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  1. LeFinca

    New Warming Hut

    Agreed great stretch of trail and good location for relais... Speaking of 355..who has more info on this single tracked donkey path heading east..about half way thru 355. Would this trail send one east toward the Relais @ Mt Apica? I almost took it but had reservations at the Presbytere, and hated to miss their fondue!!
  2. LeFinca

    GPS - Layouts and waypoints

    Any fellow QR ride with a NS1 Guage/GPS? I am pretty close to jumping aboard for 18/19 winter...however just wondering if there has been any Quebec tests over the past year or two. I will be riding a new High Country and it sounds like they are more Cat friendly then other brands at the moment. It’s a sweet concept, however I wish it would hook up with Inreach in place of gotenna.