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  2. So basically what they're saying is to check back in 2 weeks before they will know more on the status of the road conditions .
  3. Sound like a decrepit group. Not there yet, however I never go on a trip without a good supply of Aleeve! LOL
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  5. The future QuebecRider will be all of us riding motorized wheel chairs, racing them through the halls at the Universel Hotel. Dinner's at 4:00 o'clock boys. Lights out at 7:00.
  6. The injection will help but is temporary. Going for mine tomorrow (back) then seeing surgeon 7/1. The "golden" years.
  7. They give you a card to show to get through the detectors, you'll get one.
  8. I'm looking at those 400s from Yamaha and Cat.... Who can get hurt with only 60 HP!!! GutZ
  9. To Quote your cousin Frosty the SnowMan; "Happy Birthday!" hahaha GutZ
  10. The actual concern was if they caged and trucked it back north, they'd have to put it on the Gauthier to cross the St Lawrence and it would sink, the bear would swim away, and track down the a$$hole who approved such a Sh!tty Vessel....... Sad to See the result. Scared because the paper would\could have read " On his second attempt to go around the Gaspe MrGutZ was eaten by what he thought at first was a big dog...." GutZ ;
  11. Gutz, with these high gas prices and the bad economy I bet a lot of people here far from the snow will have sled sales up and prices plummeting and you may have a great opportunity to upgrade Junior for a great deal...just put a governor on it until he grows into it, like a block of wood behind the throttle !!
  12. NEOS it is. First they are doing a XRay Guided Injection. June 2nd. They said it should help. GutZ
  13. I was also watching him get a little more daring and a little more daring with the "TrailSide BoomDocking" untill this happened. http://quebecrider.com/forums/uploads/monthly_2022_05/Mason-Maine-OffTrail1.thumb.jpg.d93f78b1d44e72877cd3dd1074a689a7.jpg It was deep, Long Hair and I nearly had heart attacks getting to him, but once freed from the little tree the Bravo Mountain Max floated right back to the trail. Good Stories! No Injuries. GutZ
  14. We did do Millinocket, it was nice, I little warm and rainy on 2 days, Mini made it to Kokedjeo and back! 100 Mile day! 15+ MPG too. Quickly growing out of it. https://www.relive.cc/view/vZqNxNB7e3O The Do's and Don't I get so bored when stuck in the living room, but i hear you. What could it hurt if i just ....... GutZ
  15. Yes Sir! Never realize how many stairs there in QcCity, until you have a bum hip! hahaha GutZ
  16. How about No trip. I dropped off my truck 1st week January to have some paint touched up. I thought my late February trip would be enough time to have it finished. Long story short (supply chain) I think I’m getting it back sometime this week.
  17. Well.... a quick get away from the 90 degree heat this weekend! http://quebecrider.com/forums/uploads/monthly_2022_05/2039623728_Frontenac-2(2).thumb.jpg.e5a1cfb1f9712313203b8334cc7c3844.jpg And Grabbed a new crank for the Red Rocker, nice guys. http://quebecrider.com/forums/uploads/monthly_2022_05/CVTech.thumb.jpg.a5aee8950f83aea077f5359843fa5e77.jpg More on that later! GutZ
  18. Wow, You're gonna never get through the Metal Detectors at the airport! The Ankle Bolt's connected to the ....Knee Bolt, the Knee Bolts connected to the ....Leg Plate... LOL! GutZ
  19. I've seen your driveway, not a 2 minute job! HAHAHA! GutZ
  20. In the US these days, adding the new pipe would be considered a pipeline. That would be shutdown. Joe has a pen for that. Kidding aside, that is some serious flooding.
  21. Oh no. Now's the time to do it. Simple argument. Anything that could be harmed in the install is already dead due to the washout. Now's the time to install it while the damage is done. This argument held weight for a new bridge several years ago. Never seen the MNR issue a permit so quickly.
  22. Last week
  23. The effects of the second pipe...maybe not washing the road away?? Same logic here in the states...can't approve anything until an engineer makes a few hundred k...probably the governors nephew.
  24. Here looking at probably 12 months and a full environmental study to evaluate the effects of this second pipe.
  25. That's a great idea but in Canada (Ontario at least) the engineering approval would likely take 6+ months.
  26. good time to install a second pipe as no extra excavation will be needed.
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