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  3. We waved good bye to Natalie at Pourvoirie La Vérendrye, we stayed in a cabin and pre made delicious meals were ready in fridge for us (Jazz cooked up a great breakfast). We were the first tracks up 396 to Louvicourt, gas & lunch at Hotel Royal; then across to Rouyn-Noranda for another great stay at Hotel Albert….a big day for us old riders, 420 km! Thank goodness (and Groomer drivers) that the trails were 10 out of 10. the Moores had an early morning appointment at the BRP dealer, great service; changed the sock and fuel filter. Warned that the fuel pump was on its way out and to have a Plan B. Spent balance balance of day wondering around town and had a great dinner at Moulin Noir. Concerned about fuel pump, hoping our stars are aligned and as Austin Power says we also like to live dangerously. Headed north to Restaurant Le Poste for lunch, place was packed and the staff had a hard time keeping up. South to 93, across to Amos and the Atmosphere. Dinner at joccivano Restaurant. Woke to 10 cm of snow fall over night. Headed north on 396 to Matagami and back down to Motel du Lac in Quévillon. Trails are still in excellent shape, light snow all day. If you’re thinking about one last ride, don’t be afraid to come to this area.
  4. Fresh snow overnight - to be continued…
  5. After repos we kept going to pourvoir fer a cheval after pourvoir 100 lacs. Cheval is top notch. Food and service best in QC. They only have part of the rooms available to guests as a number are reserved for the mine workers. Dinner was four course: soup, app, steak and dessert.
  6. http://quebecrider.com/forums/uploads/monthly_2023_03/7EDD767E-B2E1-47AA-A231-59EC98D84FA0.thumb.jpeg.aee9d5f49e5f1ee62813aaecaf0147e7.jpeg
  7. Alright on to day two! But first I forgot to follow the theme here. Day one we stopped at pourvoir lac faillon for fuel and lasagna. Even had a sugar pie. Too bad they didn’t have a menu but thankful for the fuel. day two parent to fer a cheval. did the loop through casey and repos. Trial were good but more travelled than 83. Repos was “closed” but they had fuel and “ham” sandwiches. We soon learnt ham was spam - a first.
  8. That indeed is mikerider in the stripes. Here is a picture from 2016 at the hotel formerly called the Hi. 🙂
  9. Yes most were ontario including us! And most are gone today.
  10. And the VERY BEST thing about Ontario peeps is if I run out or lose my “stuff” ….they are only a trail stop away. 🙂 THANKS to ALL who have “hooked me up” over the years !!!!!!
  11. Yesterday
  12. Linda and Joel, Ditto to you guys. The Mandarin awaits!! Jeff and Sandy
  13. We ran into a guy from Ontario Friday night at the bar at Universal in RDL. He had us in F-ing stitches. Super nice guy, lots of fun.
  14. YEP, there the BEST ...Ha Ha😁
  15. Wow great picture !! saguenay Bill, Ray182, who has green with red stripes Mike rider?? Definitely meet a couple of the others. I'm terrible with names. Thanks
  16. HCS that is certianly a while back.
  17. Going through old pictures and found this classic.
  18. Hi Playhard Thanks for your kind words. We try to inform about the trails while we are out on them. We enjoy following along with all the Quebec Rider's trips. Thanks for being one of them.
  19. "Started the last run of the season in Val dor at forestel. Truck and trailers everywhere." And if I had to guess 80% of those trucks had Ontario plates on them. Never in all the years have I seen so many people from Ontario in Quebec as this season. Have had a blast over the years at trail stops, restaurants, hotels and even riding with Ontario peeps. Last year I ran into a couple guys that we met & hung out with in Matagami over 10 yrs ago.
  20. Almost like the old pull down stairs up to Grandmas attic. Sounds like you guys had a great trip.
  21. http://quebecrider.com/forums/uploads/monthly_2023_03/1CE2625D-B1BE-4AB8-AE06-97340BBDD58E.thumb.jpeg.10c95fc4f81e31ec2a5c499a373baf14.jpeghttp://quebecrider.com/forums/uploads/monthly_2023_03/4206A3BA-C80C-4161-A5F0-9711300EDECC.thumb.jpeg.8507bbf2044ada84e2d367cb42985065.jpeghttp://quebecrider.com/forums/uploads/monthly_2023_03/F1549EED-355D-4BD8-93EA-5C547F41BF7D.thumb.jpeg.128248c4a88ccc8e64e1d5b532a5a808.jpegHey Steve Stayed at the “Hilton” above the Bar!!!! The hardest thing was climbing the Ladder “Stairs “ up to the 2nd Floor after Our Bar Bill was $400!!!😆 Damm Bloody Caesars (Double’s)!!!!!!
  22. Love me some Central!!!!!!!!! Did you get the Deluxe rooms over the bar or out in the trailers?
  23. Just got Back from a 1,600 miles trip from that area trails were awesome!!! Stayed at 4 Seasons in Parent & Hotel Central!!!! Warm shower & Bed that’s about it!!!!!😆
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