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  1. When we pulled into the Colibri last winter the trailer was there missing a wheel and hub. So inside we go for a couple hours waiting for a repair. The guy puts a new hub and wheel on and does not even put a dust cap on and off we go!!! LOL They are using an old van now instead of the Suburban same mechanical condition though!!!
  2. Looks real nice Steven can't wait to see how she works. You are making poor Dave drool as he wants one so bad!!! LOL
  3. Another route is via Biencourt actually shorter.
  4. I have met Jim in person a couple of times and yes he is hardcore! I remember meeting him in Amqui when he was leading a group around the Gaspe and when the boys were leaving the hotel in the morning there were several guys trying to strap half cases of bottle beer on their running boards! I never laughed so hard! Jim didn't say a word to them as we both knew the outcome! LOL ps: I have an old business card from him and I am pretty sure at that time he lived in PA.
  5. JG so sorry to her about your Dad's passing I know how hard it is to lose your Dad especially when you grew up on snowmobiles with your Dad like we both did. Lisa and I both send our most sincere condolences. Andy & Lisa
  6. Gutz I downloaded the biscuit map and I had the same result broken lines etc. I am running windows 10 on my main computer and it won't allow me to download the biscuit map so I went to one of my older computers with windows 7 and it worked like a charm! LOL I use trak maps for the NB trails and I agree a great product.
  7. Soyez prudent dans le sentier Senneterre vers le Balbuzar. Le ministère nous a fermé 3 ponts au mois de novembre donc celui de la rivière Senneterre. On pensait être bon pour le refaire avant noël mais on a eu nos permis du ministère seulement le 21 décembre en pm. Et comme la loi exige des ponts de 60 tonnes avec ingénierie on ne peut les faire nous mêmes donc plus de délai. AUJOURD'HUI ils sont en train d'enlever le pont de la rivière Senneterre et ils vont faire un pont de glace pour que ça passe en attendant l'installation de notre pont en janvier. On vous tiens au courant qu'and ça va passer pour aller vers le relais Tavernier, Faillon et plus. Be careful in the senneterre path to the balbuzar. THE MINISTRY CLOSED US 3 Bridges in November so that of the senneterre river. We thought we were good to do it again before Christmas but we got our ministry permits only on December 21th in pm. And as the law requires 60-ton bridges with engineering, we can't do it ourselves, so no more time. Today they are removing the bridge from the senneterre river and they are going to make an ice bridge to make it pass while waiting for the installation of our bridge in January. We'll let you know that it's going to pass to the tavernier relay, faillon and more.
  8. Merry Christmas everyone and lets hope the snow Gods are good to us in the New Year!!!!
  9. Mont-Tremblant National Park - Conditional and exceptional authorization granted to snowmobilers by the new Québec government QUEBEC, Dec. 13 2018 / CNW Telbec / - The Minister of Forests, Wildlife and Parks, in accordance with section 21 of the Parks Regulations, conditionally and exceptionally authorizes snowmobiling on the Caribou Trail, located in the Mont-Tremblant National Park , for the winter season 2018-2019. This authorization is linked to the establishment in December 2018 of a special working committee of the Regional Administrative Conference. This special committee will be formed jointly by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing and the Ministry of Economy and Innovation, in consultation with the Ministry of Tourism. It will bring together government and non-government stakeholders from the region to take stock of all the economic development issues facing the municipality of Saint-Donat . A report proposing possible solutions will be filed with government authorities by the end of January 2019. This access authorization, also related to the postponement of the opening of the new section of Saint-Faustin-Lac-Carré, will link the municipality of Saint-Donat to the city of Mont-Tremblant . Conditions of Use The authorization to use the Caribou Trail is subject to a series of conditions: traffic is permitted only on the Caribou Trail, a marked trail of about twenty-eight (28) kilometers taking the path n o 7 and part of the way n o 3 between the Municipalities of St. Donat and St. Michel-des-Saints ; traffic is only allowed between 7 am and 9 pm; the maximum speed allowed is 50 km / h; off-trail and waterway traffic is prohibited; no stops are permitted while crossing the national park; no snowmobile known as "two-stroke" is allowed; a signage plan and a trail maintenance plan must be submitted to the management of Mont-Tremblant National Park . Finally, snowmobilers wishing to use the Caribou trail must hold an access authorization issued upon payment of the fees. The park wardens of the Quebec Open-Air Establishment Corporation (SÉPAQ), in collaboration with the wildlife protection officers of the Ministry of Forests, Wildlife and Parks, will ensure compliance with the regulations and raise awareness among users of the Caribou Trail to respect conditions throughout the season.
  10. Have a great day guys! They are adding up for us!!! Andy
  11. Fermont is on route 389 between Baie Comeau and Labrador City. They have tons of snow already and have had it since October!
  12. Just read where there are new owners and they are preparing for the coming sled season! Very good news for Balbuzard gone for the season. Andy
  13. On the north side of the river you ride to the Colibri Motel to catch the shuttle and it drops you at the Bernieres Motel on the south side or vice versa.