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  2. The contemplation of funding New Brunswick''s only viable winter tourism option has been in the works for two years now so the 'announcement' is actually old news. Maybe someone has lined up some sponsors in the area for 2020. I am a big fan of northern New Brunswick sledding but find their poor trail condition reporting a big problem - it is worse than Ontario's. Showing how long ago a trail was groomed is no indication of present condition. Last year, made a trip to NB trails that seemed to be open according to the on-line map, but didn't even get off the trailer as snow had turned to sand and grass in most places. Won't be buying my non-refundable 7 day pass in advance again and paid a fair amount for travel and gas to determine poor conditions for myself. Turned around and went to Quebec. I wrote a letter detailing my experience to New Brunswick tourism, heard back and replied to the New Brunswick sledding organization outlining out of province concerns to them, but see no change in condition reporting. Will not be visiting multiple face book pages to figure out if an area's trails are open or not and whether a logging operation is going to present several kilometers of rough to impassable trails without warning. As for tour planning I found this article much more useful than Nicholson'' s sponsor driven efforts: Tour in New Brunswick&request_locale=en I am going to put in a plug for Danny's Inn in Bathurst - most stay at the Atlantic Inn, but with a housekeeping unit at Danny's you get more space and can have your own meals or eat at their restaurant - your choice - direct trail access, close to gas, lots of parking - good base for day tours in the area. Make sure and ask for the sledder's rate when phoning for reservation - not readily available on their web site. No indoor pool though if that is your thing. I received no compensation or special consideration (other than the sledder's rate) for this mention, unlike some.
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  4. Wow, Pipmuacan, that's up there behind Mt Valin, Big Place. GutZ
  5. bonsoir !!! just for fun !!! brother fishing !!! jean-guy
  7. That trail got gnarly from washouts. Probably still fun to blast up with a Raptor though!
  8. Doing some research myself for the loop of the Pipmuacan. Tent camping included.
  9. Wow. Looks like it got more paint. You visit the summit of Jiminey peak?
  10. Same here , you also get a discount for triple A membership, and as we live in UK we call them and speak to Helene who is fantastic to deal with .
  11. bonsoir !!! thx for posting ..but saw the video earlier this morning ...playhard had posted still a small couch for the size of the bear ....ahah that about the same size coyote i had seen next to my camp ...this one was a bit further.. jean-guy
  12. Jean-Guy @ camp fighting for rights to the couch.
  13. That is a great deal on the insurance for all you get. When I have the big one in Canada, I will just use your name!!!
  14. First, I didn't know we were racing until you were 4 sled lengths ahead of me. I recall once I realized what was going on I "flew" by you like you were standing still! As far as drinking that would be a lot closer contest! I just got off the phone with BCBS. I was told I am covered 100% just as if in the states. However, I would have to pay out of pocket and then be reimbursed. The person I spoke with emphasized how important it is to get and keep all receipts, emergency room, hospital, ambulance, etc. Lets hope none of us ever need these services. I pay about $160 a month through my previous employer, that includes teeth and glasses.
  15. Joe, You probably have a 'Medigap' plan through BCBS. I have an 'Advantage' plan. In fact, I never heard of the Medigap plan until just recently. My Advantage plan pays for drugs and runs my Medicare plan and is only $19 a month. I have found my plan has huge money coming out of my pocket for the big medical stuff. A Medigap plan probably pays most of the big out of pocket expenses that come with Medicare. But my understanding is Medigap plans cost a couple hundred a month. And Joe, as far as going slower on your new 4 stroke this coming winter, I seem to remember you racing your high performance 2 stroke against a 95 HP 4 stroke last winter and you had to buy the 4 stroke driver a drink afterwards.
  16. I only have liability (in case I hurt someone else) and theft, I don't think it would cover my medical bills? Besides I'm riding a 4 stoke this year so probably won't be able to go as fast anyway!!!! BTW Mike, wine is good for the heart so I don't think you have to worry. I will reach out to BCBS and see what plan I have. Never gave this issue a thought till you fellas brought it up.
  17. bonjour playhard !!! hahha....worse....20 years ago , when i started to spend my weekend at my camp....i was alone there...and sleeping with ear plugs ...ahahaha !!! i stopped that ...never know who can knock at the door in the middle of the night...ahahah jean-guy
  18. Mission Statement: Looking for wine and snow across Canada
  19. bonjour !!! yaaa....kept my cookies and beer for me !!! tough monday !!! jean-guy
  20. I started reviewing this and we are not as bad as we are...... No, we are the people our parents warned us about.... Ok, Maybe we don't hug trees but we are not ruthless polluters who don't play well with others. GutZ
  21. We get the 3 Month Coverage for about 50 CAD each. Hope to never use it. Ever. Call them, they were very nice to deal with. Thanks GutZ
  22. Do we need to change the website name, crap, make it something easy to remember. All kidding aside, more trailz, more better!! GutZ
  23. I would think if you have full coverage sled insurance and hit a tree, the sled insurance would? cover your medical bills. I am more worried about a medical event.
  24. Same here, not worried about the heart, but you never know. If you go on BCBS web site or call them they will tell you what plan it is. Looks like alot of them have the out of country emergency plan. 80% up to 50000 dollars.
  25. Steve, I have BCBS supplement to my Medicare. I don't have a clue which "plan" it is. Is this something you requested extra? I'm not worried about a heart attack but I am worried about hittin a tree trying to keep up with Mike.
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