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  1. Yes. Had to wait on vehicles there before in winter as well. Road is plowed there....
  2. .....and scratchers...... trust me......🤬
  3. Just North of LaTuque before Odanak.
  4. ......And yes......ripe blueberries for the pickin' all over!
  5. Unfortunately, we took the old trail. BAD BAD BAD idea. In some places, it was completely grown closed. Not wide enough to walk through let alone take a SXS! I know what the followers were thinking about 100 yards into it. For that, I am still sorry but we made it. Dominic told me that he has a contract out to clear that trail (?soon?)…….. I will NOT take it again until that is confirmed.
  6. Ok. Here's a quick update. Made the trip as planned for the most part. 1260-1300 miles depending on which of the three odometer readings you use. I had the least (oversized tires) and the Polaris had the most. Not one flat tire or mechanical issue on any of the machines. We didn't even run out of fuel! We made the lookout on the Gouin and the "bunkers" at Casey thanks to all of the information posted here! All in all - great trip with great people! Thanks again for the helpful information! Ike
  7. Teaser...... Yep I had to zoom up real close but...Frost this AM at Cabanon!
  8. Made it to Le Cabanon! 180 miles+/-!
  9. Thanks Trailblazer we are definitely going to try to find that! We are at Mekoos this morning heading to Le cabanon tonight via Manawan and Repos. Then over to Odanak tomorrow evening if all goes well.
  10. Damn! Beauregard full! We're at Mekoos!
  11. Thanks Je me souviens. That's the plan. Tentative itinerary now is to still start at Rabaska then...... Circle south and hit all of the scenery (Chutes Windigo, Devil's Mountain, etc.) and wind back up to Beauregard (still have to call them today as this is the only change SO FAR) Beauregard to Le Cabanon (via Lac du Repos) Le Cabanon over to Odanak (above La Tuque) Odanak to Barrage Goiun Barrage Gouin to Clova (circling the reservoir) Clova to Kanawata Kanawata to 100 Lacs 100 Lacs back to the truck at Rabaska (the scenic route) I hope we can pull it off!! Ike
  12. One leg of the trip may have just gotten stymied. The trails were just updated again today on the iQuad app and it shows the connector between Riviere-Rouge and Saint-Michel-des-Saints "Temporarily Closed" due to hunting season. I will have to make some calls and see if we can reroute or remap the overall route. There are options (at least in the app) everywhere else I have mapped...…….but I don't see one in that area...……..ugh! I have been checking regularly and this just changed! Either way, we'll make something work somewhere! Ike
  13. Just what I was looking for! Thanks much!
  14. Thank you sir! Even a screenshot or description of sorts would help. Hoping to pass through there and wanted to snoop around some! Thanks again! Ike
  15. Anybody happen to have coordinates for those bunkers near Casey? Thanks. Ike
  16. Thanks. I think I got it. I think it's my computer and some settings.
  17. Anyone try this recently? I just get a blank web page "box.com" when I click the link.......
  18. Thanks! I will check it out. I mostly used the i-Quad App in the Gaspe. It was very handy.
  19. Not to say we didn't encounter some "tight" spots..............
  20. Awesome. Did the Gaspe about 5 or 6 weeks ago out of Rimouski. 1200 miles in 8 days! Great trip. Do you happen to have a GPS route or track on which you based your trip? Thanks! Ike
  21. Thanks All. I purchased the iQuad App as well. I will check into the TrakMaps. Ikw
  22. Thanks guys. Nothing out there like from Tilou et Biscuit? I don't mind buying the mapping. I have used both in the winter and prefer the Tilou. Great product! Doing the Gaspésie in September!! Ike
  23. Not to Hijack but does anyone know if there is a similar offering for Quebec for ATV trails in the Spring/Summer/Fall (non-winter season)? Thanks Ike