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  1. The white birch clubhouse is quite nice as I recall.
  2. I usually don’t count on prime conditions much past the second week in March in a “normal” year, whatever normal is these days who knows. Last year was the first time we rode in April, it was great, but I consider that a fluke unless you drive further north. Only Mother Nature knows what she has in store for this season. Quebec’s spring break is February 27 to March 3 based on a quick google search for “la semaine de relache au Quebec 2023”. I don’t know if Onatchaway is equipped to handle that, but based on what I have seen there in the past, I don’t believe that would be my target that night. Maybe Otis Nature, the old scoobyraid would be a better fit in that area. I don’t know Vince, never stayed at Passion’s either, so not sure on that one. Playhard has mentioned St-Felicien in the past, that would seem like the next logical place en direction Nord on 83 past Windigo if they are booked. I would avoid Roberval myself even though it’s closer than st felicien If your body and wallet can handle two back to back rips then I think that your plan to hit sweet baby st ray on the way home from the great Gaspe might be your best bet. Please post pics no matter what trips you take.
  3. That’s funny…. Did that on my first visit to Chibougamau. Left the chief’s place in La Dore, had lunch in Chibougamau and spent the night in LSQ.
  4. We used the Amosphere while in Amos direct trail access with indoor sled compound, granted it was nothing special, but it was inside.
  5. The love for snowmobiling gets hard to handle when the breakdowns are so damn costly, but we doo it all over again every chance we get, must be something wrong with us to want it that bad. Or maybe the throttle therapy is just that good in Quebec? Google maps tells me it’s almost 600 miles one way from Rochester to LSQ. That is pretty serious. I have heard complaints from some of the local crew for the 200 miles to my usual destinations. It’s all about perspective I guess.
  6. I do recall that little pizza place was pretty good. Sorry to take this post off track, but here I go… Funny story. The second time I ate at that pizza joint my wife and I were passing through LSQ on our way to Matagami for the night, and stopped there for lunch. I went outside for a second and one of the other customers had one of the Cat T660’s from back in the day. They offered a remote starter on that sled. So the guy hit the button as I walked past the sled to see my reaction as they were watching from inside. I laughed because I knew a guy that had one and he told me about the remote start option. So when I went back inside we all had a great laugh. So the group asked where we were heading, and when I replied they said they were headed to the same place, so we teamed up, and travelled together for the next two days. The second morning we were talking on the side of the trail when I noticed one guy was missing the breather flap on his BV2S helmet. So I said your teeth must be cold. He looked surprised and said how did you know that? I said because I can see a piece your missing. I had seen this issue pop up before and make life really uncomfortable for a friend. Ever since that day I carry spares. So I fixed his helmet and off we went. Later that night at dinner he wanted to pay me for the part, i told him thanks but no thanks, they cost almost nothing, you just have to have it when you need it. To this day I still call that man once a year. Turns out he was the club president in his region, Serge McDonaugh…doesn’t speak a lick of English mind you….lol. His plane is the one you can see in the picture in front of the store in Clova on Dominic’s website. Sorry for the long story about nothing more than snowmobiling tales…. Shit it’s why we are all here right?
  7. Stayed at Motel du Lac years ago, nothing special but it works if that’s the spot you need to be in. There is another one in town called Motel Iris. The trail went right through the yard of the one we stayed at.
  8. I will tap my head again if I see your fluorescent helmet coming….lol Registration is not possible because in New York State you cannot register an ATV that weighs more than 999 pounds. To my knowledge a non resident cannot register an ATV in Quebec, please correct me if I am wrong. Trail pass is purchased through the sister station to the FMCQ, they call it the FQCQ. They offer annual or summer only. I have personal insurance just like the sleds, the trail pass also includes insurance, minimum coverage is $1M in liability. Long story short, if you are cruising the trails around town things may be different, in the bush we cruise a lot of logging roads that are not part of the established network. “Hors Sentiers” the only type of law enforcement I have ever come across in the bush was a forest ranger who was checking hunting licenses. She saw no rifles in the buggy and sent us on our way. Columbus day weekend is typically opening weekend for moose hunting by rifle, so we stay on the main road “le maitre chemin” and no one seems to get too excited. Now if you start exploring all the side trails where the tree stands are you might have a few more holes in the buggy than when you started…
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