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  1. iceman

    Trail 345

    No voices you are correct.
  2. Remorquage R. Montpas phone number 819-233-4414 web site this is a flatbed tow truck across bridge. $40 per sled.
  3. All things in time. I have not even been out yet, so don’t feel bad. As we used to say on the island......”Soon come”
  4. I love Hockey parents, they throw some great parties. I been in many Hotel rooms visiting and indulging a bit. Good Times.
  5. Now that is Funny. Terry you truly got too much time on your hands.
  6. iceman

    My new Mistress...from the beginning.

    The “Mistress” saw her first real action today. Performed flawlessly as expected and we are gonna get along just fine. Man was tough to want to get her dirty but hey, it’s what she was built for.
  7. 16 January -3c snow squalls last night and this AM 1.5” new snow. Temps dropping big wind.
  8. I can offer the full tour of Trois Riveres street by street, you can ride shotgun in the Semi with me. Not exactly snowmobiling but some nights its sure seems like it. #truckindaneige
  9. Nice Run. Gotta love finding a truck when you need it.
  10. Heal up David! If it’s Easter then we go to find snow in far off lands no worries.
  11. 10 January -10c cold with the windchill groomers are out. Saw one by the snow dump by moto thibault in trois riveres paving the way for playhard. snow removal at a standstill 12 of us waiting in Tim Hortons for a replacement snowblower. $$$$ gonna be costly for the boss tonight. All part of the game. big trucks big bucks
  12. iceman

    Border crossing

    For sure. i got pulled inside years ago before I moved up here. Kept there close to an hour waiting. They put me in a little back room. Then said I had and FBI number attached to my name. I said ok? They said it meant one of two things either a felony conviction or a weapons permit. I did not ask if I had a weapons permit. Which I did, it was a concealed carry permit for a pistol. Then they proceeded to search the entire truck and trailer for my gun. I told them I never bring it but they looked anyway. Found nothing.
  13. 10 January snow stopped temps dropping solid 11-12” this storm in total. 3 more nights in the truck. Gotta go to bed. Trails gonna be sweet next week after the cold and grooming. Will be a madhouse this weekend, glad I work.
  14. iceman

    Border crossing

    Don’t tell them you are going to party in Montreal. Bad Idea. Trust me. I got lots of border stories. i agree they know lots from your passport. Every in and out for sure is there.