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  1. No permit. I did have to submit drawing to town when we install pool, just so they could see where it was and make sure it was not on septic tank or fields.
  2. Always but remember hope is not plan
  3. Exactly You can be tested positive and have zero symptoms as well and not be sick. So the numbers are just that....numbers.
  4. Cut them off and cut off welfare too. Go work or eat from a garbage can and live in a cardboard box. Problem solved. Too many handouts is why we are where we are at with all these entitled snowflakes demanding all their nonsense. want change? Start there.
  5. Seems offensive, Surely we need to eliminate this.
  6. We will know for trails if they start selling passes. Cause if they sell passes then do not open trails then you will see some riots break out up here, they could sell passes but the FCMQ does not control when border opens.
  7. I was not aware of that. Wow. 14 days is when you arrive in Toronto or when you go back?
  8. Do not even get me started on this nonsense. I say go ahead defund police, courts and jails. Back to the good old fashioned street justice. No Lawyers, No public defenders, no trials. You know when there used to be consequences for your actions. Cut off thieves hands, you know eye for an eye justice. When the law used to mean something. These snowflakes should be real careful what they wish for.
  9. Two weeks to look out the window at the Delta. Locked in your room. With your meals delivered. Cause you cannot be in contact with anyone else.
  10. All this for a “pandemic” with a 98% survival rate. Seems perfectly sane. Wait until we have a real issue. Utter chaos. Dig that bunker and prep now.