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  2. Four Points in Quebec City

    Maybe the new operator will re-allow the shuttle van to service ice hotel touring again. Pretty sure there was serious residential construction all around the perimeter of the golf course.
  3. 2019 QR Get Together and Ride

    Good idea!!! GutZ
  4. Last week
  5. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    bonsoir a tous !!! merci.....i had a problem with google chrome...could nt go on most sites... the cartoon reminds me...when my mom was still with us...i used to tell her ....from riding ...if im not back the army ... the riding will slow down a lot in 2 weeks....bow hunting ...moose...don t mind to do at the camp ... temps dropped a lot ...30 c monday ....11 c yesterday and 5 c right now...light rain most of the day on the pic of the river ...trail for the lake....if you use your imagination a bit ...don t need rouge for that ...the island has the shape of a shark !!! jean-guy
  6. 2019 QR Get Together and Ride

    Thinking Groomer will be working overtime. He is surely not allowed to leave town during sled season. He is either... Home sleeping, at the clubhouse or in the “Office” sorry you guys will miss out. Enjoy Carnival try and put a sticker on Bonhomme.
  7. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Brilliant! No one would argue sound logic!
  8. 2019 QR Get Together and Ride

    Nice! I like you thinking on a run leaving the 16, gonna need to talk more on this. The issue won’t be my wife for sure, however my 22 wheel mistress may have something to say about me being gone more than 7 days. I surely prefer this....
  9. 2019 QR Get Together and Ride

    My condolences on the”issue” of the 14. I’m very married and don’t have any issues during sled season, but I guess we all can’t be that lucky. As far as doing a loop, I am open to suggestions for sure. Just figured a long weekend with day rides would be best if we are a big group. Plenty of options from there.
  10. 2019 QR Get Together and Ride

    And Belinda and I might be able to share a bed, so that can make it 20 people. ;)
  11. 2019 QR Get Together and Ride

    I am in. Either weekend for me. I can understand the 14th issue for some. So count me in. I would be game for a loop leaving the 16th, coming back Thursday 21st and then doing day trips out of Drakkar with everyone 22,23,24. :) Whatever works the best for others. I haven't had any of Reggies welcome back drinks in a while.
  12. 2019 QR Get Together and Ride

    I Don't think the Team will make it, we will be in Quebec City for the Carnival, Tubing, Water Park, etc.... Funny story about the 14th..... No Hair and I were checking into the Manior Richeileu (may not be spelled right) on the 14th, didn't realize the date, as Mr and Mr GutZ We had a suite too. But Thank You for taking the initiative to try and bring everyone together, and I want to see Pictures..... So drag Groomer there. GutZ
  13. 2019 QR Get Together and Ride

    I see an issue with the 14th for some of us married folks who likely won't be bringing the mrs Nice idea but why not a loop?
  14. Let’s go riding. I’m figuring it’s time to throw out two dates so I can see who is interested in having a gathering at Auberge Drakkar this February. Planning on 3 days of riding from Drakkar out and back. We can put together a couple of super days. Riding Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Auberge Drakkar is the place, the date will be determined by majority rules. Dates to choose from are driving up Thursday February 14 or Thursday February 21. Riding Feb 15, 16, 17 (or with Presidents Day monday 18 February could be Sat,Sun,Mon.) or Riding Feb 22, 23, 24. Places will be limited as there are 5 rooms available with 2 beds in each and 9 rooms with just one bed. So do the math 19 people max. So who is in? Which Dates? Let’s Go!
  15. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Lol on the milk carton. Keep the pictures coming. Makes me look forward to riding and appreciate the scenery your back yard has to offer.
  16. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Crap I was already printing the Milk Cartons!!! Well, good to see you are Ok! GutZ
  17. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Great to see you back! Great pics as always
  18. Neige sen vien

    Damn.... I just checked .... No Snow.... Just wishful thinking. GutZ
  19. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    good morning artsled and gutz !!! hahhah...finally ...they let me out of jail !!! before leaving for camp friday , my computer was feeling sick....maybe water in the gas line....when i came back sunday ...worse...checked with brother last night...still samething ...then this morning ....vrooooooooooommm !!! i guess thre was a ghost somewhere... on my way to the lake frenette dam last friday ....saw that female ...walking super slowly ...ticks i guess....more than half an hr to walk one mile rained yesterday morning...water levels still very low.....ste florence and lac saumon....kaputt more water pics with sunrise...albertville on my way to work jean-guy
  20. Neige sen vien

    MAYBE I'm just wishing, but I just poked my head onto the CAM at Mt Valin @ Passions and I'd swear it looks like snow on the bushes\ground\whatever (Look Close) in the background!!! Most likely optical illusions, I'm getting loopie from lack of snow, LOL
  21. Four Points in Quebec City

    From their website......
  22. Four Points in Quebec City

    Hopefully stays snowmobile friendly
  23. Well this may have already been discussed but it appears the old Four Points is now another brand: FYI GutZ
  24. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    We can organize a search party, but he would be my first pick to lead it! If we have a good picture we can get him on the Milk Cartons! GutZ Not for Navigational Purposes. GutZ
  25. Summer Updates and Repairs

    Gutz, that sure is a tough looking set of bumpers, good thing they are aluminum, would add 40 lbs if they were steel, nobody wants to rear end that sled!!
  26. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Hi JG haven’t been posting? Ok there. .?
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