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  2. I made reservation in early August and there were a couple of places that were booked for the last week of Feb into Mar
  3. http://quebecrider.com/forums/uploads/monthly_2023_09/IMG_7062.thumb.png.ce959dff7b5ca4c640d187b4f59c412b.png Route from Edmunston to Moose Valley to Campellton, NB http://quebecrider.com/forums/uploads/monthly_2023_09/IMG_7072.thumb.jpeg.45c7ef6af21d34168d5b6bc9f42865b9.jpeg Bridge from Campellton NB to Pointe a la Croix QC Quality Inn in Campellton, Interprovincial Hotel on Quebec side http://quebecrider.com/forums/uploads/monthly_2023_09/IMG_7108.thumb.jpeg.03010731915fb50aa4c52db2d1dbbbde.jpeg Grand Nature Choc Choc lodge that GS800 mentioned, near Cap Chat on the north shore.
  4. Last two years we have done a 6 day New Brunswick/Gaspe tour. Here is one option for a route. Will see all of the most scenic parts of the Gaspe. Miss out on Perce Rock but l don’t find it the highlight of the trip. We were in the Gaspe last week of February this year and it was very busy. All hotels were full. Going again mid February this year and will book ahead. Rather not but not safe if requiring multiple rooms during prime season. Another route option in NB: we start in Edmunston, head north to Moose Valley then on to Campellton. That’s a nice one day ride. At Campellton you can take the shuttle (Mundle’s Towing ) to get across the bridge into Quebec. Was $50 a sled last year. On the map l’m showing not crossing at Campellton but taking the 587S trail up to Amqui. I really like that ride. Then take the orange trail down to NB which will hook up with the NB trail leading to Moose Valley, NB. 200 miles a day in the Gaspe is a full day, mid February the days are short. 200 miles is what we do on the guys trip. On couple trips we aim for 150-175 miles . Find with the wives there is a fine line between a great day vs turning it into a marathon. Steve
  5. Another place the ladies would appreciate is on a spur trail not far from Cap Chat - https://villagegrandenature.com/en/
  6. Welcome aboard Snowdevil. If I was running a 6 member team around the Gaspe, there is no way in hell I would wing it near peak season. The flip side of that is shit happens and the best laid plans can crumble on day one if there is a storm or mechanical issues. I am sure you are aware of all that jazz. We used to have a couple members here that run tours. I do not know either one of them personally. Bon Voyage snow tours is the name of one, the other dude’s name is Bruce Cody, he’s on the facecrack version of QR. I don’t know the business name. They could probably lay out a trip for you. Option 2 would be a lot of homework using the app, combined with member suggestions and hope for the best. I can tell you Le Francis in New Richmond is somewhere the lady’s will enjoy dinner.
  7. Last week
  8. Yes most definitely. I see a lot of sport touring bikes on the main roads, and I have crossed paths with full on dirt bikes on the trails. I try to yield to the two wheelers in the bush so they don’t have to stop. Last time I spoke to a group on the touring bikes it was at relais 22, they were headed around the Gouin. The first time up this year we met a guy cruising solo at the Repos. He said he was headed to the reservoir as well. We all agreed it was pretty ballsy to be cruising that far out solo, but hey more power to him.
