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  1. Which trip is best???

    This one. 373 is awesome. To see Mont Valin you need more time. One day is not enough. To experience some lookouts and ride Bra Louis. Then another day ride down 83 to Sacre Coeur cross ferry and take 383 back up to Saguenay. Or down 83 then up to Escoumins and Pel Chat trail back to Mont Valin. That’s all I got to say about that.
  2. Interesting article printed in Snowgoermagazine in 2015...

    Ride some QR guys? Must have been a different trip. I surely was not along on this one.
  3. Not sure what you mean? But no just one cover topped with the snow.
  4. I been standing outside waiting and waiting. I think it might be longer than 2 weeks.
  5. 10 November we have had a few small dustings of snow before last night. For me last night counts as the first real storm. It’s plus 3c now but overnight snowed heavy wet snow almost 4”. Trees all bent over heavy frosting on all the trees. My driveway guy did the driveway for the first time this season and the municipality passed by with the Grader this morning so it surely qualifies as storm #1. Will it be a start to a base? Next week we shall see. Still early yet but who knows.
  6. New Advertiser: Hotel Universel RDL

    Nice! Being retired Mike will have lots of time to go to all the snowmobile shows too. Maybe set the Universel Booth right next to the Delta booth and Bill and Mike can be together each place. Got admit pretty damn good idea if I must say so. 👍
  7. Which trip is best???

    Depends on which one rides faster.
  8. Start of winter?

    I’ll believe it when I see it.
  9. Start of winter?

    Probably longer than 2 weeks. Info on groomer passing contest coming soon.
  10. Man Down

    Again thanks all for the well wishes. Was back in my Truck Friday, light duty for 3 weeks, driving only nothing too physical. Doctors say I will be stronger each day. Still a bit tired but each day is better. I had pneumonia and turns out was Legionnaires bacteria. Lucky me. 100 cases in all of Canada this year and I was one. Nothing to play with. Lucky i got to hospital when I did. There be no Mont Valin for me come Thanksgiving or Christmas or New Years. Not because I can’t. I choose patience. No hurry. I will wait for the trail to mature a bit. Thanks All for the well wishes. Yeah, sorry I blew it on the Iceman stickers on my IV machine. Too delirious to think.
  11. Whose Ex is This?

    Live for Today. Hell we don’t even know what it will be like in two weeks. Forget next year. Buy the sled, life is short.
  12. Whose Ex is This?

    Certainly worth more with that sticker. No doubt about it,
  13. Article on Trail Prep PHOTO COURTESY B-PWR will present at the Quebec show this weekend for the first time its Typhoon. The vehicle of this Quebec company adapts to the needs of hunters, fishermen, rescuers and explorers, among others. It has been adapted to allow its use in any season, with a small footprint on the environment. Before you can ride on well-groomed trails that will allow you to fully enjoy your leisure, there are several operations that are done by the volunteers of the clubs. Annually, to rebuild the network, they must begin work well before the snow arrives. First, throughout the summer season, volunteers are upgrading the infrastructure, in line with the amounts received to improve the bridges and other structures, in addition to clearing the trails. They also pose signs that are more and more permanent, as far as possible. For this reason, often when you drive in the forest in certain areas in summer, you can see the snowmobile signs used during the winter. The other important work that needs to be done during the off-season is meetings with landowners to negotiate and sign rights of way agreements. Much of the trail system, almost 35%, is on private land. We must therefore obtain the permissions and respect the demands of the owners. Without their essential collaboration, we would not be able to travel all of Quebec in the winter via the network of interconnected trails between the regions. REGIONAL MEETINGS Once the club delegates participated in the conference, which took place last September in Chicoutimi, the clubs participate in regional meetings. They are intended to allow the leaders of the Federation of snowmobile clubs to present to its members the major orientations that will be put forward for the next season. The Federation is represented by the regional administrator who will be assisted by his liaison officer. These are essential for connecting the clubs and leaders of the Federation. The agents are at these meetings to present the clubs with their action plan for the coming season. These meetings are truly essential for volunteers. They also attract many club representatives who come for information. They are also an opportunity to share and discuss good practices to put in place, to start the season off right. TO PREPARE THE EXPECTED START The first snowfall that has been received in the mountains recently has certainly whetted the appetite of many snowmobilers who dream of making their first outing. However, before a trail is passable, there are certain rules to follow that do not change. Before the onset of snow, it is imperative that the ground is well frozen to allow the start of work. The second condition is to have a good amount of snow so that the volunteers can trace the trails with the surfacers, but without the guitar. This makes it possible to firmly compact the snow on the frozen ground. Subsequently, before officially opening a trail, a club will overlay its trails several times, to remove the traps that can hide the snow, such as rocks or branches. It is therefore very important, before you go on the trail, to wait until your club gives the signal for the start of the season. We must not forget that the white snow in front of us may seem harmless, but think again, it knows very well hide the dangers that can cause accidents and major breakage. QUAD SHOW AND SNOWMOBILE The 2018 edition of the Grand Salon de la motoneige and the Quebec Quad will take place at the ExpoCité Fair Center in Quebec City this weekend. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, fans are invited to meet with manufacturers of snowmobiles and quads from across the industry. You will also find on the spot many kiosks of complementary equipments for the practice of your activities, offers of destinations, without forgetting the possibility to buy many products on the spot. Also, at the dealer's request, more than 150 used vehicles will be on sale on site. The $ 15 entrance fee entitles you to a bracelet that allows access to the event during the three days. For more information: (819) 233-3330.
  14. Located midway Between La Tuque and Relais 22 near Rapide Blanc Station. Located right near where the toilets were installed a few years back.