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  3. Finally a solution! See u at the QR gathering next month...
  4. Took this pic at 2:16 p.m. on 2/25/2020 next pic was at 3:01 p.m. at gas pump at Lac Failon My how things have changed....LOL beloved 1200 Enduro that survived 10K plus last year blew a chain case on Tug Hill a couple weekends ago I got a whopping 720 (mostly super good miles on this year) Wasn't the chain case's fault. Upon tearing into it at home i knew what went wrong before I got it open. At the top of the case on the backside is a molded place where a bolt and nyloc goes thru. It has an aluminum bar that comes down at a 45 degree from the pyramid and a black one that comes horizontally across and ties everything in. I could see where the nyloc was but it and the bolt were gone and the support bars were just floating like a fart in the wind. I was hammering some 12 inch Tug Hill moguls a little too hard I guess right when it happened. She is gonna get a serious maintenance smackdown this summer and WILL be ready to go in December. Hopefully in Quebec !!!! Hope everyone had the best season possible given the state of the world.
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  6. Not what I expected for vegetation in the video. All the friggen Cacti...damn.
  7. Thanks for getting some for us & sharing some with us!
  8. In the meantime this no-sledding adjustment is reminding me of that Blazing Saddles scene in the jailhouse: “Steady as a rock”… “Yeah but I shoot (sled throttle) with this hand”…
  9. It's pretty flat, so the e-bikes batteries last long-long-long. Especially on the paved bike paths that run the south shore side. Kinda rough & bumpy on the north side where the (street legal) quads & SxS's & Jeeps go. Not as bad as Old Forge/Tug-Hill (or Bras Louie) on a weekend. Still, gotta get suspended MT ebikes for down there. Maybe eventually work up to the “real” single-tracking?...
  10. No... but the weed is reeeaaal good..... therefore it may affect your "Altitude..." LOL I'm kidding... GutZ
  11. If I'm reading this right, it says your maximum altitude was 846ft, I know zero about Aruba, but there must be some hills there?
  12. Pull the black case at the base of the seat post, you'll see the wires coming from the key switch, cut, strip ( the wires...) and wrap them together. This should energize the controller. And away you go!
  13. Little thin and snirty... I see Rocks Poking up. GutZ
  14. 25 miles of moguls on a Wednesday is a bummer. On a weekend if you hit that you almost feel like you deserve it for riding a weekend. LOL Hmmm. Not sure those $ wouldnt be better spent at HCS if they are looking to spend Mike. On a normal year Id think QR folks dont get down to Milly much. This year has been an outlier..and much later start than the last few...but still a lot of fun. More fun to come next week in Caribou. You might try that area next trip before this short season ends. I think you would be equally as happy with what that area offers for trail quality and options. They got some snow overnite and more coming Saturday. 🙂 Should be great.
  15. Thanks again Mrs. Ice for the app inspiration!
  16. Ill post some media after we return. Epic day off trail riding in W Yellowstone today. See you in Maine in a few weeks. Fewer than 10 miles on my sidewinder. 100s of miles on rentals this stupid F-in winter.
  17. You are all welcome guys! 👍 We just received an other snow layer tonight, still snowing hard now... big fat wet snow, around 5 inches yet. just beautiful! 😍
  18. Hi Mark, Yesterday stopped at Mattagammon on your advice. Really cool place. Today was second day in high 30*'s. Went up to Abol dam and it got rough going towards Kokadjo so we looped around to Wildwood Cabins. All smooth going rest of the day. I had forgotten what 25 miles of moguls were like. Not pretty. 4 inches are forecast for tonight. Home for Friday. Tomorrow playing in the far north, via Shin Pond, maybe lunch at Uncolcos Camps. We've been mentioning QuebecRider enough to the owner of Baxter Park Inn that it should be a household name. Would it be good to have a Maine business an advertiser on QR? mike
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  20. Thanks for the info , as i wondered why they did not mark open on any of there water crossings
  21. 24 February after a warm melty day yesterday 0c Snow 5-10 cm they say overnight into tomorrow
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