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  1. To each their own. You know what they say about opinions right? We all need to do what makes us happy.
  2. Yes, i never felt essential, before this pandemic but, I guess i have been all along. Hell, last year Pot was illegal in Quebec now it’s essential too. While I enjoy getting out of the house and being on the road with far less traffic, I am doing all I can to avoid catching this Virus.
  3. What will the price be like in two weeks?
  4. Just wanting to share some Ideas for you all to use, dress appropriately when leaving the house Tabernac. Scary that these people actually walk amongst us.
  5. iceman


    All in French but cool to watch.
  6. Less people speaking French this I am sure of. Beyond that i got nothing. Quick search on google since Mrs Ice is asleep and i could not ask her. UP Michigan just over 3000 miles of trail Quebec 33,000 km
  7. Ah yes, before I ventured north of the border and never looked back. Tug Hill, Old Forge, lots of weekends near Lake George too. Lake Luzerne and Prospect Mtn. Bunny trails.
  8. She be buying that BRP stock, no doubt.