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  1. TQ63

    St Michel to Cabanon
  2. TQ63

    St Michel to Cabanon
  3. St Raymond North?

    O’ Canada! Right on!
  4. Ice scratchers

    I use these on my sleds. They are great you get what you pay for well worth the $$$ very nicely built. Solid.
  5. Groomer Contest 2017-18

    Negative on any Grooming yesterday sorry Randy.
  6. Big White Tour

    Just use I-motoneige 18.
  7. 14 Dec -16c wind chills of minus 29c overnight wicked cold. Just got home going to bed. Trucked the neige all night from 7:30pm to 8am. Gotta be back at 6pm tonight. And today is Mrs. Ice’s birthday, no festivities for me. She gets it, it’s all good. Getting aquatinted with the operation and learning all the streets of Trois Riveres at the same time. I will say nice working overnight a hell of a lot less idiots on the road. Nice Rig they gave the Rookie, Kenworth semi trailer, been 4 years since I drove the big rigs. Used to the 10&12 wheelers. No problem. Until next time.
  8. St Raymond North?

    You are correct. Ready for the what it says....
  9. Groomer Contest 2017-18

    Sorry but I like your thinking.
  10. 13 Dec -8c still some light snow. Almost all over. Got close a good 12” hard to say with the wind blowing it around.. very cold tonight wind chill to -30c
  11. Groomer Contest 2017-18

    No, that was the grader they use to do the road. Not yet.
  12. Ice’s new ride

    Sled was stripped down and Tunnel was sprayed with Line-X bedliner. No paint it will just rub off. This will not. Powdercoat certainly would have been great but not taking the thing completely apart for that. I wanted a black tunnel to set mine apart from the others. It’s friggin awesome. Tomorrow they start to put her back together. Still got to switch out the track and mount up all my other accessories.
  13. Ice’s new ride

    A bit of progress....
  14. Dec 12 -7c snow and blowing snow 5-6” so far. Going good.
  15. Dec 12 -10c snow and wind it’s on!