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  4. Quebec granted on September 8 a sum of approximately $ 390,000 to the City of Rivière-du-Loup to extend an off-road vehicle trail from Beaubien Street to Cartier Boulevard, in order to allow snowmobile enthusiasts and mountain biking to have access to the various services offered there. A project that dated from the early 2000s and had not yet come to fruition. “This is an old project that will allow snowmobilers and ATV riders to fill up with gasoline, and to take advantage of accommodation and catering in this sector. This is a plus for our tourism industry. We've been talking about it for 20 years, ”explained the member for Rivière-du-Loup-Témiscouata, Denis Tardif. The latter described his announcement as "excellent news" for the economy of Rivière-du-Loup. The Trans-Québec 85 trail, which goes to New Brunswick, will thus be extended from route 291 to Boulevard Cartier, in Rivière-du-Loup. “Due to urban development in Rivière-du-Loup, off-road vehicle enthusiasts have gradually lost their access. It's a problem that had to be solved […] Touristically, it pays a lot, we want people to be able to go to the North Shore, to have packages, to come back after spending a day on the other side. of the river ”, illustrates the mayoress of Rivière-du-Loup, Sylvie Vignet. The project is valued at just over half a million dollars, of which $ 390,000 is funded by Quebec and $ 125,000 comes from the City of Rivière-du-Loup. The rest of the funding was provided by various partners. “What helped us unlock was that we used the old railroad to trade land with different owners. That's a lot of people with whom to find agreements. The clubs work in partnership to move in the same direction, ”explains Ms. Vignet. Access to the trail, from the Manne Rouge grounds, will therefore be secure for the next few years. A new tool that will improve the tourist attractiveness of Rivière-du-Loup for ATV and snowmobile enthusiasts who can now stop there to fill their gas tanks or even spend a few nights there, summer or winter.
  5. thx !!! good thing it was frozen....normally at this time of year ...don t have time to run.... -5c yesterday morning......0c this morning ... tons of '' gaspesie poulets '' on the road... on the other post ...i forgot...pic with the road...brown building in ....magasin general ...building for the elders...etc...took pic 2 miles up the auberge in town !!! pic with the stand....road i use to go back at the camp at place to do an imitation of '' king kenny '' or '' fast freddy ''.......slowly and don t abuse the throttle...friday night...saw 2 just before the stand and 2 more right after... jean-guy
  6. I probably have ridden every trail on that mountain over the last 50 plus years, yes it has a lot to offer. 40 years ago, when there were little rules for dirt bikes and no 4 wheelers or bicycles there were twice as many trails. Over half of those trails are now grown in, and that was before they started putting those locking steel gates up to lock us off our property. If you went there every weekend for a full season you might see it all, great way to enjoy the weekend. Living there on the mountain, maybe I loose a little appreciation for how beautiful it is on a daily basis, thanks for the pics, really great!! Bob
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  8. you have a good wife, I'm wrong most of the time!!
  9. Awesome pictures Buddy. Really like the hornet nest tucked in the maple leaves pic.
  10. ahahaha....bonjour smclelan !!! only in the gaspesie !!! pics on my way to ste marguerite!!! jean-guy
  11. good morning !!! -5c right now !!! jean-guy
  12. Perspective from My daily life........ Since Covid, never stopped working, my living is classified as Essential. We took a step back and evaluated what was going on, changed certain daily habits, adjusted home life practices ect. ITS CALLED TAKING PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for you own lives. I have never had any signs, symptoms nor has my family members during this pandemic. I’ve been tested twice, once early on because of a customer being diagnosed positive that I was exposed to and followed the appropriate guidelines. That particular time was early on in April when it was ALOT HARDER to get a test performed. My doctor actually via ZOOM At the time basically had to FUDGE the paperwork to get me a appointment at a testing center, rather then just quarantine for the 8 days with no signs or symptoms. Just stayed home pending the test results as required. Second round of tests where done just because I could, testing now is so easy to get done without jumping through hoops like back in April. With that being said...... a person like me is PISSED OFF that people have NO ACCOUNTABILITY whatsoever!!!!! From where I’m sitting, I’m bringing NOTHING with me if I travel out of state or country. I where a mask on and off work hrs everywhere I go outside my personal house. Social distance as required, sanitize appropriately ect. Honestly if I have paperwork with negative covid results within 72 hrs of entering state or country and no symptoms then WHATS THE PROBLEM!!!! Same deal on re entry, no symptoms, get a test stay home until results. And for people that never had any testing done.... why haven’t you, testing sights are all over the place. Show up take a Q tip up the nose, takes 5 minutes out of your day. Covid isn’t going away completely, it’s going to be a part of life, to what extent who knows. A Vaccine is not Full Proof, hows the Flu shot working.....wait!!!! People still get SICK with the flu shot People taking ownership of there own lives, having ACCOUNTABILITY for there actions, using common sense during there daily lives will settle down THIS SHIT that’s going on. IM so tired of the INSANITY of what daily life has become. OVER IT !!!!!!!!!! I hear FORT KENT CALLING MY NAME!!!!
