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  3. Wow, that is awesome thank you for the report it is very appreciated!
  4. Agree with Jackstraw, Motel Chibougamau for sure. Downtown has a lot of flavor and is interesting to say the least. Like a last outpost before heading to the unknown. Nice little downtown with all kinds of businesses, etc. You will have some great stories to tell friends after staying there on a Friday or Saturday night. mike
  5. We stayed at motel Chibougamau. It's in the center of town, the trail kinda circles the town. Nice place, can walk to everything. Certainly an interesting town to say the least! We stayed there planning to see what the trail to Misstissini looked like which was a single track North.
  6. Hi Since my first ride (30 miles) north of Tapani lake November 12th It was snowy a little each day in Upper Laurentians .. 12 to 14 inches of snow on the ground north of Sainte Anne du lac No trail are open yet but it is good looking for next season to open. Let you with these pics QuebecSnowmobile
  7. bonsoir je me souviens !!! oui , le chevreuil est y en avait 2 aujourdhui + la mere hier,seulement un petit... if you look on my pics of was already with a petit....and then she went for the other one qui etait plus pres de moi ...thats why elle me regarde tout le temps...then....braaapp for the woods !!! big bird in your area ...don t have it here... photos du 15 novembre 2015 !!! deer season kaputt la fin de semaine derniere...last one week !!! jean-guy
  8. That chevreuil looks tres petit for this time of year, I bet the snow is making it hard to find something to snack on. Is there a deer hunting season in your neck of the woods JG?
  9. Somebody help QR out....he is trying to post a picture of the first ride of the year. I can't hold my breath any longer...
  10. bonsoir quebec bob !!! great thx..very appreciated !!! true....if you enjoy wildlife....great area to be....moose....deer and salmon...very lucky for that .. woods near by ...don t need to do tons of miles !!! just too bad...not much in last few days... old pic of the old camp....dec 22 ...2005 with 1 grooming pic !!! jean-guy
  11. Continental breakfast...a good friend of mine calls that a bird breakfast...The night before we took a cab to the Royal, it was worth getting back out for. The garage is handy. I seem to recall my stomach grumbling the whole way down the tracks to LSQ the next morning. Pizza place was closed, damn, off to Senneterre, by the time I got there I think I would have eaten shit on a stick. Maybe that's why the flank steak was so special at Faillon that night. One a side note, I beleive the ballet is across the road from the Nordic. We did not go inside so I can't comment on the caliber of the establishment. Andre and Genevieve are really something at Ombre du Vent in Parent. As indicated in previous replies, they go the distance for sure. Breakfast at the Central with everybody else in town in the morning. I usually get them to deliver food the night before, trick is to indicate the tip will be large. Be careful if the dishwasher lady delivers it though, she's a pretty wild driver.
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  13. JG, Great shots , as usual, you live in Wonderland, a big part of why I love sledding there, nature at it's best, thanks, Bob.
  14. bonsoir !!! a bit of snow today ....mild temps !!! pics...about an hr ago !!! jean-guy
  15. Hi ! blue grass This snowmobile show is for new model 2020 , gear, tourism organization of different area of Quebec, outfitter and tourism business for lodging and other vacation services.
  16. Can anyone tell me how big of show this is
  17. Back in 2010 we woke up to pouring rain in 100 Lacs. Our next stop was Roberval. During breakfast the consensus was to stay put for the day. We asked, and were told that there was a group coming in that afternoon but they may not come due to the rain. We could stay if they didn’t come. Well back to our nice, dry, warm, comfortable cabin we went prepared to spend the day. About two hours later we get a knock at the have to leave, the group is on their way. Plan B was already decided, off to Hotel Central. As we were coming into Parent, I saw a sign for Hombre du Vent and I remembered from about 3 years earlier a guy telling me about his buddy owning them. I tell the gang, let’s go take a look. We pull into their office/shop, and we are soaked. The owner and his wife get us two cabins and tells us to pull our sleds into the shop while he strings up a couple clothes lines to hang our gear to dry out. This is great, but we have to get to the cabins and into town to eat. He says, no problem and gives us the keys to a minivan. Next day we go back to his shop where he had to have the temperature in the place at least 80 degrees. Sleds and suits all dried out. Great people, great hospitality! I heartily agree with this recommendation. The other recommendation that was good is to not go into Parent but to take 13 when you get to the junction and go to Fer a Cheval. Another good place. Another thought is 100 Lacs by jumping on 33 a couple miles before Fer a Cheval. As far as Chibougamau, Nordic is where we stay these days. You can’t get dinner there (continental breakfast in the morning)so we make that a get beer at the store and pizza delivered to the room night. There is a place about 7-8 miles south of Chibougamau, right on 93 that looks interesting. CENTRE DE VILLÉGIATURE MARINE CHIBOUGAMAU. We stayed there a couple of times under the former owner, JC Bou. It’s under new ownership now and it looks like they added a new lodge. Perhaps someone on here has stayed and can comment. Next time we’re up that way, we’ll probably give it a try. Hope this helps some along with all the other replies. One thing for certain, your group will enjoy.
  18. bonsoir jak and steven !!! bienvenue !!!...if it can stay like that ll be an early start for next season !!! on the other post ....pic 6 ...deer was on the right side of the house !!! first one since a long time !!! pics of the mountains...somewhere next to la cache !!! jean-guy
  19. Great pics Mon Ami. I recognized lots of the locations! I will be up soon to try my new 900T if that base stays and builds.
  20. Snow & deer! Don't get any better! Thanks for the pictures JG.
  21. bonsoir all !!! aujourdhui in the gaspesie 4w season close to kaputt !!! went for a quick ride....turned around about 1.5 mile after logging rd...from 8 to 12-14 '' of snow met a friend of mine before going to dealership this morning ...he said there was 16 '' at the lake!!! yes gutz....could be groom -able !!!... mt blanc and mt logan ... smclelan should recognize where '' big blue '' was parked before !!! jean-guy
  22. At least track it in a little. A little groomer ride would be good for your soul. Lol
  23. Looks groom-able, Get Out There!!! LOL GutZ
  24. good morning artsled !!! yaaa....won t be long ... no stress now for my 4w...snow and -20c this morning + sunny !!! pics from yesterday outside town !!! jean-guy
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