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  3. Several teams scratched today. Team Maine was leading (they are past winners). Looks like they had a wreck and pulled one sled in on a rope for a significant distance (if they pulled from where the app shows them slowing down its gotta be well over 100 km they had the sled on a tow rope). Pretty neat to watch. Gonna have to make the trip one of these years. Would be neat to see them get a real big dump of snow mid race. If that doesn't occur it looks like the race will go fast. They ran over 600 kms in something like 10 hrs today. That's not trail riding either. These guys are a touch nuts running this at the speed they do.
  4. Not sure on Quebec's system but in Ontario it is the individual club who decides what colour their trails will be on the online map. It can leave room for different views about what colour shows up for all the clubs.
  5. Right, but it’s Sunday Sunday Sunday!!!!!! Things are getting melty fast. Back to insertion point tomorrow will report later on today
  6. Ok sorry for the confusion. Sucks to end up in the truck, no matter what. The app is sketchy as hell.
  7. I very much enjoy watching this race unfold. The warm weather has caused a reroute from 3500km to 3150km. If you want to watch this race you can download a link from the Cains Quest website and follow along the next four days. 50K to the winners. Enjoy
  8. Been flying out west the last 4 years to do that kind of riding mostly rather than QC touring. The Sled Den is on my bucket list now but looks like a lot of getting stuck and unstuck. Same as out west really but didn't see much open terrain there.
  9. Sunday night looks to be pouverie La Dore. Lots of GPS pings in Pac Man mode devouring all the Honey Hole Regions sled trails last couple days. Fine excursion Team Mr & Mrs Ice.
  10. Certainly has a great operation there...
  11. got to love it...I'm not 35 anymore but still love the adventure...this is a young mans game...and an expensive one...imagine these sleds don't go much more than 2k miles without major service...that's a little more than a week for me...3 rides and I had 5300 on my expedition extreme...thanks for posting
  12. RIP we stayed there in the early 90’s and always liked going by there for lunch and gas his mustache was something to see in person always welcomed you in to warm up
  13. Early 90’s in St Donat… half way across Lake Archimbault my friends 583 MXZ seized a cylinder…8am.. first morning.. 10 minutes into a week long trip… we tow him a few miles to the tiny ski doo dealer… they loan… for free.. him a sled… we come back at 3 in the afternoon… sled is ready with new cylinders pistons and rings… and clean carburetors… 650$… those were the good old days… and it saved our trip… I’ve been extremely lucky over the last 4 plus decades… but aI feel for everyone stuck or broke down… for many it’s their yearly vacation… and timely help is of utmost importance… for the most part I’ve found Quebec service and hospitality to be second to none… but we are living in a new after covid world… and this great experiment is failing miserably
  14. Boondock Nation just posted a youtube riding at The Sled Den.
  15. that wasn't us i got a truck from alma to truck in quebec city ..while on the ride in the truck going past apica and letape the trails were showing a lot of snirt while showing green on the app
  16. Absolutely… this article is 100 percent on the money.. exactly who he was… one in a million… a true gentleman… long live his legacy
  17. I noticed when looking at the map last week with trail conditions turned on a lot of trails that showed green were last updated 6-8 days before. And the trail from the Adventures clubhouse to RDL was still showing green until a couple days ago and is still yellow today. Your pics from a couple weeks ago there looked mostly red to me. Maybe the updated truth is buffering.........
  18. Sure looks better than RDL three weekends ago to the day #85 peet bog trail ! Great run enjoy the rest of what is left of the best.. PS take your time.
  19. The club was highlighting the honey hole in gold.💰⭐
  20. Rest in Peace. I stayed there back in the mid nineties. I recall recruiting my mother to make the phone call to make reservations. I was not confident in my French over the phone. I believe she actually spoke to him. I recall all the signs in the area on the roads and trails with his trademark black Handlebar Mustache.
  21. I am glad the original poster was able to make arrangements. My best one was in Houlton, Maine 1990. Brand new Ski Doo (GLX?) It was a one up touring with the MX 462 motor I believe. Had a steering component fail in the parking lot at Pizza Hut. A very knowledgeable gal answered the phone at the SkiDoo shop. She delivered the part and we repaired it. Not much later that afternoon, the motor quit. We towed back to the parking lot at Pizza Hut and made the call. (No Cell Phones) Dealer came and got the sled. The guys got directions to get to the shop by trail, and I was to ride double back to Shin Pond. Hours passed, and darkness fell. I was standing under the Ski Doo sign holding my helmet. The owner's son asked what my plan was. I said I would have to wait. I had no way to communicate with my friends. He offered me his Nineteen Eighty something F-150. I waited until my friends showed up, then drove to Shin Pond. The next morning I called the shop a little after 0800 to inquire what they thought the time frame would be. They advised it would be ready when I got there. We loaded one sled into the truck and drove over. I filled the truck with gas and left a 12 pack on the seat. I offered to pay the son cash also. He was more than happy with what I had done. Great Family business, and great people. That kid did not know me, and gave me his truck. Not sure that would happen today, even in that area. I don't recall what was wrong with the sled, it might have been a piston. It was heat related. That sled had no vents at all in the hood. They were able to work on it the afternoon I brought it in. I traded it for a 1991 Mach 1 after that season.
  22. I had to look up "SEPAQ" @icemandescribed it perfectly. They employ 3400 people.......🤐 More tax dollars at work.....🙄😞 SEPAQ
  23. Awesome. I am glad you were able to get out and enjoy it. 👍
  24. Last week
  25. Screenshot of Imotoneige trail conditions from just now tonight we rode the best stuff in yellow. Green was ok yellow was best. You tell me? Who decides if trail is yellow or green? I see it with my own eyes. Its not accurate. Most pictures from today were from trails in yellow you tell me.
  26. Absolutely awesome! glad to see you two enjoying yourselves.
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