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  1. Day 7 February 9 The chosen ones took a taxi to A&W burger for dinner. Perfect. Back to Dilligence and after a good nights sleep once again the “chosen ones” suit up and head out to rule the world. 9:30 early by our standards. But chosen ones do what they want right? Still cold lots of wind. Trails nicely groomed right from hotel. 93 up to local orange trail near Lac a Jim. All perfect trail. Wind blowing us sideways, crazy having to keep skiis turned to right to go straight. That much wind at times. Nuts. Down orange trail all the way to St Prime. We are banging out the miles. Back to 373 and it’s beautiful too. More sleds today but it is Saturday. Not that many. Trails are hard but very nice. To TQ83 and gas in St Hedgwidge at noon. Gas and go. Down 83 lots more sleds all headed up. 83 was perfect. Awesome day big sun but big wind still. Easy ride, but then again we are the chosen ones. Smooth run to Relais 22 no one headed down but us plenty of sleds headed up. Gas and late lunch at Relais 22 at 2:15 pm. We hang out to kill time and warm up. Leave there at 4pm out 83 to Windigo. In the driveway and parked 4:35pm. Great run today. Trails certainly more icy near here. Hopefully more traffic will loosen trail up for us and get us back to Shawinigan tomorrow. This adventure is winding down. Time to bring it on home. Wings and smoked meat sandwiches tonight at Windigo. Happy Bunch. Until next time. Ice out 210 miles
  2. That was the recommendation of his dad Snohorse, but the kid had to have the 2.5”
  3. Day 6 February 8 Woke to ice pellets hitting the motel window in Chapais. Outside it had clearly snowed 3-4” and then a mix of freezing rain and sleet. Big crust on sled covers. Had breakfast and wind kicked up big and now big snow squalls. This is gonna be fun. Up and out early today, yeah right, just kidding. Left at 10:15. Excellent. Wind is howling and there is a good crust on the trail. Flying up in chunks as I head down 93. Few tracks headed west then at Chibougamau trail there are 3 sled tracks headed toward saw mill. Snow tornadoes here and there making visibility not the best. Onward. We top off at Petro Canada right next to trail 93. Quick 20 miles done. Off we go following 3 tracks south. Big wind gusts kicking up lots of snow. All the big snowballs in the trees are falling left and right. Not easy but we get along. Branches and tree tops litter the trail. With yesterday’s tree incident fresh on my mind I a, hesitating a bit to push hard. So far so good we cruise down to the old Relais du Nord and here are the 3 sleds in Front of us taking a break. We pass on by now fresh trail no tracks to follow, really need to read the trail now, with wind fresh snow branches it takes alot of concentration. I got a good crew with me like always so I aint worry bout a thing. Maybe 40 km from sawmill 2 groups headed up. 6 sleds total. We got new tracks to follow now. Makes it a bit easier for sure. Into sawmill at 1pm great time to here. Now a problem, we wait at pump a few minutes, this place looks desserted. Old cafeteria boarded up no one around. Finally Snohorse heads off to search for someone anyone. Finally he calls and says found the guy he is coming to pump the gas. 3$ a liter here boys. All you cheap guys bring your own or prepare to pay up. We lost almost 35 minutes here waiting on gas. Out of Sawmill and down 93 this side we make some time up on first 20km then the wind and whiteouts slow things a bit. We press on. Now we are seeing more trees down lots more. Luckily so far all of them we can get over or around. Closer to end we come across a big one down however the group headed up has cut a bunch of branches so you can limbo under it. We arrive at intersection of 93 and Local orange to Restaurant du Chef. It’s 3pm. Great run awesome time. Even with 35 minutes lost at sawmill. Original plan was to go to St Felicien but it’s too early for that. So we go to get gas at restaurant du chef. Not far up orange trail we got a giant tree blocking whole trail. Time to put the freeride to work. He packs a trail around top of tree through bush. It’s deep here man. I am hesitant to put the Apex off the trail even with it packed. It works out. We get by and go for the gas. After tanking up we decide it’s Dolbeau tonight. We call an audible. Orange trail back to 93. All great less new snow here they obviously had more freezing rain but trails are great. 93 to 373 it’s not where I remember it and where it shows on my gps. Thanks for the intel on that, surely someone has been by here this year, yet no report on new location of trail 373. 373 beautiful and back to 93 and into Auberge Dilligence. No restaurant only for breakfast. Too bad it’s surely been getting quieter here, gonna miss this place. Great day in challenging conditions, fun was had by all. Great trails. Saw 9 other sleds all day. 375km 233 miles Until next time Ice out
