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  2. Agree great trail. When we rode it there was a spot that dropped off sharply. That was an oh shit moment when you were moving. Next time we came through there was a large warning sign. Likely as the earlier ride there were sled parts along the bottom section.
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  4. The photo went up backwards new route in purple first pic
  5. Finally, we can unveil the new permanent route to circumvent the legendary Bell Cabin.This will allow us even more autonomy this winter versus the transport of wood which had delayed the start of last season by leaving us several rocks as a gift. This new route, 10 kilometers long, required the addition of 15 culverts and was completed in 24 days by Excavation Gaston Clavet and its day laborer Claude Perreault. This newly built trail will give you a spectacular view and will enhance your journey. The new route of the trail will be officially on IMotoneige as soon as we have the chance to go there by snowmobile in order to take the GPS reading and then send it to the federation (FCMQ) . On the first photo you can see the old route and on the second, the new one. Special thanks to the Séminaire de Québec, to Excavation Gaston Clavet and to Claude Perreault, our president, for the time spent in the field.
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  7. This is what that section should look like in terms of which drop down box to select and the other numbers. Worked for me twice - insurance rebates arrived before the trail passes:
  8. My Wife and I ran that trail in 09. We traveled in the opposite Direction. We saw no one until Vilebois. We did hit some perfect trails that day. We made our way to Senneterre.
  9. Ordered my 2023 permit today, everything seemed to go well, received my confirmation email. I then tried to fill out the liability insurance reimbursement form, where it asks me for the trail pass number, I entered the number on the temporary permit that you can download. It is saying that number is not valid. Are the numbers different on the temporary permit? Do I need to wait for the trail permit to arrive in the mail and use that number to fill in the online form?
  10. No flooding, kinda melted slowly till yesterday when it poured rain.
  11. Wow that's crazy. Everything flood? Or is the infrastructure in the area designed well enough to take that?
  12. Friggin metric system. 🤪
  13. Ya, you were right. 80 plus inches to nothing in 2 weeks.
  14. 1 December -2c rain ended last evening cold moved back in for now and light snow flurries turned it all white again. need real cold to freeze ground and lacs and rivers.
  15. Took me several looks at the cams. Seemed like little change in snow. Just realized these cam views are captures and are from January 22. Doooh….. Got to wait for the App to fire up ! 🙂
  16. Another thing I remember was there was a beaver pond there and for some reason I think the beavers built their dam on or close to the trail. Anyway when the trail was groomed they groomed right on top of the dam. Also the beavers house had to 15 feet high. I trapped beavers and I never seen a house that huge before. It was , and I admit, the scariest ride I think we were ever on. We felt we were truly in a place we shouldn't be after we got to Matagami.
  17. Happy to help. The parking kind of sucks so find a good spot for your rig and don't plan on moving it. My spouse really enjoyed the massage options they have there. If at some point you want to return, Ontario school March break, which is usually after Quebec March break, is a time when some deals can be had usually by phoning the office direct to book.
  18. Update for trails Hello everyone, here are the changes made to our trails for this winter. Between Chambord and St-François, from the transmission line to St-François: new trail 83, created by the Club de vtt du Lac, about 2.5 Km. *So the transmission line is CLOSED: see photo 1. Loss of right of way when arriving at Chemin du Moulin, near the bridge and the old "Auberge du Toit Vert" in St-François de Sales. A new trail has been redone: see photo 2. Loss of right of way: trail 373 in Roberval between row 2 and 3. New trail redone towards row 2: cross the road to Roberval and continue on row 2 then turn left via the private lot to row 3: see picture 3. For trail 83 de la lièvre, the trail will go through chemin Lamontagne. There are not supposed to be any logging operations this winter. For trail 355, Lac-Bouchette to Lac Edouard, there will be forestry activities on Zec Kiskissink. From the junction near Kiskissink Lake for about 6 km, the trail will be laid out on the side, be careful on the bridge, traffic with trucks. Thereafter, it will take a bypass path for about 12 km to return to the usual path. Picture 4 A big thank you to the landowners for their collaboration and support to allow us to offer you beautiful trails. Respect for staying on marked trails, private and government land, is super important and above all fragile. We continue to work with landowners, municipalities, the MRC, various departments, forestry companies, etc., to maintain harmonization and the sustainability of our trails. Happy snowmobiling season and be careful!
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  20. That was the 396 back then that you are talking about. There was a place that sold gas back then it was a logging camp or something like that on the La Sarre side of the trail. as I remember. Lots of sticks poking through the trail when we were there too. Did not see wolf tracks but saw Mom and a baby moose that we got to check out for quite a while.
  21. In 2007 or 08 my son and i rode out of LA Sarre on a trail going north to Matagami. I remember stopping at a truck turn around at the end of a road to get gas and the gentleman seemed very surprised to see us. He told us that the groomer had went thru a week before. Sounded good to us but I believe that the groomer was the only vehicle that had been on the trail in weeks. I remember sticks in the trail about 12 inches high. I also remember the wolf tracks on the trail. It was a long ride, maybe 90 miles., to gas. My kid did find a moose shed on the trail we brought home. It was a long ride and I don't know to this day if we worried more about the wolf's or running out of gas. I don't remember the trail number but I do remember that the trail was closed the year or 2 later. I think others on here can also remember the trail number and how truly in the bush you were.
  22. 30 November plus 2 building an ark deluge of rain. Pas bueno
  23. True enough! Perhaps that’s a jackass I was thinking of.
  24. Another great restaurant is this one short cab ride from the atmosphere.
  25. That is insulting as all Donkeys are easily more intelligent than Joe
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