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  1. 3 December -5c looking better this morning
  2. 2 December +2c Flurries mixed with Rain big rain high temps Monday night and all day Tuesday. Reset back to grass
  3. Much easier to score the resident card for Canada than a green card for USA. trust me.
  4. Probably too easy too, but.
  5. Maybe for season 2022. If China does not release Covid 20.
  6. This was my first guess but was not sure.
  7. Spinning my track on this one?... maybe here....not too confident
  8. 595 near Pin Rouge before New Richmond
  9. They are doing an excellent job of controlling us since March 2020 for sure.
  10. The intelligent people know the snowmobile forums are found here below. You think this works great? Yes it’s free, but not really cause our taxes pay for it. Maybe In Ontario all is unicorns and rainbows with the hospital system, this I do not know. I know I waited 7 months for a Carpal Tunnel test. Now, who wants to bet how long I will wait to get a call to have the surgery to fix it? In the USA or most anywhere else within a month it would have been diagnosed and repaired. And billed for it, it’s not free for them.