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  1. Wow Mike, it was hard to go 10mi in the 70s without changing a plug or a belt. Who could forget broken bogie wheel suspension parts and leaf springs? Starter ropes busted from pulling them so many times b/c the carbs were flood or vapor locked and wouldn't start? I'll take a modern sled any day or something from the 70s or 80s. While I don't doubt your observations of the sleds coming back broken down, I would bet you a rouge or two that most of the flatbed returns are tied to these types of problems rather than manufacturer reliability a) poor / no or improper maintenance b) bad fuel / old fuel (that has been in a sled all summer??) - see 'a' above c) improperly tensioned tracks and chaincases - see 'a' above d) lack of preparedness (carrying basic tools or knowing how to make minor repairs) I might be sticking my neck out here but I would bet that most of the folks here are riding groomed trails so with the exceptions already mentioned for standing, no one is. Why/how would you ever stand up longer than to gain + give visibility when riding on groomed trails? Am I missing something? (and I ride a Vector long track)
  2. Much like RRs expedition, there is safety (and peace of mind) with numbers and good navigators are a requirement. Make no mistake; as ice man said, these are not snowmobile trips for the unseasoned but serious expeditions. Congrats to you boys; many of us enjoyed this more from our screens than we would have in person. When snowmobiling is more work than fun is It really still fun??
  3. Glad you arrived home safely Bill (and JD, + Pepper also). Thanks for another year of service to all the snowmobilers who visit Paradise. Invaluable!
  4. Yes. Don't know what happened but Patsy has not been there for about 4yrs I think but Dale + Louise continue to provide a great service for anyone snowmobiling in the Gaspe.
  5. Awful to hear this Linda. Hope everyone recovers and get home safely.
  6. RE: Standing. IMO it's always a good idea to stand up at road crossings to see - and BE seen. Just a safety issue.
  7. Linda - go to: http://quebectrails.com Dale + Louise have posted information there for closed trails.
  8. Where Linda's friends are, Grand Vallee, is on the North shore. That area is known for big dumps and high winds making impassible 'snow walls'. Until grooming equipment get out to open things up, multi-day stays in hotels can be the norm. In truth, most anywhere on the peninsula can be challenging because of the winds. A storm of half a foot with the winds can cause big problems for folks making the loop.
  9. I was thinking of riding that area over the weekend myself so messaged another member (GKW) who left Beauceville earlier in the week and rode to RDL, rode that area a few days this week and returned. Here is what he said after he rode back to the truck last night: We rode back today from RDL to Beauceville today and the trail was awesome until the last 3-4 miles into 55/75. The trails by this weekend will be rock hard, but there is more fresh snow on top the closer you get to RDL. But really 5 miles west on 55 from the clubhouse is excellent. Keep an eye on the weather and hope for snow squalls and dustings. There is still an incredible base on all the trails we rode today. Good luck!
  10. Hope it is just odd coincidence their group is having so much bad luck and not their riding style/inexperience(?) Your winch has come in very handy a few times if I remember right Jim. I am sure the group was glad you came along when you did. Hope their group gets back without further incidents.
  11. Try the very helpful Dale + Louise in Chandler (http://quebectrails.com/) 1-877-202-4636 or you might PM smclellan. He spends allot of his riding time in that area so might have intel. I haven't been through that area this year so no help. Good luck -
  12. Nice for you to be retired and able to go whenever conditions are best. Also a bonus you are able to leave sled and trailer. That alone saves time, wear and tear, etc. How did you arrange that?.
  13. Best wishes for a complete recovery. Very glad it wasn't worse.
  14. Except for the rain it sounds like you had a pretty good trip Tom. You could also have left from the Beauceville Clubhouse and save a bit of driving the black trail in favor of the white. Not sure if you've been through there before but it sits right at the junction of 55, 75. We frequently leave from there and head to Montmagny or RDL for the 1st night. Tony + his wife Linda are great people and run a nice, clean place there at the Motel Royal. Pub du Lac restaurant down around the corner is always a good bet also. I, too highly recommend both places to QR folks.