  9. The amount of traffic in Gaspe is substancially more than it was 12 years ago. That fact along with the fact that a number of lodgings, restaurants and clubhouses that were open pre-covid during sled season are no longer open. Many restaurants are not open the hours they used to be due to employee shortages. Fot these reasons and to assure you get accomodations for all of your crew in the same location, I would recommend booking all your trip accomodations as soon as you can. Canceling is easier than finding lodgings in many cases. JMHO The Quebec federation online map is very good and makes it really easy to plot a route and find accomodations. Below is a link: https://fcmq.fcmqapi.ca/fr/carte-cond.html#map
  10. We are looking to plan out a multi day backpack trip around the Gaspe Peninsula this feb 2024. We plan on leaving out of Fort Kent maine and returning through New Brunswick back to maine. We have done a similar trip about 12 years ago and a clubhouse in chandler set up all our reservations and our itinerary for mileage per day. I have not been able to contact them to see if they still do this so I am hoping to get some recommendations from this group on a preferred route and hotels to contact. We are very experienced riders and there will be a group of 3 couples and would like to ride 175 to 200 miles a day. We are planning on a week trip but have the flexibility to make it longer or shorter if needed. How busy is the Gaspe these days in February and should we map all or our lodging out for the whole trip or could we just wing it for a few days with lodging towards the end of trip? Any advice or a contact to someone who can assist on our trip planning will be greatly appreciated. We will be traveling with our wife’s and would like nicer accommodations for our lodging. thank you for any help and look forward to hearing some suggestions.
  11. Do you see much down the lines of dirt bikes /enduros riding up there?Been doing a few BDR rides in the states thinking of putting a ride together up there.
  12. The wife and I spent the night last season. The cabin we stayed in had a double bed in the separate bedroom and two Murphy beds singles in the living area. Can certainly do three guys in the cabin.
  13. Thanks weekends has a 2 night minimum. That’s why I’m looking at booking now. Crazy to think as it’s September. Not worried about cancelling. There’s lots of snow in Feb. Like others I’ve passed through for lunch and now buddies want to stay a night.
  14. Day 2 , another great day Today's trail system we ride is about 30 minutes north of Saint Raymond by car Epic trail for sure !
  15. Wife and I stayed there 4 years ago,our cabin had 1 bedroom,double bed ,there was a small couch ,can’t remember a Murphy bed .If you plan on Thursday thru Saturday you better book months in advance.And certain nights the restaurant and bar close early.When you book they take a 50% non refundable deposit,or they did then anyway.Apperently there was a Murphy bed in the cabin ,wife tells me .
  16. info@moose-valley.com Long Hair and I spoke to the owner one day during the Shut Down, he was able to sell us gas, felt bad ,one day open\one day closed, no warning from the Gov. Anyways, he was a nice guy and seemed to realy like everyone making an effort come by. Email and\or Call him. Later GutZ
  17. Hopefully not. The whole 386 / 63 setup is reliant on them. I know the place was for sale a few years ago. Never heard if it was sold. They seem to have things sorted out though. They have been filling the place through the week with loggers. Only open for food and gas through the week with accommodations on the weekends.
  18. Sorry can’t help you out. Been to Moose Valley 4 times but always for lunch. Coming from RDL or when doing a NB trip we start from Edmunston so never works to spend a night there. l plan and book the lodging for our group trips. Like to stay at Lodges or Outfitters whenever possible but always frustrating when researching options for places with cabins because many of them never list the specific number of beds. Most the staff there speak good English if you need to call.
  19. No bueno. Loved that ride from the Classic to Val D’Or…. I forgot to mention the Classic on my list of ownership changes. I thought that section of 63 was closed for the past couple seasons due to logging, and if anything the bridges would be bigger and better now. I bet the Pavillon Laverendrye will be another to add on the list in short order.
  20. Val D'or club responded to me a week ago. Said that closure on TQ63 is permanent.
  21. I have no news yet on M20-21. TQ63 not gonna happen. Apparently some disputes with First Nations over moose hunting moratorium and apparently some bridges have been removed. trying to dig up more on this.
  22. St Raymond got it going on in the off season. Mrs Ice goes there to Paddle Board as well. Lot of hiking as well. Mountain Bike very popular Valley Bras du Nord.
  23. It's the aging owners. They can't go on forever and if they don't have kids or a kid that want to take over what else can they do?
  24. I'm there a lot in the winter I have thought about a mtn bike ride there in the fall but my cardio isn't that great lol.
  25. When I saw the title thought it might be the first snow pics of the season taken at elevation. Lol.
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