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  1. 490 with almost half of them being more than 10 years old fun fact for today
  2. Good guess but too many Good guess but way too many
  3. Another good guess. No cigar. Guess again
  4. Good guess but not correct. Keep em coming
  5. How many groomers (surfacers) do all the clubs combined in The FCMQ have in total? Go ahead guess?
  6. The chart shows the increase in cost of trail permit VS the increases of expenses cost of pas has increases only 8% since 2016 during same period since 2016 buying new surfacers 114% increase infrastructure expenses 40% increase major repairs expenses 157% increase it don’t come easy.
  7. This tells the story of why they needed to up the price. i got no problem with it.
  8. Why didn’t sleepy Joe just shoot a hellfire from a drone under that Texas bridge. Then use the same narrative as when they killed the innocent Afghans? Just stand up proudly and announce we have avoided a terrorist bombing. Then simply a few weeks later quietly announce ooops sorry wrong target. Not only this but the only people doing their jobs the CBP agents get thrown under the bus. Joe says there will be consequences for the mounted patrol guys. What? He sides with everyone other than US citizens. Where’s the consequences for Afghanistan?
  9. This has always been the way. Limits of 50 or 30 is not new. Near homes or in town.
  10. Not sure what you are talking about. The change is not in speed limits, the new law, still being heavily contested, although I believe will not be taken back. Means for Quebec people caught speeding the difference now will be the points are deducted from your Quebec driver License. before any tickets on snowmobile never affected your driver license. Not sure if it applies to all Canadian riders or just those from Quebec.
  11. Like anything to do with Snowmobiling, you need to pay to play. Not a sport for the frugal. Riding Quebec Trail.....Priceless.
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