  15. I'm with you on the conditions not being the cause. No one else had issues plus cooling the running boards should have relieved it if it was truly not getting sufficient snow. Since the 'stat would affect flow/circulation (it acts like a valve), if bad (stuck shut), you should have seen little to no flow. My money is on something else. Were you running 91 fuel? If no, it could have been detonation caused heating(?) Head gasket/base gasket letting combustion superheat the coolant? Dealer should be able to pressure test to determine engine-to-coolant leakage. Good luck with it.
  16. Great hospitality and food at Domaine Valga! Their access road intersects 579 at 2 points if I I remember correctrly. When leaving their yard and traveling the road, you come to a split a short distance from their property where the road goes uphill to the left or straight/right. Taking the right fork hooks up to 579 with far less riding the road.
  17. Rain and snowmobiling should never happen together but your group made the best of it and without question, the rental car delivered on the rollback was genius. Will be interested to hear the final word on your cooling problem. If snow packed on the running boards didn't make any change, it has to be a circulation problem. Water pump, thermostat, or a blockage not allowing the coolant to move through the chassis.
  18. Until the water flow lessens and/or it gets below zero (F) cold, it will be hard to fix spots like that. Holes with so much running water can't just be filled in with snow. Let's hope clubs don't have groomers down from damages in these types of washouts. Yes, everyone be careful out there -
  19. A nice report as always Alain. Do take care with Krikri's pneumonia as Iceman said, extra bed rest seems to be as important as medicine to conquer it.
  20. Great to see some younger folks coming along in the sport. Kudos to his parents and to you Don for providing positive and supportive experiences for Nick. Lots of 'teachable moments' there. There are so many barriers to entry for the next generation getting into this sport. We all know most of them so I won't recap. I know my son loved his trips to Quebec as a teen but now doesn' seem to have the time or $$ to go. Maybe someday - The chasis "looks" mint in spite of the 20k you say it has. My neighbor, NHmoose evidently took great care of her. Those engines had a number of issues which BRP addressed with different rings, pistons, etc. Sounds like she is at a first class shop but I would still consider a crated short block replacement instead of a rebuild - assuming the rest of the sled is good enough to justify spending the $$. The bottom end would be suspect now too in my mind since missing pieces from the top end are likely down there somewhere and will come back to haunt down the trail. Great , very entertaining and interesting report - as usual!
  21. With the current headwinds facing the snowmobile industry I doubt a company with Honda's market-smarts is going to stick their neck out to enter a market they have no experience in. As was said, these rumors have been circulated before (and often) without basis or any tangible result. While there will always be those who swear by the 2 strokes, it is increasingly hard to stick by them when all things are factored in. Premium oil and fuel are not universally available - and that is just the beginning of the considerations for long distance riding. That would also be a bit of an engineering feat since the 1000cc 2 strokes weren't able to survive when BRP and A/C tried them in the late 90s - early 2000s. Bore sizes/cylinder number makes under hood space and cooling (already tight) problematic for such a beast.
  22. Always a place to see lots of snow! I think I have only been there 2x when the houses weren't covered to the eaves. In 2015-16 they had the least snow I had ever seen in March though.
  23. Unfortunately Paddy O, this is what has happened in many parts of the Eastern Townships due to the lean snow years the last 10yrs. Permissions for former paths have been lost, signage is poor/non-existent, brushing is haphazard. Glad you were able to find your way. Sawyerville used to be an active area but I don't even know if the Sawyerville Hotel is still operating? It's been a few years -
  24. Nothing wrong with taking the time for a good meal - especially when the wives are along! Certainly worth it to have a fresh ribbon return.
  25. I was thinking 7K+ Since it is a vehicle that sits a good bit of the time, you would think issues would be more common than autos(?) Maybe not - Certainly high mileage qualified I'm thinking if you didn't have problems, I should relax. Yup but in the automotive world, that isn't always taking care of the problems. Fuel formulations these days are all blended to try to prevent fuel delivery problems but they still seem to happen in cars. Thanks Steven. Yours also falls into what I would say is the high miles category. I guess the only common thread here is we have all run gas primarily purchased in QC - which may be blended differently than US from what I am told. I guess there is nothing to worry about based on all of your collective experiences. Since fuel injectors have such small passages and tight tolerances, I'm surprised, but hey if it ain't broke, don't worry about trying to fix it. Thanks all.