  13. Aroostook County has had just 1 death ever from COVID. Over half of Maines 136 deaths are in York County just over the NH line. (aka Northern Massachusetts) Go north young men, go north ! Got 2 trips booked in Caribou in early February and March. We cant wait ! Still hoping for Quebec too. 🙂
  14. We have a very safe place here in the Berkshire Hills, much like some remote Maine places, I keep saying how lucky we are not to have had this happen here YET. BUT IT ONLY TAKES 1 PERSON TO SCREW IT ALL UP!! Sooner or later it will probably happen, then all the small business' will probably not make it as everyone will lock themselves down for the winter as most people around here are 60 plus and will be afraid to go anywhere, we have to be vigilant and safe to keep this thing in-check while waiting for a vaccine, not really rocket science anymore, masks and distancing, wash you hands, get a flu shot, we should be able to do this, WTF!!!
  15. Maine had been one of the lowest covid states in the country. Thanks to this wedding covid has spread across the entire state like crazy, all because of the recklesness of the bride and groom, the minister, and the inn that hosted the wedding. The lawsuit could be in the millions. Seven people died as a result. It will be interesting to see if anyone will be charged with manslaughter. And it is safe to say Maine's snowmobile season could be in jeapody if this keeps spreading.
  16. This is not helping our snowmobile season for us state side, if border stays closed😡
  17. Some how these clowns think they are helping out or are pretending to be helpful, I just can't figure out what they are helping, killing people and rioting and burning everything down and looting whatever they can.Only thing I want to protest is getting the border open for healthy people so we can ride out of the range of news networks and enjoy some backwoods Canadian Hospitality!!
  18. I gotta stay out of rabbit-holes and just stick with QR as my only social-media!... : Kyle Rittenhouse shot a sex offender, a domestic abuser, and an armed communist. The kid is only 17 and he’s completed half my bucket list.
  19. Looks like I will be doing the same thing. Head to Island Pond, park the truck, load the tote sled and head ten miles up Lewis pond road to the Poker Palace Camp. the person that owns the camp is very kind in letting us ride out of his camp. we do the same thing, get the ride in early, chill for a while, and decided where we are going to visit. If I can't cross the border it's the best place to ride in Vermont.
  20. "The ties between the BLM Global Network and the Weathermen run deep"...
  21. "Armed protester who survived Kenosha shooting speaks out: ‘I was there to help people’ The protester who survived getting his bicep blasted off in the deadly shooting during riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin, claims he is a former paramedic who was only there to “help people” — but was packing heat himself that night. Gaige Grosskreutz, 22, was caught in now-viral video getting shot in the right arm as he chased down 17-year-old suspected militia member Kyle Rittenhouse during violent protests on Aug. 25 which left two dead. In his first interview since the bloodbath, Grosskreutz claimed to CNN that he was only ignoring the city’s state-of-emergency curfew to help as a medic — armed with a handgun. “Absolutely. I believe in the right to bear arms,” Grosskreutz told the network of the weapon he was seen brandishing while tackling Rittenhouse, also claimed to be a medic. Confirming he has previous run-ins with police — without confirming details — Grosskreutz insisted he was “not a felon” or “Antifa terrorist organizer”. “That was my gun. My firearm. I had a legal right to possess it and to possess it concealed,” he told the network. “Everybody was there exercising their right to protest. And there were some people who were exercising their right to bear arms, including myself,” he added. On the advice of his attorney, Grosskreutz would not discuss why he was chasing the suspect who was clearly carrying a high-powered rifle. But the 22-year-old — who traveled 40 miles from Milwaukee, where he also regularly attended protests — said the horror of the shootings is “all I think about.” Despite images showing him clutching his handgun while rushing Rittenhouse, Grosskreutz insisted, “I never fired my weapon that night. “I was there to help people, not hurt people,” he claimed. Rittenhouse, who was part of a militia called to protect businesses being razed by rioting arsonists, is claiming the shootings were self-defense, his lawyer confirmed to CNN. Grosskreutz –a member of a radical Black Lives Matter faction called the People’s Revolution — said that he has been inundated with death threats from those blaming protesters for the carnage that ended up with the deaths of Joseph Rosenbaum, 36, and Anthony Huber, 26. “I’m not an Antifa terrorist organizer,” he insisted, referring to one of the main conspiracies about his involvement. “I am a mid-20s-year-old male. I go to school. And yeah, I exercise my First Amendment right to peacefully protest.” Rittenhouse is still in custody in his home state Illinois awaiting extradition to Wisconsin on six criminal counts, including first-degree intentional homicide and attempted homicide. A hearing is set for Sept. 25. The teen’s attorney, John Pierce, told CNN, “This was classic self-defense and we are going to prove it. “We will obtain justice for Kyle no matter how hard the fight or how long it takes.”
  22. Too bad he is not missing half his skull.
  23. Idea: maybe don't go running through the streets with a hand gun in a riot looking for trouble!
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