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  3. bonsoir quebec bob !!! thx...wooww...32 years... at my camp , i have a wood pecker...she has kids...can hear them talking inside the trees...but time to time...she or he , come on the frame of the window and start to '' drill '' at 5-6 am ...not funny ...ahahah just back from the suburb taking a few traffic jam at the airport .... great news....boss came to visit ...start working monday ...about time.......i ll work in ste of the black flies !!! jean-guy
  4. Yesterday
  5. Nice build Buddy ! I am sure that pandemic face mask came in handy cutting that composite decking !
  6. Really great pictures, I have them in the stone wall behind my house, I see their habits everyday, running and playing every morning as the sun comes up, they have been there in the same wall for 32 years, never had one in the house or barn.
  7. bonjour jak !!! at the depanneur !!!...ahhah seriously , at many salmon pools....if too many salmon must do the '' rotation ''...if everyone want to fish so , i guess , while some were waiting for their turn to fish ....they were feeding the chipmunk .....there was a bunch of peanuts next to the chipmunk back from camp ....needed to check something ....still hot and humid jean-guy
  8. No permit. I did have to submit drawing to town when we install pool, just so they could see where it was and make sure it was not on septic tank or fields.
  9. Nice job Ice. Do you need a building permit up there? Here in MA. can't even blow a fart without some kind of permit!
  10. Looks like ruining that deck was for the best. Looks amazing. Nice choices and nice work. Id sit and drink beer on that.
  11. Who knew?😁😁😁😁😁
  12. bonsoir zeusand !!! whooopss !!! theres a lot here too, but i think i still see squirrel more often ... i was by the river taking pics !!! just for fun ...checked the translation of chipmunk ...tamia......have nt heard that word in many years....we call them .....suisse...don t know where this come from... jean-guy
  13. Flatten the fear is a website now ? Haha Be safe. Be smart. Be careful. But don’t run scared.
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  15. A lot of chipmunks here this year in Southwestern Connecticut digging holes all over my yard
  16. Multi -Talented, very nice job, maybe next year you can invite some friends over to enjoy it, 2 years if you are in the USA!!
  17. Always but remember hope is not plan
  18. Exactly You can be tested positive and have zero symptoms as well and not be sick. So the numbers are just that....numbers.
  19. Testing goes up, number of positive cases goes up. Makes sense. After the appropriate time lag, will those positive cases then translate to an increase in hospitalizations, and deaths? That is yet to play out. I'm just going to do my part, hope everyone else does too, and hope for the best.
  20. Thanks. “Spare time” reading, article links from the Flatten-the-Fear site:!healthy-living
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