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  2. And here is what the trail we come out of before crossing the road looks like
  3. Was up in the motherland last week visiting various places in the Lanaudiere and Zec Chapeau-de-Paille areas thought some of you might like to see what the place looks like without 4 ft of snow
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  5. bonjour !!! 2 moose friday .....1 yesterday at my camp....lots of rain !!! jean-guy
  6. Ok. Here's a quick update. Made the trip as planned for the most part. 1260-1300 miles depending on which of the three odometer readings you use. I had the least (oversized tires) and the Polaris had the most. Not one flat tire or mechanical issue on any of the machines. We didn't even run out of fuel! We made the lookout on the Gouin and the "bunkers" at Casey thanks to all of the information posted here! All in all - great trip with great people! Thanks again for the helpful information! Ike
  7. Thinking about possible trips this winter and a Cote Nord/ Gaspé ride is one of them. Read last winter here on QR about the break down of the F A Gauthier and then problems with the replacement ferries. So I Goggled to see what the winter schedule and present situation is. If you read the above article what a disaster and expense this has been for the Quebec government. Hopefully they get the F A Gauthier back in service soon and a predictable service back this coming sled season.
  8. I'll try but he may be able to out run me! GutZ
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  10. Finally!!!!!...... different dates for different venues! Last year Toronto, Quebec and Drummondville all on the same weekend as in the previous years as well. Toodles to the rocket scientist who thunk this up.
  11. It doesn’t get any easier than that. Now only if I can get my computer to get my sled ready for the season.
  12. I understand that the top half had tough internet connections, but I know that Clova, Kanawata and 100 lacs have good WiFi...I am dying for an update and some pics of your trip
  13. We came down the 386 to the lodge. That trail was good until we got to 63 and then it was terrible. I had heard 63 was not groomed very well all year. The trail use to come from 63 to the lodge on or beside the road coming to the lodge and now it comes through the woods from the west and goes out through the woods east. The lady just said that the groomer was broken all winter. It use to be a great trail.
  14. I would like to see No Hair in that outfit!
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  16. Just the thought of that is not right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. I have that outfit... and I Rock It!!! GutZ
  18. This is the one I think your talking about?
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