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  1. GPS - Layouts and waypoints

    Thanks. I think I got it. I think it's my computer and some settings.
  2. GPS - Layouts and waypoints

    Anyone try this recently? I just get a blank web page "box.com" when I click the link.......
  3. Tow Machine for Snow Machines

    Upgraded this year.
  4. Tour du Gouin

    Thanks! I will check it out. I mostly used the i-Quad App in the Gaspe. It was very handy.
  5. Tour du Gouin

    Not to say we didn't encounter some "tight" spots..............
  6. Tour du Gouin

    X3 and Buddy's YXZ.
  7. Tour du Gouin

    Awesome. Did the Gaspe about 5 or 6 weeks ago out of Rimouski. 1200 miles in 8 days! Great trip. Do you happen to have a GPS route or track on which you based your trip? Thanks! Ike
  8. GPS - Layouts and waypoints

    Thanks All. I purchased the iQuad App as well. I will check into the TrakMaps. Ikw
  9. GPS - Layouts and waypoints

    Thanks guys. Nothing out there like from Tilou et Biscuit? I don't mind buying the mapping. I have used both in the winter and prefer the Tilou. Great product! Doing the Gaspésie in September!! Ike
  10. GPS - Layouts and waypoints

    Not to Hijack but does anyone know if there is a similar offering for Quebec for ATV trails in the Spring/Summer/Fall (non-winter season)? Thanks Ike
  11. GPS - Layouts and waypoints

    I cleaned all but the base files out of mine before I figured it out. I was using TrakMaps prior to this. Maiden voyage for the Tilou Biscuit mapset starts tomorrow morning!!
  12. GPS - Layouts and waypoints

    I got it! I cut and pasted the directions from the PDF (in French) into Google Translate and was able to figure it out. There are two maps in the set. The one block with the text "Sentiers Motoneige Quebec" just has the trails in it with a transparent background. If you already have a background map that you want to use, just pick that block; otherwise if you pick BOTH blocks of maps to transfer you will get their generic background map that will overlay what you already have effectively blocking out or covering your existing / preferred base map. At least this is what I've found on my Garmin Montana 650t. Ike
  13. GPS - Layouts and waypoints

    Anyone know if the latest Tilou Biscuit Mapset can be made to use as an overlay that is transparent? It seems to block out my topo basemapping. Using Garmin Mapsource and/or Basecamp and a Garmin Montana 650t. Thanks. Ike
  14. Price for Pass

    -_- ZZZZZzzzzzzzzz................
  15. GPS - Layouts and waypoints

    OK - Thanks. Just a different source than Red Pine. Ike (Think Snow!!)
  16. GPS - Layouts and waypoints

    Any mapping available for Quebec from Red Pine?? Thanks.
  17. Looking for the Quebec Trail maps in Garmin Format (with directions in English). It appears as though they are no longer available at the links posted under the Pinned topic. Thanks. Ike
  18. Modular Helmets

    Colobri - It's Colobri!!