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  3. I'm fortunate that i live just across the border. When I was young & high school days, the 70's my father sent me every weekend to Perkins Quebec at Mcgregor Lake. Doing 50 miles a day back then was tough, lol. Usually would end up at Hotel St Pierre on Saturday nights. Even though I wasn't nearly of legal age quarts were served. This place also always had an ice track out front and usually about mid night the silly racing started. Many good times until about 81 when my sled was stolen and that was it until the mid 90's. Neighbor convinced me to get back into it. Bought a new ZR600 and thought that was king. Had i stayed riding around my house I'm sure it would have. I was hearing about this place called Mout Laurier. Apparently the center of the sledding Universe. We drove up and couldn't believe all the rigs & sleds. This was going to be awesome. Took the Petit trail - rail line down to Tremblant area, you could do it back then, lol. Well i found by 600 was pinned the whole way and I wanted more. Next season came the 1999 Thundercat! Well from then I was only venturing locally around the Mt Pellier area and some times back to Mt Laurier. One weekend when i had no partner I was on the internet and found a guy who would ride with me ( I believe its Gary known as Quebec1). I would meet him at Mt Laurier and we would head north for the day. Here I was thinking JB Scott and back would be a good run. Well that day we went to Parent and back! While i though that was a huge day he sledded back to his place in St Agathe that night. I think he was close to 500 miles for the day. Well after seeing these big fast trails I was hooked and realizing there was a lot more out there I could and wanted to try and as they say the rest is history.Haven't bought an Ontario pass in years. Still the infamous Cote Nord to tackle but otherwise seen most other areas. New GPS just delivered today and prepping for next season. But the best resource for any sledder wanting to ride Quebec is this site. The members on this site are truly amazing and were blessed to have this site and all these tremedous people offering help and advice. Stay safe through this. Winter will be back. Mike
  4. Yes, and these people at the grocery store and hospital are on the front line...very dangerous...definitely not worth what they are getting amount is...we have a garage and tire store...some cars are filthy and if they do not get cleaned we will not work on them and nobody has been allowed in the building for over 2.5 of my guys has asthma and a 3 year old son...and not everyone can afford to sit at home...this is a really terrible situation where it is totally dependent on everyone's behavior, treat everyone like they have it, or this will get much friend is a doctor at the local hospital and is frightened to go to work and even more so to go home, showering at the hospital with medical grade anti bacterial 3 to 4 times a day as well as changing nothing any of us have ever seen. EVERYBODY BE SAFE SO WE CAN ALL SEE ANOTHER SEASON!!
  5. bonjour jackstraw !!! thx...bring back great memories only regret back then....i was nt speaking much when meeting people at the clubhouse !!! but helped tons with the years !!!....snowing this morning !!!....wet snow !!! i had nt much grey hair back then !!!😁 07-08......great season.....i was grooming on dec 2 .....and last run , after a storm ....april 5 th !!! jean-guy
  6. Great idea, I think I will cut mine out too, other than that great bibs, but I did switch to absolute zero comparison.
  7. I have the New Klimate Bibs. I thought they were plenty warm for sure. They have 2 zippered pockets in front also. I cut the boot gators out at bottom of legs. No need them for me.
  8. I live 45 minutes from those trails.But travel 51/2hrs for the best trails.Thank you Quebec clubs for what you do for us.
  9. To each their own. You know what they say about opinions right? We all need to do what makes us happy.
  10. we may have to ride tughill next year!! Tug Hill gets a bad rap not always deserved. Sorry for the hi-Jack...
  11. Yes, i never felt essential, before this pandemic but, I guess i have been all along. Hell, last year Pot was illegal in Quebec now it’s essential too. While I enjoy getting out of the house and being on the road with far less traffic, I am doing all I can to avoid catching this Virus.
  12. Unfortunately some people have no option...
  13. I don’t want to burst your bubble, but how the hell do you grocery shop in that?😂😂😂😂😂😂
  14. A few catchy tunes to keep spirits high (sorry for sensitive ears, they're explicit)...
  15. There are a lot of below average ideas out there, I think I will just STAY HOME, this is only going to work if you STAY you want this to be over in 2 months or a year???If you do not STAY HOME...ICE is right , we may have to ride tug hill next year!!
  16. I can't find the Made in USA label?...
  17. Nice pics JG. Saw me Eric and an old riding buddy Micky!
  18. I have the last rendition of the Keweenaw jacket and bibs before the redesign. I like them very much. A couple guys in our group bought the newest design for this past season, they are both happy with it.
  19. I have a pair of Keweenaw bibs and at the time I bought them (5 yrs ago) they were advertised as being the warmest bib available from Klim. So I'm going to assume in reading the spec's on the Klimate bib that you may at best get equal warmth but not warmer than Keweenaw.
  20. Looks like it’s Halloween and the people who took all the toilet paper hit up the costume store too.
  21. hi steven !!! in 2005 , i was lurking on hcs....when i saw there was lots of people asking questions about the gaspesie.....season 2006 , i asked my brother to register me on hcs... then ,if memory still good...late june , member asked me if i could do both ...hcs and qr ...i registred on qr few days problemo ...i left hcs a few months later... you re and andy are the first i met .....then ...eddie ....dave and curtis...and later that same season....or the next one...jackstraw ...phil and eric...etc !!! jean-guy
  22. What will the price be like in two weeks?
  23. I can get this opinion cheaper on Ebay form China or Delivered in Two Days from Amazon. I don't understand what your saying.?.? LOL And by the way he is selling a very nice Helmet, so if your looking for an O2 Helmet, give him a call\PM. GutZ
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