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  1. How many miles from St Ray. to Delta? Going to head that way 2/18 . Thanks Bruce
  2. Does the Auberge Gouverneur have secure parking? Like to have restaurant in hotel ! Thanks Bruce
  3. X2 on food around the Drakker ?
  4. GPS - Layouts and waypoints

    MrGutz. How to we get this in English? Thanks Bruce
  5. Got my renewal today but already paid for it on Oct 18 2017! I was early.
  6. Snowtracker carbides ski alignment

    Yes! I have always set them at 0 , that what the instructions say.
  7. Need Suggestions

    Just a guess 1/4 mile or so. Norton is also bout 1/4 mile or so too! Have crossed both with out wheels before.
  8. Need Suggestions

    I've crossed the border lot's of times in Derby. I have wheels on the ski's . They work great any time you have to run some blacktop.
  9. It's for Real

    December 30th
  10. Eastern Townships whos riding ?

    Was at the border crossing in Derby today. The trail is groomed an there is a sign marking the trail.
  11. Eastern Townships whos riding ?

    The trail to the border in Derby is open!
  12. Going absolutely STIR CRAZY!!!!

    Mike, going up to Lac Etchemin on 1/17 15 for a week hope to see you on the trails. Bruce