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  1. Model B2005 used one season and they don't fit my new ride. Asking $225 CDN. You can go to their website to see if they will fit your sled. Think Snow! Andy
  2. Blue Bird Day!

    Hi Tom We rode through on this past Saturday La Cache is fixed up very nicely! Cabins as well and only $65 per person double with a complete breakfast! Saw this poor guy near New Richmond!
  3. Blue Bird Day!

    Rode through the Chic Chocs on an amazing day!
  4. TQ73 from La Tuque to Reliais 22

    I do send me your email. Andy
  5. Best loop to include the Mountains!

    Everything has already been said. This was the morning after the weather forecast called for flurries! Andy Learn from the mistakes of others you will not live long enough to make them all yourself!
  6. Spending a extra day at the Delta

    We used my come along to get one of them out! LOL
  7. Spending a extra day at the Delta

    I remember that blizzard like it was yesterday! The funny thing about it is Dave will still sled with me! LOL We are headed north tomorrow to find snow, green grass here in Riverview. We had a hard first day on our last trip but nothing like that blizzard. Andy
  8. We are in Rimouski '
  9. Shuttle at Quebec City???

    What hotel in Levis do you use Mark?
  10. Shuttle at Quebec City???

    Apparently they have torn part of it down and are rebuilding/renovating not sure when it will reopen my guess is not this season. Andy
  11. Shuttle at Quebec City???

    Just hung the phone up from the Colibri. The shuttle starts next Thursday Jan 4th for the season. It will leave from the Colibri on the north side as usual and with the Bernieres closed the procedure will be to park near the Bernieres and call the Colibri and they will contact the shuttle on your behalf and send him to pick you up. $32 per sled. I will let you know how it works! LOL Colibri 418-872-2848
  12. Shuttle at Quebec City???

    I am going to call and will update if I find anything out! Andy
  13. Something to check

    Thank God it happened in your yard Bill!!!! Thanks for the heads up! First big ride is next week can't wait. Andy
  14. Just read Jack and Sandi's post regarding the Bernieres being closed and the trail head being relocated. Has anyone been in contact with the Colibri regarding the shuttle and its availability??? Andy
  15. Accident post deleted.

    I asked the admin to delete my post regarding accidents. I put that post on for one reason and one reason only with the hope that one QuebecRider will read it and think twice before having a drink and riding or not riding hard right or riding beyond your ability. I do not chase ambulances I simply follow a number of news sites and snowmobile clubs on FB and it is hard not to see stories on an almost daily basis about tragedies in our beloved sport. I love snowmobiling and I know you all do as well. I have met a lot of QuebecRiders and I consider many of you true friends. When I go on a saddlebag trip I think of the other riders as my brothers and I want everyone to have a great ride and come home safely. I have a saying that I always say to new riders "Ride your own ride" . What I mean is ride within your limits and ride safe! If I am ahead I will not leave you and you will find me waiting at the next intersection for you and if you don't show up in a couple of minutes I will be back to look for you. So with that being said have a great winter everyone and be safe! Andy Pic was last Wednesday northern NB. LEARN FROM THE MISTAKES OF OTHERS YOU WILL NOT LIVE LONG ENOUGH TO MAKE THEM ALL YOURSELF!