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  2. Seriously doubt they will drop the vax mandate for entering Canada
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  4. Quebec has been tough, cant imagine they will drop the vax requirement, but you never know. Good Luck.
  5. Any word on if Quebec will be lifting vaccination requirements before next season ? Our crew is dying to get back to Quebec but we have one guy not vaxed and don’t won’t to leave Him behind as this is going on 20 years we have been doing a trip in January.? The last 2 years we have been going to Maine and have no regrets, but it’s not Quebec. Thanks enjoy the rest of the summer 🌞
  6. thx....yaaa...im happy about that ....about time... there s always a few '' sharks '' on the net ... saw a few pics of mt albert last week....still patches of snow.... i forgot to mention last week.....friday morning at work....when i take a break ...always try to stop near a stump...so , i have my front row seat .... so, after second tank of gas.....sat on a stump.....took a cake in my backpack ......then.....bzzz...bzzz...bzzz. there was a bees nest on the side of the stump ....but underground...next to a root ...ive been lucky...aahaha jean-guy
  7. Great pictures as always. Very happy to see you have started to watermark/signature your pictures. You put an incredible amount of time and effort into your photography, no one else should try to take the credit.
  8. hahaha.....good morning smclelan !!! at least easier than me.....need to that at my camp....at a few places....alders almost touch the mirrors...from little bridge to camp...road is getting narrower... put that little tractor on the freight train and tell the conductor to dump it in front of house !!!nice little machine i had friends from australia at the lake friday night...great to see them ... only 2 moose...yesterday morning jean-guy
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  10. Not nearly as fancy or powerful as the brush cutter clearing your camp road Jean Guy. However the bushes on the road to my cabin are not near as heavy. An enjoyable way to spend they day. About 3km from the pavement to the lake. Took 3 passes each side, a big T bone with mushrooms/ onions, and not sure yet how many beer to complete this job. http://quebecrider.com/forums/uploads/monthly_2022_08/20220813_131231.thumb.jpg.50e6281a6b29ffa1aabda39617de2c7b.jpghttp://quebecrider.com/forums/uploads/monthly_2022_08/20220813_094127.thumb.jpg.3e141d651252ce57aac9bc95fc351c8a.jpg
  11. I will try Don, but its registered as a 2013. Maybe see you this winter?
  12. Now you can pay the antique price for the trail pass see you out there
  13. thx smclelan !!! i probably missed a nice sunset tonight...just looking by the window .. 10 mins before ending work at the first place....bees nest on the ground....then at the other place after lunch ....second tank of gas...another one... plenty of friends for lunch ....black flies festival...ahaha jean-guy
  14. bonsoir !!! few pics from last few days.... bird nest ...at work ... bees nest ...at work this morning ...and caught anothe rone this afternoon...moved to ste marguerite late this morning....just next to tq 5...for those who did nt know...tq 5 has been moved on the south side of the village...like the old one when i started grooming ... nice clouds just before leaving work today ....im right at the stop sign ...on the other side of the road nice sunrise , monday morning , i think !!! jean-guy
  15. Thanks, All I need now is a yellow 1 piece suit and a yellow open face helmet and I will be all set for winter.
  16. It look great but one question need to be asked......will it spit gas on your lap while sucking your scarf into the carb? Nice job!
  17. I cant wear bulky gloves. Dont like leather gloves or mittens at all. Everyones different. I find Cabelas Pinnacle Primoloft gloves to be a great blend of comfort and warmth while being both light and not restrictive. Ive had several pair over the years. I buy them end of season at 1/2 off. Come black, black/tan, black/gray. I get black/ tan since they are easiest to spot if I put them down. 😉 Additionally I keep both these items in my trunk bag. I use Coldguards most of the season to block wind. Also gauntlet but rarely, only in real extreme cold they cant be beat. I loan them out to others more than use them myself. Both go on/off in no time and take up barely any trunk space folding flat. No fun if your hands are frozen ! https://www.cabelas.com/shop/en/cabelas-pinnacle-gloves-for-men
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  19. Awesome job Steve! I really like it, should be a head turner. mike
  20. Just like the Challengers, Cameros and Mustangs. I bet they could sell a few.
  21. I had a 320 Olympic when I was a kid, a lot of memories. and it it didn't steer and ride like that one....you are going to have a lot of fun with that....maybe the factory should consider some anniversary model...bet it would sell great.
  22. In the hot rod world that would be called a restomod. Very nice.
  23. That will turn heads on the trail! Looks awesome.
  24. Thanks Bob, took 2 1970 Olympic cowls and alot of fiberglass and rivets. Should be alot of fun this winter.
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