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  1. Yvon was a great guy. One of his quotes was Cold makes good trails. If you think about it he was right. A lot of good times and great food. Rest in peace Yvon. Combat
  2. Bill; It happens to us all it seems. Look at the bright side, it could have been worse. Keep the faith , We all want the best for you. Ride on!! Regards. Combat
  3. Ray; Will be there Friday night. Look forward to meeting you. As always good to see Bill again. Combat
  4. Phil: I have a 2014 Yamaha Viper. It always felt unstable going into a corner. Had to let off on the gas until through the corner. Last year, near the end of the season I was advised to put on a set of Woody's Slim Jim's. I put them on and I now have a sled that corners like mad. Gotta love it. Hank tried my sled as he has the same model, went out and bought the slim Jim's, new sled steering for him as well. If you still have the Yamaha and plan on using it, this would be a great investment. Hope to see you this winter. Take Care. Combat!!
  5. John : Great news you are carrying on ! This is a great site. A bigger Thank You to Rob for all his years of hard work. Rob : Enjoy some time off, well deserved. Combat
  6. I've been going to Quebec for 23 years and found the good and the bad. I think a lot has to do with mother nature. This year I did notice a couple of times when the trails were not as good as I might have expected. After talking about it with friends we noticed there were some surprising snow storms that happened just before the weekend. When this happens it take the groomers a couple of days to catch up. Once they have things back in shape the trails were great again. All in all I thought it was a great winter and lasted longer than usual once it started. I rode most of the time in Lanaudier. Looking forward to next season. Combat
  7. I cross the border 5 times each winter to snowmobile in Quebec. The border does not want you to leave your sleds in Canada, I found that by stopping at the border you can go into the office and they have a form that they fill out with your name, address, sled vin # etc. They say that if anyone asks you where your sled is just show them your paperwork. Always carry the form with you when snowmobiling. At the end of the year when returning, stop at the office before leaving and show them your paperwork. your good to go. I believe what they are trying to prevent is U.S. guys selling sleds in Canada. the paperwork gives a time when you need to have your sleds out of Canada. They made mine this year for before May 1st. I hope this helps out. Combat
  8. Towing; I'm headed to St Zenon on Thursday.Can you tell me anything about trails in that area? River Matawin, Real Masse, Koubecs, Coin Lavigne. Hope to run into you one of these days. I keep looking for that expert x rear suspension. Thanks and be safe. Regards Combat AKA Jeff
  9. Took a ride to La Cabanon. Temperature was 19 Degrees. It snowed all the way from Montreal. Lac Stanialaus was covered , however I wouldn't say safe to ride. Total accumulation about 4". Four wheelers were out but all trails closed for snowmobiles. Lets keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best. Stay safe. Combat
  10. Bill : Can you bring a Quebec Rider Hat and one of the QR decals to the show? I pick up Friday night and pay you. Have a safe ride. Thanks Combat
  11. Bill : I hope to see you at the Big East Snowmobile show this weekend. If you have decals and a hat I would like to purchase them. My guess if you had a few I think you would sell them. Just a thought. See you there Friday night. Thanks Bill Combat
  12. Phil: Looking forward to seeing you on that Viper. 5 months away. Take care. Jeff
  13. Phil: You won't be sorry with the Viper. Hank and I have 2014 vipers with about 3600 miles on them. Everything has been great. They had a fuel mapping issue which they have a remap available for. These sleds run great at 60-70 for extended periods. Just keep on ticking. I also have a 2005 Rage with 8100 miles on and it is just like new. Great motors! Have a great summer and hope to run into you next year. Regards COMBAT
  14. Shane was right! Don't let phil near any of your equiptment. Phil: Sorry to hear of your misfortune. Better look at a 4 stroke. Combat We met at La Cabanon when you were with Shane..
  15. Shane : Hank & I will be heading up on Thursday 1/15/15. Should be at La Cabanon around supper time. Things are looking up. Take Care Jeff