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  1. I am so much more infuriated with the double standard blatantly being shown but no one says a thing. What happened to believe all women and how Justice to be Kavanaugh was basically crucified by the media and yet not a peep for this business with Cuomo. If you still believe the media is not in on this entire show keep living under that rock.
  2. Or a Dr. Seuss book. Seriously where are the real issues?
  3. Oh yeah, another super spreader event.
  4. I am waiting for the interview on CNN with his brother. Oh wait, cannot do that it’s not fake news.
  5. 93 from Chibougamau to La Dore no gas until La Dore about 160 Miles. Nice trail when its nice. Yes.
  6. You are doing the right trip. Maybe shake it up and go up the first day to Matagami from Amos up the 396. Sleep Hotel Matagami. Then down 396 gas in Lebel and go to Chibougamau or stay in Chapais. Then back down 93 to Lebel. Then back to Val d’or, you could also go to Lac Fallon for one night then back to Val d’or.
  7. Not many options with the 5 day trip. All depends on how many KM per day. For example your first day if you go most direct to Lebel from Forestel it is less than 200km. So you need to find something to add some KM. Also that run from Val d’or to Seneterre then to Lebel is really fast trail. Gas in Seneterre and in Lebel. I have never stayed in Lebel but there is at least one place there but you need to verify its open. Maybe if you get to Lebel early you can gas up and backtrack just a bit out of town the way you come in and ride up the 396 trail direction Matagami. Ride up half way to the warming shack there then turn around and head back to Lebel. This all depends on your group. From Lebel to Chibougamau very straightforward (literally on the railbed) Should be gas in Demaraisville (pay attention) it should be a short trail on your right headed up to Chibougamau. Takes you to the Depanneur there. Then is gas in Chapais then on to Chibougamau. Gas stop Desmaraisville
  8. Lac Blanc Loop knowing fair well it was the open door weekend and that Sunday temps would be too warm for nice trail. We got up early Saturday and decided to head out and ride just until noon. We knew a storm was coming and that did not bother us at all. Left 7am and being first day of free weekend everything was groomed up. TQ3 to Shawinigan Sud and it was set up nice. Surely we were not the only early birds with the same idea but all the others were headed the other way. Beautiful trail all the way to River in Grand Mere and we cross and join a just as beautiful trail the TQ23. Smooth sailing all the way to the 350 and down into Lac Blanc. As we arrive there it just starts snowing. We take a quick break and in comes more sleds and then more and more. It’s time to beat feet and get out of here. Still great trail but lots of folks riding right up the middle. I got a fix for these people. When I see someone coming at me using it all, I crowd it right over onto the middle and make them decide if they want to move over or not. Cause I aint flinching. My wife is loving the show as I move left to crowd these morons and give them a taste of their own medicine. I move left and slow down almost to a stop and they don’t seem to understand but they slow down and move over. Most were well behaved all along the route but a few needed some discipline and they got it. Big wide trail and they cannot ride the right needs to be right up the middle. That’s weekend riding. Snowing heavier now and we join back onto the TQ63 and just outside Charette near St Paulin we find the checkpoint. Just checking stickers no looking at paperwork so its stop and go. Another Great teaching moment for the Mrs today. Snowing and in the big fields she says wow cannot see anything. I explained to her to concentrate on the red sticks, telling her fortunately here they are plentiful and yes while it’s snowing heavily at least there is not much wind. Which would make it much more difficult to find sticks. She gained alot of respect for riding in conditions not so perfect. We continue Back to St Etienne and back to TQ3 to run back to the house. Great ride. 212 km