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  1. Now that is a sweet setup! For once they put out a product right from the factory that will hold all your linq cans etc!!!
  2. This platform is it an aftermarket piece that you added or just the tunnel?
  3. Roadrunner did you have to modify the linq brackets to accept the second gas can on the rear position? Andy
  4. Sled is ready, gear is ready,NB &QC trail passes on Air Medic renewed spent yesterday cleaning up my GPS files. Lets go! Looks like the rentals are ready as well!!!
  5. The return of F.-A.-Gauthier still expected by the holidays November 20, 2019 at 7 h 53 min Reading time: 2 min By Charlotte Paquet Even with no date to provide at this time, the Société des traversiers du Québec continues to ensure that Brother Gauthier will return to service before the holidays. The Société des traversiers du Québec (STQ) remains on course for the return of F.-A.-Gauthier to service before the holidays at the Matane-Baie-Comeau-Godbout ferry. "We do not have a date," said Alexandre Lavoie, spokesman for the organization. As soon as Saaremaa I came into service as a relief vessel at the Matane-Côte-Nord ferry on July 10, 2019, STQ President and CEO Stéphane Lafaut had promised the return of F.-A-Gauthier before winter 2019-2020. The deal has not changed. Currently, the vessel built at the Fincantierie yard in Italy and inaugurated in the summer of 2015 is docked at the Davie shipyard in Lévis. "He got out of the dry dock. The work that required access to propellers and other equipment below is complete, "says Lavoie. However, further work must be done before the vessel can return to sea. Soon a year It must be remembered that Brother Gauthier, who eventually cost Quebecers $ 175 million, has been out of service since mid-December 2018 due to vibration problems with his azimuth thrusters. In the months that followed, efforts were made to try to identify the source of these vibrations and to understand. Last July, the organization's CEO could not explain the situation. From commissioning in July 2015 until it was withdrawn three and a half years later, more than 200 breakages had to be repaired. For a long time, the STQ indicated that with a new vessel of this size and with its multiple components, the appearance of problems to be corrected was normal. A few months ago, mold problems in the ship's hold were brought to light. After repeated requests from the Parti Quebecois, the Legault government finally mandated, in September, the Auditor General to investigate the choice of the Italian firm, the construction of the ship and the monitoring activities of the shipyard, among others. Share this article
  6. Thank you everyone for your kind words. Lisa and I are still in Vancouver trying to finish our task here . Please hug your loved ones and do a kind deed in memory of my brother . Andy
  7. Thank you so much Playhard! In Vancouver heading to Wards apartment for the first time this morning . A very difficult task. Andy
  8. Welcome Motel Royal! One of our favorite stops. Fuel, food, beer, doo dealer all there!
  9. My baby brother passed away unexpectedly in Vancouver last week. Lisa and I will be heading there very shortly to bring him home and to look after his affairs. On a happy note I ordered my QC pass.
  10. When we pulled into the Colibri last winter the trailer was there missing a wheel and hub. So inside we go for a couple hours waiting for a repair. The guy puts a new hub and wheel on and does not even put a dust cap on and off we go!!! LOL They are using an old van now instead of the Suburban same mechanical condition though!!!
  11. Looks real nice Steven can't wait to see how she works. You are making poor Dave drool as he wants one so bad!!! LOL
  12. Another route is via Biencourt actually shorter.
  13. I have met Jim in person a couple of times and yes he is hardcore! I remember meeting him in Amqui when he was leading a group around the Gaspe and when the boys were leaving the hotel in the morning there were several guys trying to strap half cases of bottle beer on their running boards! I never laughed so hard! Jim didn't say a word to them as we both knew the outcome! LOL ps: I have an old business card from him and I am pretty sure at that time he lived in PA.
  14. JG so sorry to her about your Dad's passing I know how hard it is to lose your Dad especially when you grew up on snowmobiles with your Dad like we both did. Lisa and I both send our most sincere condolences. Andy & Lisa