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  1. Thanks for your reports Jack + Sandi it is early but a better start than last season! Glad the fire didn't get your season off to a bad start. I've always worried about that happening in the sled corrals. That much time after everyone parked it had to be electrical or arson.
  2. I think you mean WEEDON? I'd consider going to Montmagny or RDL; as 800steve said, we've had rain/sleet past two days and temps have been mostly above freezing. Weedon isn't far enough north to get to the riding imo.
  3. Great pics and report guys. Making the rest of us jealous for sure! Very good conditions for pre-January. Definitely more likely to have a problem with a 2 stroke - primarily because of the fuel issues. With the stingy oiling, AND the possible problems from bad fuel, I just don't see these as competitors with 4 strokes for high miles. That being said, ANY of them can self destruct and leave you stranded. Sooo much to possibly go wrong in nearly all of the new sleds - mostly electrical.
  4. Between the raised rear, the tracks, and the weight already on the front, I'm not sure you could put enough carbide in those skis to safely steer that thing.
  5. Any plans/thoughts of offering a fixed price "Lifetime Membership"? Its something some other sites offer - just curious. Thanks again John and Gary. This site gives many of us more than we could ever give back!
  6. Great pics Viper. Always great to see pics of places I haven't been. That is quite an ambitious logistics exercise to ride from PA. Most of the trips we do on snowmobile at least have the "luxury" of going most of the way in truck + trailer before we strike off. Curious what things you didn't have (but wish you had brought) and what you planned for spares, etc.?
  7. Yeah, but Sharpton should pay his (long over due) Federal taxes before he leaves. Last I knew it was north of $4M!!
  8. When viewing unread content, is there a way to get the view we used to where you could see "first post" "last post" and then had the option to mark the topic as 'READ' ? Thanks,
  9. Thanks John + Gary for keeping this up-to-date and available for all to enjoy!
  10. Have fun Ray. Scott + I can vouch for your 'ambassador' credentials. Better have the folks at the Delta get more furniture for the crowd in the lobby!
  11. Enjoy the new (to you) sled. I think you did well all around. If everyone is happy it's even better. You were in the right place at the right time to find that kind of a deal. Congrats.
  12. Stuff like this kinda ruins it for everyone else. Don't these dweebs have anything better to do? Thanks Scorpionbowl for your efforts on this
  13. Triggerhappy - I have the same sled and believe Iceman is pretty spot on with the numbers. Do check the rear heat exchanger for damage. If they didn't add protectors, those studs probably did some damage. (It is a known issue on the Vectors) Good luck with the purchases -
  14. At the time, diesels were rare in anything other than heavy equipment and trucks. The fuel suppliers didn't do much about filtering/quality b/c most everything using diesel usually had multiple filters and water separators w/drains. GM should have known better but rushed those things to market with inadequate filters AND poor build quality (remember: this was late 70's early 80's and everyone had trouble meeting emissions with all the 'smog pumps', etc. tacked on to engines breathing through new-fangled catalytic converters) Those motors were under-engineered and soon showed it. The later ones got better but by then it was too late. I am guessing mice carried that dog food into the air cleaner of Dad's Caddy(?)
  15. Yeah Ray I knew some people that bought those too. Oldmobile 350 diesel was a real problem child! That engine did more to harm the reputation of diesels than any other model of car or truck in history!
  16. Wow! So you've had 5 diesels in what - 12yrs? Doesn't sound like you ran them the 200,000+ miles they should last so maybe you didn't own them long enough for problems to show up? Gasoline is a solvent; diesel (and kerosene) are oils. Adding a solvent to a diesel engine can cause many issues but the primary one is injector pump damage. It may take awhile but sooner or later it is toast and the repair is usually expensive. Also, even the "less than 5gals" of gasoline you say you used changes the flashpoint of the fuel. This causes the equivalent of pre-ignition in a gas engine but because it is diesel you don't hear it. I wouldn't want to try to make a warranty claim for a diesel that had gas in the fuel. I'd make a friendly bet that coverage would be denied as soon as they tested the fuel - which they WILL do these days. Far safer to use an additive to prevent gelling than to take a chance IMO - (sorry RMK)
  17. Great looking rig, Paddy O! Modern diesels are far less balky than those of just 3-5yrs ago. The new injection systems, glow and fuel heaters make them start in winter nearly as they do in summer. Fuel quality is critical. Make sure you get your fuel somewhere that moves allot of it so you get fresh and seasonally blended product. DO NOT EVER put gasoline in your truck as rmk suggested. It absolutely will harm your Duramax and will instantly void your warranty. We have a VW Jetta TDI 'clean diesel' (our 3rd) and have NEVER had a no-start. I run an additive all year as it also acts as a cleaner, lubricates the injection pump, and prevents gelling in cold weather. PowerService or StanaDyne are both excellent products. As far as the extension cord, you can get a good heavy duty cold weather unit at most Home Depots. They are usually a different color and material than the others and come in several lengths. Shorter is best and I wouldn't keep it plugged in for extended periods if you can help it because the heater will eventually fail. We have the unit on our club's Tucker SnowCat on a timer. Like Schooter said, I wouldn't bother to plug it in unless it is below -10F Good luck and enjoy it!
  18. Unfortunately, 15 years later, I think this has less of an impact on most people than Pearl Harbor did 15 years later. The culture has just changed and for anyone under 30 completely - But for the rest of us it does matter, and it will always matter. Thanks for sharing the list of heroes Don. May God bless their souls. Never Forget!
  19. Great to see some of those Blue cans so at least it isn't all work!! LOL
  20. A great narration and pics of the trip guys. Looks like you all had a great time. Very jealous as it is also on my bucket list. My (US) motorcycle license lapsed years ago so I was a bit disappointed when Trailblazer said the limited Spyder license is only for QC residents(?) Doesn't seem like there is a way for those of us from the US to do this unless we have a valid (US) m/c license?
  21. Congrats Don. You may have company after the US elections.
  22. You really need to go. Even if you don't do the whole loop around, there is much to see. You'll never regret it!
  23. I live 2 hrs from the Vt/Quebec border. We used to leave our rig in Derby, Vt and saddlebag off to Quebec but have not done that for 10-12yrs. What seemed to have happened in the Eastern Townships was that low ridership and snow conditions caused clubs to either abandon or seriously curtail grooming/signing/maintenance. (Vt also had no trail to the border crossing for a time but that has been fixed now) It also seemed that the area was in a "dry slot" for snow because the C/A region would have a banner year but the Eastern Townships would be marginal. Even when the area was at its peak, we decided it was really worth the time on the black trail to begin our trips from a point further north because that's where the trails and services really improve. I believe I advised Jack years ago when he stayed and rode in the area. I think to stay and ride in the area is different than using it as a launching point. If you happen to pick the day before they groom to leave on your trip, you ride crappy trails - which is not what you want when you want to get somewhere - versus picking another trail or going a different direction when staying in the area. I wouldn't consider launching anywhere south of La Guadeloupe/St Georges if it were me -
  24. Thank you John + Gary. I know there is allot 'behind the curtain' on these sites to keep the things going so I appreciate all your efforts. Looking forward to many more years.
  25. Hi Rob - Many of us were sooo relieved when you created Quebec Rider and we could leave the craziness that had taken over HCS! I admire and respect all the hard work and decisions you have made over the years to give us this great resource. As others have said, it has created so many friendships and given everyone a place where we are all agree on at least one thing: Quebec snowmobiling is about more than the riding. Best to you as you move on to the next part of your journey