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  1. The highest sled bridge I have ever crossed, over the Manicouagan river in Baie Comeau
  2. Bonjour Alain, I had forgotten about the fox joining our impromptu summit gathering, that zoom made for a great shot. Yes the bridge is indeed the one that crosses the Peribonka river at the old Scoobyraid (Otis) end of the 49th parallel trail. I bet you laughed while digging out that picture of us from back in 2008. PA Dragon - that middle pic looks like Mont APICA on the way to Monts Vallin where I believe the other 2 shots are from. Fuse - the cave is a cool place. I will never forget meeting Bill at the HI back in the day, he ended up taking us for a guided tour out to it the next day. NYNH Skidoo- second pic has “that skidoo feeling” to it. Steve - I have never seen the rock in the winter, guess I will have to add that to the list. Classic Gaspe, like the MSP lookout. I had bad timing when I was at the lookout in MSP, my pic below. Grumpers - Add some pics to the post, if you have videos you gotta have pics somewhere…lol
  3. Great idea on the thread. I am definitely ready for some “throttle therapy” as Kenny calls it. I have no clue on the clubhouse, looks remote. I love meeting fellow QR riders on the trail. Those would be some of the best pics, but I always forget to take one. Here are some favorites to keep the thread going.
  4. Entre La Cache & St. Paulin….Was that the year I met you at the top of the mountain and we took this pic?
  5. Mario is still there, I don’t think Celine is part of the picture, but I didn’t ask.
  6. A 3 pack of bikes spent the night at Kanawata, spoke to one of them for a while. He said as long as you avoid the “potatoes” on the road it’s fine. He said his group rented X3’s a few years back, he said that was fun too.
  7. Wanted one more trip on the batmobile before breaking out the snowmobile. Mattawin to Kanawata via the northern roads on Saturday and return to the truck via the southern roads Sunday. It was a relatively short trip so we didn’t have to start so early in the morning, allowing the sun to warm things up a little for us. Saturday afternoon the rain hit just as we pulled into Kanawata, so we brought the luggage in our rooms. About 20 minutes later the sun came back out, so we headed Nord to Casey and checked out the new stripping on the runway. Back down to Kanawata for supper. 200 miles for the day. We watched the Habs beat Bedard and the Hawks on the new couches. There has been significant investment made in the last 2 years at Kanawata, you might not recognize it now. Sunday morning Mario fed us all the big breakfast plate before hitting the trail back to the truck. The drizzle kept the dust down most of the day. Stopped at the Mattawin damn for the first time in years and had a snack. 150 miles for the day. Here are some pics. PS the road between Repos and the Manawan cut off is the current title holder for bumpiest gravel road in Quebec right now.
  8. Club Mattawin posted on FB that there will be no grooming on M20 & M21 again this year. 😢
  9. I did not ask Dom about that. Sad to say but I doubt we will see that happen in the near future. Someone would have to take the initiative to meet him from the south, no funding from the FCMQ, and increased logging activity make it just about impossible to pull that one off again.
  10. Welcome aboard Snowdevil. If I was running a 6 member team around the Gaspe, there is no way in hell I would wing it near peak season. The flip side of that is shit happens and the best laid plans can crumble on day one if there is a storm or mechanical issues. I am sure you are aware of all that jazz. We used to have a couple members here that run tours. I do not know either one of them personally. Bon Voyage snow tours is the name of one, the other dude’s name is Bruce Cody, he’s on the facecrack version of QR. I don’t know the business name. They could probably lay out a trip for you. Option 2 would be a lot of homework using the app, combined with member suggestions and hope for the best. I can tell you Le Francis in New Richmond is somewhere the lady’s will enjoy dinner.
  11. Yes most definitely. I see a lot of sport touring bikes on the main roads, and I have crossed paths with full on dirt bikes on the trails. I try to yield to the two wheelers in the bush so they don’t have to stop. Last time I spoke to a group on the touring bikes it was at relais 22, they were headed around the Gouin. The first time up this year we met a guy cruising solo at the Repos. He said he was headed to the reservoir as well. We all agreed it was pretty ballsy to be cruising that far out solo, but hey more power to him.
  12. No bueno. Loved that ride from the Classic to Val D’Or…. I forgot to mention the Classic on my list of ownership changes. I thought that section of 63 was closed for the past couple seasons due to logging, and if anything the bridges would be bigger and better now. I bet the Pavillon Laverendrye will be another to add on the list in short order.
  13. Seems like so many places we all love have changed hands in the past couple years, or are about to. Ombre du vent Fer a Cheval 100 lacs was for sale, but they changed there minds My personal favorite Auberge Clova relais du touriste Notawissi Gouin lac du repos kanawata and many others I am sure I missed. It sucks to lose your contacts, the new owners don’t realize you are a longtime customer and have been coming for over a decade, making getting you out of a jamb a little less appealing…
  14. Hi Steve. Saturday was light on the trail side of things because I wanted to make sure to stay out of the hunters territory, so we stayed on the main roads through the ZECs, no side trail. I like to have breakfast at 6 and be in the trail moving by 7, the early start gives you a chance. Once we were north of the substation near fer a cheval we dipped back into the woods to Parent. I stayed on the Clova express to close the afternoon out. Let me know when you want to Doo it and I will be your guide for the weekend. Mid June sounds perfect to me.
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