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  3. Iceman’s Ender?

  4. South shore ride

    Snow up here is ridiculous.
  5. Iceman’s Ender?

    It’s all in the timing, what a difference a couple days make. Glad you hit the Northshore fresh groomed!
  6. South shore ride

    Very cool
  7. Iceman’s Ender?

    Thinkin of you here Don :-)
  8. Yesterday
  9. South shore ride

    #worldwide baby.
  10. South shore ride

    Nice few day ! Levis for us . Saw I few Iceman decals today :-)
  11. South shore ride

    St Anne des Monts. To Matane tmmrw then truck to home Trois Riveres.
  12. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    no problemo !!! for us here in the gaspesie problem yet !!! found some more help for you in the mauricie !!! my other cousin is a bit bigger....and '' grand pa '' from ste marguerite , even if he s ready to help too !!!...ahahaha tbk !!! here in the gaspesie ,we wake up early , tonight...make sure all your windows are closed ... early tomorrow morning will blow you snow in the maurice from gaspesie !!!...ahahha btw ,this morning at the clubhouse...waitress told me that victor was all smile talking with both of you !!! jean-guy
  13. South shore ride

    Quick trip into Moose valley Poached a few miles of trail :-)
  14. South shore ride

    Critter are out n about , spring time for sure !
  15. South shore ride

  16. South shore ride

    RDL tonight for us, awesome conditions!
  17. South shore ride

    Fun. Fun ! Where are you guys tonight ? We're in RDL
  18. South shore ride

    Very cool. Animation. Bonne ride!
  19. Iceman’s Ender?

    Hey Jim & Eric! Have a great safe run guys! The WiFi was down there when we stayed also. I bet it never works. Isn’t it funny how that becomes a dealbreaker now? They also serve breakfast too late! Beautiful setting though!
  20. Iceman’s Ender?

    Great day Don & Alain! There is nothing like hitting it perfect. You guys did just that today! Like you said Don these days are what help carry you through the 3 long off seasons! Safe ride in & on the black trail.
  21. South shore ride

    Conditions are still so good !
  22. Iceman’s Ender?

    Tabernac. Ca coute chier.
  23. Iceman’s Ender?

    Nice! tq5 was spectacular all the way from rdl to cap chat. Hotel nanook closed till Monday everything booked in st Ann des monts at village grand nature for the night. wifi down here. Will post tomorrow. It’ll cost me $50 to post on my data lol!
  24. Iceman’s Ender?

    Cannot ask for a better way to end the season, if there is a good way to end. I was in New Brunswick about 6 years ago, mid February cold snap, 30 below. We rode from just a little south of Point crossing, thru Kedgewick River,to Moose Valley and on to Edmunston, I believe Holiday Inn. 2 solid days, white concrete, all groomed, never saw a sled or a track, all the way, on a super charged Yammie, hours going by hoping not to meet any traffic, near 1k all the way, you never forget those days, you are very lucky, like I always said, people think the season is over and the best is often left on the table, today you got some!!Probably get some more tomorrow!!!!
  25. Wheel and Scratcher Ride

    Can remember when you could hardly get thru the parking lot because too many sleds. Times sure do change.
  26. Iceman’s Ender?

    Ohh boy! Looks ridiculous. Plus the crazy scenery. Congrats on todays ride. Epic.
  27. Iceman’s Ender?

    Yes Please Hammer Time.
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