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  2. Leave the property through the tunnel. Go across the street behind the old ski lift and take local trail to right then right on 317. If you make a left on the local you can stop a Du Chasseur for gas then back track.
  3. I have started 3 trips from Lac Carling. Yes you can.
  4. Can anyone confirm there is still the gas station in Sainte Ann du Lac?
  5. I've made the run from Kitcisakik- Domaine without needing refueled with some of my riding partners being on 800 Polaris
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  7. The F.-A.-Gauthier is back 19 OTHER After experiencing all kinds of problems over the past year, the ferry F.-A.-Gauthier, which provides the link between Matane and Baie-Comeau, resumed service on Sunday. Play Video QMI AGENCY Sunday, January 26, 2020 19:59 UPDATE Sunday, January 26, 2020 9:36 PM After having encountered all kinds of problems during the past year, the ferry F.-A.-Gauthier, which provides the link between Matane and Baie-Comeau, resumed service on Sunday. The boat made the two usual crossings scheduled, that of Matane to Baie-Comeau at 2 p.m. and that of Baie-Comeau to Matane at 5 p.m. After work on the ship's thrusters, which lasted a year and cost nearly $ 22 million, the Société des traversiers du Québec (STQ) had to repair the boat's engines. "We noticed, in terms of certain control systems, that the two electric motors that power our entire propulsion system were not working well," says Stéphane Lafaut, of the STQ. At the end of December, specialists from the manufacturer General Electric even had to be called in to help find the problem on the ferry and repair it. “We brought in the specialists directly from Europe. They spent, in fact, most of the holiday break working with our teams, ”continues Mr. Lafaut. The boat was out of service since December 17, 2018. In the past few days, the ferry has passed sea trials. The STQ ensures that its staff are ready too. Despite its return, air links are still maintained until January 31.
  8. One 900 turbo. And one polaris 600 2st. The polaris is consistant at 12 mpg with a 12 gallon tank. This sled gets affected by speed and trail surface more than the bigger sleds.
  9. Be sure to select the club that you want to receive a portion of your revenue to keep the trails spiffy!
  10. Too funny. Great graphic.
  11. where did you go on 3 day loop? thinking of leaving from Cabanon in 3 weeks and 3 day loop. not sure where. we did Cabanon north and east of there past 2 years. thinking going north and west of there.
  12. The red is the NB trail, the dot is MV. You will be riding 30 miles on the NB trails from the QC border.
  13. We trimmed a few trees outta that new trail as well .. nice option from Clova to Cheval
  14. Fanstastik report and outstanding pictures Snobeeler! seems you got a very nive trip! MrGutz, your link to the dootalk post is so funny, the last video made my day!!! 😅
  15. Funny , we rode that trail Friday to Clova. Picture proof of said Beaver ! We had a great stay at Martin Friday night
  16. Same here always enjoy meeting other qr riders. Hope you get the sled issues fixed
  17. Newer Ski-doo's or 4 strokes? Or are you talking polaris and arctic cat 2 strokes? Most sleds will do 125 miles on a tank without issue in groomed conditions at trail speeds. The less efficient 2 strokes I'd want to check range on.
  18. I just came through there everything is perfect! No issue getting gas at sawmill but go to the office / small area across from the closed down cafeteria. Trails were minty
  19. Fuse 6 you should definitely continue on to Havre St Pierre the scenery is good and its about 165 miles give or take
  20. Agreed, you can always go to Mont Valin..(me i pass through Valin if I need to, otherwise we avoid it like a Chinese exotic meat market, no time for that nonsense) How many times you gonna be in position to make a run past Sept Isles?
  21. Do as you each please. My sled will be chained each night no matter where I am laying my head. Sorry, but I find leaving the GPS on sled overnight crazy, but that’s just me. Like I said to each their own. Carry on.
  22. Nice to put a face to a post today.Gaf
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  24. Talk about finding a needle in the hay stack!!! The whole of Lac St Jean is funneling into the Saguenay River right there, can not imagine the underwater current the divers have to battle. I hope they find the last two sledders soon.
  25. Just landed back in Florida. Heading to Quebec on Friday. Can’t wait!
  26. Day 4 Plan was Amos to Chapis for the night. tq 93 was fantastic! Anywhere from 4-6” of light fluff. Stellar day. Lunch in Lsq where Phil had to bury the sled riding 200 yards to get a qt of oil in the center of town. We where going to stay at the opineska but didn’t have the right rooms for 5. So after a stop at the clubhouse off to chibougamau to Motel Chibougamau for the night 288 miles. 93 south in the morning around the top of the LSJ. Plenty of 60 packs in demarisville! Beaver free as of now!
  27. I agree guys, but the Indian reservation of Manawan is not anywhere near the Abiti. Manawan is only about 50 miles by car from SMDS. There are people that check this page that don’t have a lot of experience in Quebec and I don’t think it is good to recommend to them not to secure their sleds. I have been riding that area since the late 80’s and I remember when there were no doors on some of the houses because they used them for firewood (no shit) They also have a steel cage around the gas pumps in their own town. That’s all I am saying
  28. Yes it is. All online. Just print the paperwork you get when you purchase a carry it with you. No stickers for day, 3 day or weekly passes.
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