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  2. I believe someone said last year you can stop at the first club house over the border and get them. GutZ
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  4. Interesting article printed in Snowgoermagazine in 2015...

    What happens on the trail stays on the trail
  5. Article on Trail Prep

    It got worse? Lol. Lots of fun on a Raptor.
  6. Any chance ?

    I think there is a good chance there will be riding Christmas week at RDL. The Bas St Laurent area is often the first full area to be fully off and running each season (as an entire area). Check 'trail conditions' on '' . They list the areas by region, such as Bas St Laurent. Then each club of the region is listed and updated every couple days. Once there are a lot of 'greens', that tells you they are up and grooming, signed, and ready to rock and roll. I always check this site before making my trip as it gives me a good idea of the overall condition of the region. mike
  7. Which trip is best???

    I vote #2
  8. If you have the 2018 iMotoneige app, go to the upper right and click on services, then click on grooming delay. If you don’t have the app you won’t be able to get it right now as it is in development for the 2019 trail updates. It should be available in a few weeks. Keep checking the FCMQ website. It is very useful app for riding in Quebec. Without the app, go to via explora and click on the mobile version. Once in the mobile version, services will be available along with grooming delay. It is also under development and you can’t use the feature just yet. At least I couldn’t prior to this reply. Have a good season.
  9. Any chance ?

    As for any other winter month, it's totally dependent on one women......Mother nature.
  10. What is the Link to the map showing the groomers? Thank you
  11. For non-Quebec residents Operators aged 16 and 17 years old must possess proof that they are legally entitled to operate an off-highway vehicle in their home jurisdiction. Please note that even in instances when the home state or province allows legal operation of a snowmobile to individuals aged below 16 years of age, driving a snowmobile in Quebec for anyone under 16 is strictly prohibited.
  12. Any chance ?

    You never know , this was December 30th 2016 in RDL
  13. Any chance ?

    There is always a chance, however not the norm. Usually you have to be a little higher altitude in that time frame. That said I have rode in the Gaspesie around then, but signage usually isn't all up that early unless there has been early snow.
  14. Interesting article printed in Snowgoermagazine in 2015...

    Now that's funny.
  15. If it’s an early winter consider Petawawa or Mattawa Ontario. Similar driving distances to St Zenon, great trails and your son can get a snowmobile license for Ontario online this winter. All weather dependent of course.
  16. I don’t think your 15 year old can legally drive his sled in Quebec. Something to consider. Le Cabanon is a good call if they get the snow.
  17. Which trip is best???

    This one. 373 is awesome. To see Mont Valin you need more time. One day is not enough. To experience some lookouts and ride Bra Louis. Then another day ride down 83 to Sacre Coeur cross ferry and take 383 back up to Saguenay. Or down 83 then up to Escoumins and Pel Chat trail back to Mont Valin. That’s all I got to say about that.
  18. Interesting article printed in Snowgoermagazine in 2015...

    Ride some QR guys? Must have been a different trip. I surely was not along on this one.
  19. Interesting article printed in Snowgoermagazine in 2015...

    Dam, we've been downgraded to QR guys
  20. Not sure what you mean? But no just one cover topped with the snow.
  21. I been standing outside waiting and waiting. I think it might be longer than 2 weeks.
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  23. Newbie Trip to Quebec around Christmas

    For the best time you could have for your son you may want to think about the February school vacation time to go. It's along way to go to find the trails not ready and or no snow to ride on. Also in many areas the trails have areas that are not frozen and can be hard to pass over. So be careful and be safe.
  24. Tackling cote Nord and Labrador loop

    A map and services.
  25. Newbie Trip to Quebec around Christmas

    Just like the rest of the season the Christmas holiday time presents challenges with weather and conditions. Saddlebaging is almost surely out of the question as it would be highly doubtful that all the connecting areas you would need would be open. Unless we have a phenomenal snowy and cold start of the season your usually limited to Mt Valin area way north of Quebec City (too far for you to drive) or St Zenon area north of Montreal 1 1/2 to 2 hrs. Things don't really start rolling in Quebec until after New Years and then only when Mother Nature cooperates. Your best chance and option from what you say is Le Cabanon in St Zenon. But there is no gaurantee things will be worth the trip until last minute monitoring and updates. Lots of trails there to do day loops and if there is groomable snow THEY WILL BE GROOMING. Best wishes.
  26. Newbie Trip to Quebec around Christmas

    Xmas week is very weather dependent.Very hard to make plans before the first of the year. Mt Valin will have snow, but a much longer drive, and if its the only place that has snow, you DONT want to be there that week.
  27. Which trip is best???

    Interesting idea. Been looking at it some and thinking one of the following Idea # 1 Sainte Anne de Beaupre to delta via 3 and 83 Delta back to the delta doing a loop out towards passion and Mont Valin and back Delta to Sainte Anne de Beaupre via Mont Apica and L'etape Idea #2 Roquemont to Alma via 23 Alma to Robertville running trail 373 for most of the run followed by 93 at the north end Roberville to Roquemont via trail 355 and 73 Anyone have any experience with this loop. What is trail 373 like?
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