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  1. Wishing everyone a Great Winter ✌️
  2. Fred_ LT .... Thanks so much for update trails look Great.
  3. like that idea Trailblazer ....
  4. Tom must have been breaking his ass by himself lugging that pig around in the deep snow ❄️. Just glad everything turned out good
  5. Bill so glad your ok ....... Happened to me last year I was lucky I didn't get hurt and was able to ride the sled back to truck 350 miles P.S. I always say don't think it can't happen to you nobody's invincible
  6. I saw Auberge Lac Moreau in Charlevoix posted on Instagram they got another foot of snow ❄️ today. I didn't know they were calling for snow can anyone confirm this .. wow it amazes me sometimes you never know what's going on up north I'll take it.
  7. LOOKS LIKE WINTER FOR SURE .... Safe Trip !
  8. You're not alone Jackstraw ...
  9. SHIT ..... Awesome Run Iceman Love seeing all that snow
  10. Enjoy Mike ..... Looking forward to your reports
  11. I saw that looks like Parent all the way to Balbuzard.
  12. That's why there showing 83 West from Parent to Clova and Balbuzard "CLOSED" I'm assuming on
  13. William I have a buddy up there riding right now nothing but good feedback said the trails are awesome . At the Falls
  14. Thx so much Don really nice of you and much appreciated.
  15. Wow ! that's nuts ..... Glad everything worked out for you guys
  16. Just get a Case of Beer and meet us @ the pool Trailblazer is going to show us how he dose a Triple Lindy.
  17. hahahahaha ! ......... No do overs
  18. Thx Mike I hope to take you up on that .