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  1. Anyone been on this lately? Is it open and staked? Thanks
  2. This may be a dumb question. But how does this thing work for sleds behind you. For example if it becomes mandatory on all sleds, How does it differentiate from the sled 10m following behind you, and the uncoming sleds?
  3. When you were heading east on the 360 after lunch you made a loop north off the 360 then back down to the 360/345 to the dam. Up by your waypoint #3 marker. What is this section of trail like? What is the trail number? It doesn't say on the map. Thanks. We are staying in St Michele for three days next week and i was planning on a day trip out to the riviere mattiwan for lunch and back?
  4. Great report, and great pics. Thanks. I will use some of this info planning future trips!
  5. Probably will park at Montpelier and head over on the 43 it looks like. Any suggestions? Thanks
  6. Thanks guys for the information. We would be heading there from the West just as a destination and returning the next day. Just wanting to get some riding in and try somewhere new. Man I wish they could get that trail pushed through at St. Faustin it would open up a whole lot more options for me.
  7. Hi. Just wondering if anyone has stayed here while snowmobiling? Any recconmendations on the place? I thought it looked nice. Any word on the security? Thanks