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  1. Iceman’s Ender?

    Day 1 Thursday Left Matane early 6:45. Had a quick breakfast and out the door. Typical spring conditions leaving hotel and up through industrial park from Quality Inn. Once up in the hills nice frozen trail to start the day. Did not need the scratchers. TQ5 to Local orange. TQ5 was real nice near Matane. No worries. Onto orange direction Amqui. Nice trail here as well, a bit twisty to start and small by Gaspe standards but opened up nicely as we rode south. Can’t reall go wrong with any of the interior trails here. Down to rejoin TQ5 and well well freshly groomed. Here i put down the scratchers just because. Smooth ride into Amqui and beyond to Groomer’s Club House. Took the gas behind the club house and stopped to chat with Victor outside there. Next run was down 587 to Matapedia. Alain has never run this one. It’s a beauty and not far from TQ5 it’s fresh groomed almost all the rest of the way to gas in Matapedia. Once there we realize we are making excellent time so we call an audible and cancel hotel in Carleton sur Mer. We decide it will be New Richmond tonight. This will make a very short day tmmrw to Chandler but means extra sleep and more time tmmrw for happy hours. I’m good with that. 587 back to TQ5 and down through Point a la Croix. All good. As the day went on for sure the trail got more soft and made for heavy steering. Thats life come spring time riding. Lots of snow for sure but many of the along the road spots are getting down to nothing and some places are already there. Not gonna last forever here for sure. On to Relais in L’alverne and quick lunch. TQ5 from here to New Richmond showing the time of year and the warm temps. Not rough but mushy and getting used up. Saw 6 sleds all day until here at Hotel Francis then saw 6 more at hotel. Then another 4 arrived. Rush hour. Great day and besides my sled looking snirty(f-ing hate that) that’s spring riding. 391km not bad considering Alain does not do 300 ever usually. Tomorrow’s another day. Until next time. Dirty Girl
  2. I'm boycotting QR!

    Drakkar #1 top notch.
  3. Iceman’s Ender?

    Today’s ride. Matane to New Richmond (details to follow later tonight)
  4. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    For sure. Super nice guy. Definitely likes to talk. We talked a good 30 minutes. Sorry we missed you. Next time my friend.
  5. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Hi JG, passed through your Domaine today. Quick stop at clubhouse and we had a chat with Victor? Director of the club? Anyway sorry had no time to visit. Thanks for the great trails. don
  6. PLAYHARD Ender - Mauricie/LSJ

    No lines, no waiting, nice!
  7. Iceman’s Ender?

    Staged in Matane. 5 hrs door to door in truck. Boss is a wheel man. 6 others here from Ottawa arrived tonight. 5 of them first trip ever in Quebec. They surely picked the best for their first go in Quebec. Off to Carleton sur Mer tmmrw. For us. Stay tuned. Will it be the last ride this trip this year? Not sure. Maybe maybe not. We have not even started yet and Alain is talking about going for another run after Easter, Maybe Cote Nord. We shall see. One day at a time. Ice out.
  8. Lac St Jean

    There’s only one original. Many may follow, but only one could be first. #worldwide
  9. Speed Limit 70 kmh (42 mph)

    100% what Bob said. 8” is a lot of carbide runner. Glad he is ok.
  10. Lac St Jean

    Have fun. Nice stop there.
  11. Lac St Jean

    Here in Roberval right off the trail. or St Felicien or definitely not the same level of luxury but right off trail near Chicoutimi right on the RT 175 or in Chicoutimi not as much pavement as Delta or La Saguenee closest to trail.
  12. Update on grooming

    Not a problem. Will still be very rideable.
  13. Update on grooming

    Go get it John, we will be behind you by a few days. Chandler Friday night and then ST Anne des Monts Saturday.
  14. Pirate ride.

    Enjoy the run boys. Certainly though it may not seem like it the “fat lady is warming up”. Soon it will be all over.