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  2. Yes was able to find synthetic BRP oil at most larger gas stations when we did Gaspe 3 winters ago. I would bring some just Incase…
  3. Not a problem at all. Secure parking with video security.
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  5. I'm not sure that this is the right time or place for this?... http://quebecrider.com/forums/uploads/monthly_2022_01/Screenshot_20220118-011538_Google.thumb.jpg.396ebc8008cd6da2f3db766ea776ab29.jpg
  6. Looks like a good trip, glad you're getting at it!
  7. Made a quick loop in the Gaspesie last week. Restrictions were in place on bars and restaurants but it was not a major problem. Started from Pointe a la Croix at the Inter-Provincial. They offered all meals through room service no issues. Trails were great right from the parking lot, everything groomed. http://quebecrider.com/forums/uploads/monthly_2022_01/processed-34634ae2-d07e-49e3-9dfd-0c83cf8ef6d5_5aeXi3wh.thumb.jpeg.dd325dfd866fb38399be1a17e54eb855.jpeg http://quebecrider.com/forums/uploads/monthly_2022_01/processed-63ceebfb-9a4d-4218-add6-e239da019b5d_1BALwMJT.thumb.jpeg.e1b31602f134ad5081b4b8890ceaf61d.jpeg Sadly the Carleton clubhouse was closed, hopefully clubhouse will be allowed to reopen soon. http://quebecrider.com/forums/uploads/monthly_2022_01/processed-d6342cb6-48ef-4d83-a6d6-798f7c61f907_HH3LjOzX.thumb.jpeg.a366ea6cbfdf515693e4e3183c1b74c6.jpeg There has been some major trail changes between Carleton and Chandler, trails stay inland, not near as many road crossing. Also you don't drop into as many communities but there are orange trails into them. We stayed at the Hotel Chandler the next night, food there was a disappointment. Their restaurant was closed and really had nothing set up to help guests get food. We ended up walking through the drive thru at McDonald's. Next morning we woke to 6" of fresh snow. http://quebecrider.com/forums/uploads/monthly_2022_01/processed-efaa4ac8-b1fa-42fb-942a-4580622a8437_zGUaOYaw.thumb.jpeg.af48a362e3145305078e5fbebd9ffcc3.jpeg Headed up the 597, always an awesome trail. Had a big bush donkey walk right across the trail in front of me, sorry not quick enough with the camera. That is a donkey beside me but the one I mentioned. http://quebecrider.com/forums/uploads/monthly_2022_01/processed-297f3993-7d44-46ba-be14-f7f9f37d2bc7_l7uYMIYv.thumb.jpeg.cecf17288461ac1d7ae2026a35c3d229.jpeg Gased up in Murdochville, lady at the pumps happy to see out of province sleds starting to travel through. 597 all the way to to the TQ5 was perfect. There was a detour south of Murdochville that wasn't marked well but with more grooming and hopefully a few mores signs should be easy to navigate. Trails west on the TQ5 to Mont Saint Pierre were well groomed and marked. http://quebecrider.com/forums/uploads/monthly_2022_01/processed-5a384f4d-9ca1-4c2b-9c0c-1e2064377b1d_A4JFGtYU.thumb.jpeg.f1b440d3f41763d03c9d0303cb84d95f.jpeg Leaving MSP there has been a major reroute, only one lookout instead of 3. The trail goes through a lot of recent tree harvest areas, in fact clear cut right above this well known lookout. http://quebecrider.com/forums/uploads/monthly_2022_01/processed-25bbbd39-1f37-490e-9c31-f31c90f00059_lp4YsOBA.thumb.jpeg.83d3f500b0465116125305b2304e2877.jpeg Landed in Sainte Anne des Monts for a night at the Cie. I have never stayed there but tried it after Iceman mentioned it, a very nice place. Absolutely no issues with food, a good menu to order from and take back to the room. Breakfast was included in the room rate and they delivered it too the room whatever time you requested. Dusting of snow over night on the sleds. http://quebecrider.com/forums/uploads/monthly_2022_01/processed-323e06d0-8189-42a2-afd2-5d3bd4973655_lWblkvVP.thumb.jpeg.ac38232f55d56ef767c3d1505c507390.jpeg Next morning continued west on the TQ5. A sad sight along the way, we knew it was going to be closed but still not something you don't want to see, St Paulin closed. http://quebecrider.com/forums/uploads/monthly_2022_01/processed-b89aadf0-e69c-4f21-8372-42e10228a5c7_hxVGghSD.jpeg.6197cf48c4aa6742b04e7a4ad3e256d3.jpeg It was brutal cold all next two days so no pictures. Snowing and blowing hard, visibility very poor in places. Tried to get warmed up in the gas station in Ste Adeleme but they had a two customer inside limit and were not flexible. Onward we traveled, rode up the the ghost trees, did not stay there at all with a -36° wind chill. Rode to the little gas/convience/ restaurant at St Irene, the lady there let us come in drink our coffee and sit at the table for 15min. That was a really nice break on a cold day. Stayed the night at Hotel Select in Amqui, food from the restaurant was no issue here either. We had the pleasure of a visit from the most well known celebrity in the Gaspesie, Groomer. Had a great visit, thanks for stopping by Mon Ami. Left there in the morning, another very cold day and headed for the 587 back to PALC. 110 miles of freshly groomed and pretty much Virgin trails back to the TQ5. Right at the intersection the QPP had a check point set up, too cold even for them to hold us up long. Three and half days 650 miles, certianly not high mileage but a really good first run for the season.
  8. Did Gaspe couple years ago ,could find BRP oil at a few gas stations. I would start out with 2 L then you should be able find as you go. Paid $20-22/L l believe.
  9. On this ride, a 600 Backcountry and a 129" 850 riding in out trench
  10. Is there anywhere safe and secure to unload at in the Shawville area? Looking for somewhere to leave the rig for a daytrip.
  11. Thanks for taking all of us along on another one of your great adventures . Do you all ride backcountrys 850?
  12. I’m on a 900T now but I always carried oil rather than searching around and possibly paying too much when you do find it.
  13. A few more pictures of the ride
  14. Both looking good in your new duds.
  15. Ski Doo dealers in Amqui, Matane, and New Richmond. Not sure about availability at gas stations.
  16. Hello. I am headed down to the Gaspe region next week. I was wondering what your experience was with BRP 2 stroke oil being available in the gas stations etc...? For the most part I ride in the Laurentians and do not have to carry oil as a lot of the gas stations have the BRP synthetic available. Would be nice if I didn't have to carry oil with me. Thanks
  17. Yesterday
  18. Great! No problem leaving trucks there while away?
  19. What where they doing for supper at the Forestel, room service ???? My favorite place to stay Thanks Zrtkat
  20. downtown ....looking at the '' forks ''' auberge is just on the top left side !!! jean-guy https://www.causapscal.net/loisirs-tourisme/tourisme/camera-parc-des-fourches.html
  21. bonjour playhard !!! bienvenue !!! with those pics , im going to keep poulette frite kentucky busy for a while !!!...aahha storm started half an hr ago...hope to be buried '' full pin ''.....( to the max ) very nice outside !!!......-9c jean-guy
  22. I think she was a Dr. from Trump's team not kept on by Joe!
  23. Great place. Trailered to lac Blanc last Tuesday for a 4 day ride. Comfortable rooms, food is delicious( especially trout clubhouse). We made a nice loop, to kanawata first night, 83 west through parent to 100 lacs (another great spot) then down to auberge lac tareau then a 1/2 day back to La Blanc.
  24. Any other questions let me know and I can try and answer. QC never disappoints!
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