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  2. TQ63

    St Michel to Cabanon
  3. TQ63

    St Michel to Cabanon
  4. St Raymond North?

    O’ Canada! Right on!
  5. Ice scratchers

    I use these on my sleds. They are great you get what you pay for well worth the $$$ very nicely built. Solid.
  6. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    hi momo !!! good for you !!! the pic of the jeep in front of motel in msp ....reminds me when we were going mx racing there....pierre...yamaha dealer...was telling us about going up there with an old volkswagen beetle on top of the mountain !!! well ,waitress messaged me a few mins ago .....if no traffic jam tomorrow ,i ll be downtown albertville for 1 pm....ahaha jean-guy
  7. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Really enjoyed those old time pic's JG......
  8. Ice scratchers

    I just purchased the red carbide tipped with the hooks. Will be installing them next week so I hope they do the trick if I run into some icy conditions.
  9. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    hi phil !!! haha...wooww....lucky !!!..seldom we see them around here !!! im no bird expert....but best time to see them in town...sept and october...maybe they are looking for salmons !! last one i saw...maybe 2 years ago....coming back from work in ste marguerite...he was in a field....took off few hundred feet in front of me !!! late sept ...oct ..cormorant hang on the little island at the '' forks '' in town !!! easton..... as good as the gaspesie !!! jean-guy
  10. Ice scratchers

    We use the ones on a flexible cable so you can go in reverse without any issues with them down. They are a must on those early bitter mornings!
  11. Ice scratchers

    I would buy the eyelet supports. thanks for the advice about railroad tracks. I am thinking about the 83 in Parent, Clova etc
  12. Ice scratchers

    Hi Mid Range, Those are the ones we have been using on our Renegades. Just make sure they are mounted so you can clip or tie them to the rails when you are not using them. Also, lift them up before crossing the railroad tracks. They will hook the rail and snap the bolt off of the mount. Jack & Sandi
  13. Ice scratchers

    I am looking at buying trailblizzer from Quali-pièces on my XS body (Renegade) Are you recommending them? Any specific model I should consider
  14. Yesterday
  15. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    While you are warming up the sport car I'll show you another visitor in my neighborhood yesterday. We have a good size Creek a block away and the Lehigh river runs into the Delaware river in Easton. It's been more common to see 🦅 here but this guy is sitting on a pole hunting 1/4 mile from my house.
  16. I agree about using the quickest installation and cost. Also the engineers are not thinking ever about removing panels. They only build they don't fix the product.
  17. Engineers are tasked with using the cheapest solution that is practical for the application. Pop rivets on a manufacturing line are installed in seconds and they do the job and cost almost nothing compared to a lot of the other fasteners mentioned here. Serviceability is low on the priority list for the manufacturers.
  18. RIP Will. My condolences wulsock1
  19. St Raymond North?

    Hey Dave guess what is going to be legal up here next year!!!!!
  20. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    bonjour timbo !!! yes....with warm temps yesterday ...-3c and -20c this morning ll be good to groom ...-18c right now and cloudy !!! ...getting more windy !!! hope to see you soon too... jean-guy
  21. St Raymond North?

    Partially open now TQ 23 Saint-Raymond vers Saint-Basile(12 Km) 2017-04-01 TQ 23 Saint-Raymond au Relais St-Raymond(13.5 Km) 2017-12-13 TQ 23 Relais St-Raymone à L Étape(138 Km) 2017-12-13 TQ 73 Saint-Raymond vers Ste-Catherine J-C. (14 km) 2017-04-01 TQ 73 Saint-Raymond à Rivière-à-Pierre(centre ville) (37.5km) 2017-12-13 TQ 73 Rivière-à-Pierre(centre ville) à Rivière-à-Pierre(Marmite) (11.3km) 2017-12-13 TQ 73 Rivière-à-Pierre(Marmite) à La Jeanotte(vers La Tuque)(49 Km) 2017-04-01 SR 9 (LT2) La Jeanotte au Lac Laurier(11 Km) 2017-04-01 SR 7 Lac 7-Îles(6.5 km) 2017-04-01 SR 5 Chalet en Bois Rond (Sainte-Christine vers Saint-Léonard(7 Km) 2017-12-13 SR 3 Renversi (Relais Saint-Raymond à Rivière-à-Pierre(Marmite)(37 Km) 2017-04-02 SR 1 Tour de ville(Marina)(5.7 Km) 2017-04-
  22. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Great Pics, JG. Starting to get "worked-up" as the trails open. Hope to see you soon!
  23. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    bonjour a tous !!! just back from a little '' tour de ville '' !!! -20c earlier this morning ....windy up the hills !!! jean-guy
  24. WOW! I knew this guy. Very sad to hear. This goes to show it can happen to any one of us. He was an experienced rider for sure. I'm sure I will get the details soon enough. RIP Will.
  25. 2017-2018 Shawinigan Snow Reports

    Instead of going to bed today, how about trucking some of that neige up to the trail so the groomer can go thru tomorrow as planned?
  26. Maine this time!
  27. Well, with all that size and weight they are limbering you up to ride the new Yamaha !! Just kidding, had a MachZ and my 1200 is no light weight!!! But at least it starts in the cold!! LOL GutZ
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