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  3. I just sent out reminder invoices that haven't been paid. Please let me know if you already paid it so I can cancel the invoice. Also, let me know aren't interested anymore so I can cancel the invoice. Thanks for the support!
  4. I’m heading up on the 26th ,had planned on starting a loop out of Rimouski, would you suggest starting from elsewhere?
  5. Kennebec river Maine 1976
  6. bonjour playhard....blueblood and quebec bob !!! yaa..great dudes !!! don t ask why guys had big arms back then...hard work...heavy chainsaw...etc !!! that tractor operator...heard stories of him...moving car in a parking because they were in his way...him and his brother...coming from a strong family those guys could spend few days in a row on the beard.... the last of the group ...was the cook ...with all his stuff to prepare meals along the river !!! just too bad...since last night , im trying to find a pic of those boats....flat bed wood....close to 30' long maybe pic with the car ...back in 1929 , next to where i turn around at the lake ......cabins by lake casault ...nice place.... logs on the river....about 1.5 miles lower than the bridge ......shortcut for albertville !!! cloudy with a bit of sunshine...0c !!! jean-guy
  7. JG, did those clean shaven loggers run Quebec out of razor blades??
  8. From St Anne De Monts, trails were flat and fast. Good snow cover and the groomers were out. The 900 Ace was happily maintaining 7900RPM so the miles clicked fast towards Matane. Not much traffic out today except near Matane, and luckily it all came at once. We happened to be stopped in a farmers field, and while we were there several groups of sleds passed, probably 25-30 overall, some looked like tour groups of 5-8. We could see them coming from a mile away so we just waited till they passed. The entrance to the 591 south that had running water a few days earlier, was now frozen solid so we too that to Amqui. Drifty and a little lumpy, but not bad. At a trail junction, I PM’d Groomer from the trail to say we would be heading to the clubhouse one more time. He replied and said he would join us, so ripped the 5 to Alberville, wow was that a fast stretch, awesome! Groomer joined us for coffee and conversation, was great to catch up in person and sharing stories. The place filled up, lots of locals riding in for a beer. JG said the mummies were naked, so we had to go check that out! Sure enough, the warm temperatures melted most of the snow off the mummies. We climbed the tower for pictures, what a view. Some year we need to get back to the golf ball near the ski area. Finished the day with a rip to Gaspesiana in St Flavie. While unloading sleds who pulls in but Lance and Doug from Oneita who we’ve been leap frogging with for days. Our 2 groups are the only sleds here tonight. A walk out on the dock for sunset pics was beautiful. Seagulls, icebergs, and rolling waves. Lots of bare black dirt patches in the farmers and road crossings field between here and 5, easily passable today but just days from being impassable with the warm weather coming. Supper was great, definitely a great place to stay and eat. Next Lance and Don are off to Montmagny, and we are off to RDL to drive out before the rain. Supposed to be 41F
  9. Lifting a 45 gallon drum of fuel and pouring it into a dozer that's somebody that can compete in the strongman competition for sure
  10. Thank you season always seem short when you get to the end of it but it was a great year this year
  11. That river log transporting looks like real work! No need to go to the local gym to work out!
  12. bonsoir scorpionbowl !!! i remember seeing log jams at the bridge for the lake when i was a kid....back then, dad had a cabin at the lake .... even in to city hall or close to auberge...just next to the bridge...log jams there and using a td 25 bulldozer to push the logs.. guy operating the bulldozer could lift a 45 gallons drum of fuel to fill his tractor...get out of the way kids !!!! at the bridge for the lake....causapscal river was owned by americans back then...70' s and lower... pq government bought it back and i guess its about that time floating stopped on the river ...early 70's river was at the back of the house of my dad ...could see those guys pulling back logs stuck along the river using long boats......drave !!! even in my street late 60's early 70's...they were dumping logs in the river...i was maybe 8-10 y / o...i remember that very clearly back then , they were calling my street ...the street of the compagnies !!!...and there was even a wood mill !!! at my camp ...about 7 miles up the brook ...brought steven and linda there...back in the old days...there was a mini dam ...then spring time ...they were floating logs in the brook connecting with the river !!! at the 18 miles on the logging road...remember that ...big hangar for those boats they were using on the brooks and rivers!!! i just noticed...on the were 3x that length jean-guy
  13. I think they're talking about Lac Saint Jean area but there is a town near Rogers cabin in the Maurice area that's similar or the same, just can't remember the name
  14. St. stansilas isn't that near the old cabane a roger??
  15. Well that's pretty easy, they were flying too low. 😏 Ha ha ha
  16. Les Hautes Gorges will be missed, what a beautiful trail.
  17. You're forgetting about the property owner in Pointe Fortune that would charge everyone 5$ to get off the Ottawa river before the dam using his property. Then you somehow escaped by mingling in with others in Campbelton, NB the 25$ day pass to continue on to QC.
  18. Who's better than you? Very sexy outfit "You're" wearing 🍸🤣
  19. You will probably have another new snow layer over what they had if the forecast is right... Heard that it will be this weekend the last one of full operation for the Repos. After this weekend they will continue to sell fuel but no food or lodging... plan accordingly. Have a nice safe season ending!! Thank you! 👍
  20. it is open since the beginning of the season with the restrictions mentionned and you have to pay your fee of $8,60/day/person on internet before going or place your money in a box at the Park entrance. There are no people or cashier at the entrances but the trail is randomly patrol by parks agents. You won't see it on iMotoneige or interactive fcmq map because it is not considered as a federate trail (don't ask me why!). Personnally I had not ride it and won't, even if i can go with my 4 stroke. For me it's unacceptable restrictions and a dangerous precedent to ask money for passing on a territory(park in this case). Reopening the whole park the way it was in the old years with all the wide trail would have been something but reopening only the Caribou trail, one drag wide with a buch of restriction and asking money over the top: No thanks for me, but this is just my own opinion As for St-Faustin connector, local snowmobile club announce this week that they finally just got all the autorizations from government, environment and they will begin the bidding process in the next week for the trail construction work
  21. From what everyone has indicated recently is that there should be plenty of snow, and I would watch the iMotoneige App and try to access the local club sites that are on your route. This time of year the closer to the river you are the thinner it will be. Later GutZ
  22. I’m surprised they were still floating logs down the river in the 60-70’s, I think they stopped that in the northeast states around 1900...
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    Its a big plus when JG is on TQ5 after a blizzard. The trail was spectacular until we spoiled it and passed him🤣
  25. Looks like you had a great sunny day. Be sure to stop at the lookout on the 587N to see the Mummy Trees after leaving Groomers area.
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