. Relais de la Cache - Update Gesgapegiag Economic Development and Lands has been busy with many projects and is happy to announce the fuel pump upgrade and tank replacement starting October 8, 2020. The manufacture of signage is still in progress and should be installed in the coming weeks. We want to let the public know that we are actually open 7am to 10pm, 7 days a week, but we only sell fuel at this time. The new system is equipped with Regular and Supreme fuel. In the meantime, room rental and catering services are closed, but should be open again by the snowmobile season. However, we accept that campers park on site during the hunting season for a small fee. Please contact Relais de la Cache at 581-880-6025 for more information on pricing. We remind all those who visit the Relais de la Cache to respect the Covid-19 measures in force to ensure health and safety. Nous apprécions certainement votre patience sur toutes les questions relatives au Relais de la Cache.
  12. Quebec (1,102) – The number of COVID-19 cases spiked again in Quebec with public health authorities announcing Friday that 1,102 more people have tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 24 hours.
  13. We have an outbreak here in NB and QC is not looking great either. Mandatory masks in public places after midnight tonight. Quebec (1,078) -- The province reported 1,078 new cases of COVID-19, and nine more deaths.