  4. Eat in bar much faster. Never had an issue.
  5. It was flat on ground but was no sapling. It was a moment for sure.
  6. Yea Yeah, but what will that trail be like in 2 weeks? That’s the question?
  7. I called Clova just now. Dominic not there according to woman with perfect english. It’s groomed to SHE said Pensive. I think she meant Evasion After that they are hauling wood. For sure on bottom end like Je me souviens said. Its allI got.
  8. Day 5 February 7 After a great breakfast at Hotel Maagami, really an awesome restaurant here always great food. Met the owner of Hotel Stephane and chatted quite a while with him, very nice conversation and surely a nice guy. Once again no rush for us. Same old. We are on sleds and leave there at 10am. I like these bankers hours. Another big group left before us, no surprise there. Talking to them last night they were headed fir Seneterre down the Eastern leg of 396. We pull out and head down toward Lebel sur Quellvion as well. Great trail really love this run. Cruise down and trail is in great shape. Stop at new (to me since I last been here) warming hut, add the necessary stickers as required. Then mount up and continue on. All good headed down. 20km from Lebel, as we we flying too low. I come upon a tree down totally across trail. This is gonna sting a bit for sure. Way to late to lock it down, its a pretty good size pine. Solid 8” round and so I hit a tree. Never good when my Apex is airborne. I lifted skiis best I could and it was quite a jolt going over. Luckily I stayed on sled. My hat flew off dashboard and I jammed my shoulder back from the shot i took. We stop to make inspections. Got away with it. Lucky. Even got my hat back, double bonus. Onward. Down in Lebel at 12:30 gas and candy bar. We cruise out of town and grab 93 direction Demarisville. Hammer down, nice groomed trail here. It’s been quite a few seasons since I been on this trail. It’s really awesome and we bang out no stop the 100km to Demarisville. What a run. We saw two sleds headed other direction near Lebel otherwise have seen no one. Into Demarisville 2:00 we break here again, hang out for a bit. I took 17 liters. The 900 Ace the same, two 850 doo had 40 liters but not sure, probably Kwiknick took more than Snohorse. Back on trail like I said been many years last run here. Did not realize that they put in all the new bridges. Starting to like this trail again. Left store at 2:20, cruising, Love the section that leaves old railbed and then comes back to it. Not far from Chapais maybe 30km trail is fresh groomed. I can tell he is not far ahead of me. Turns out he was further then I though but here he was. Making a great trail great again. Down and into clubhouse at 3:15. 116km no stop. Another break here. Then we decide it’s time to “get this over with”. Down to gas in Chapais and into Motel Le Routier at 4pm. Great day again. Gotta love it. 378km 234miles St Felicien tomorrow is the plan. Until next time. Ice out
  9. That is so true. Jake brakes all night long.
  10. Yeah, I am just fine as well with the Late departures. I hear you. Lot’s of times 400. No doubt about mont st pierre. 4 channels of french and tube tv.
  11. Million dollar question, no decisions yet. Yes super to meet you too, wish we had more time to talk. Enjoy your ride. Villa mon Repos is great stop.
  12. Yeah for sure not a true substitute. Definately not losing you down wrong trail and i know you carry a spare shield. yes flat screen tv in room not big like at Forestel last night but works. miss you buddy