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  1. Happy birthday Stan..... Have a Sharpie and enjoy the day.
  2. "Where am I" In Quebec? I know ha! ha!, great pic Bill.
  3. Happy Birthday Saguenay Bill, I hope you are having an I B Day!
  4. Hey Jean guy, did not know your Groomer could fly..................... JK Did Rob take that picture?
  5. Stan is the man, even thou he rides a Poo

  6. Just to let you all know, it's going to the dealer............. :sad:
  7. Thanks for the tips, I will give it a try. If it don't work, off to the dealer she goes.....
  8. As some of you know, I had won the clucth tool kit at the QR summer Get Together in 08. A good friend of mine helped me doo a lot of PM on my sled that summer and the sled ran great 08/09 season. We was able to take apart, clean and inspect the secondary clucth. However, when we tried to remove the primary clucth, it would not move. We poured boiling water on the clucth to expand it while putting a lot of pressure on the removal bolt, but it would not move at all. So we left it alone. Started to work on sled again, getting her ready for the 09/10 season, After looking at the primary clucth, I noticed it's full of belt debris. Blew a belt last season , now I know where all the belt debris went, the clucth is loaded big time. I want to take the clucth off, but don't want to break the crank. Any tips on how to safely remove? any help would be great........
  9. Hey Bill, great idea.... Yo know where I would like to take a ride too, (Hint) It's in the movies...
  10. Empty your inbox dude, It's full. Tried to send you a pm.
  11. Would the nick name of the trail be Thunder alley?
  12. Actualy it's Relais Onatchiway, same place Bill posted, just a different view.
  13. Hey G man, I know its the horse shoe turn on tq 93 near the trail that leads to the frozen waterfall???????????