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  1. Hello! Mrs. Ice here. Did you miss me? So we went out for a ride today. We wanted to go yesterday, (Saturday) but it was -34 C. So we waited for today, it was much better -31 C when I woke up! 🤣🤣Hahaha !!! I was excited to try on my new pants which finally arrived this past week. I tested them good, wore only my hypnose pants underneath. I guess I was ambitious, will need to add another layer when it’s below -25 C. Lover was proudly wearing his new FXR jacket as well and he wasn’t cold at all! Great purchase. We didn’t go very far, we took trail 3 west and a local orange trail to St-Louis de France. Then We reached 351 along the highway. This is one of my favorite place to rip it!!! 😆Just past Champlain. However, I had to be careful due to a lack of snow, some bumps and bushes sticking out. That shouldn’t be a problem after tomorrow’s snowstorm. (Supposed to get 30 cm) We made a left and took a local orange trail to St-Luc de Vincent. Back to St -Narcisse to rejoin trail 3. We saw more sleds today than during all the days in Gaspésie. But it’s ok, I ‘m glad people enjoy the outdoors even though it’s cold and restaurants are closed. That’s why we chose to do a short one, 2 hours it lasted. Trail took us back to Turtle lake, through Shawinigan to home. After Gaspésie we brought the sleds to Moto Thibeault, our mechanic. Lover had me installed some snow trackers because my stock Yamaha tuners were close to worn out. Now, I can steer even better. I told lover that I would gain speed because it’s easier to steer and it stays where I want it to be. Awesome! What a change! Also, Mr. Iceman let me ride in the front for a very long time today! Yeah! That way I have to stay on the right even more because I’m the first one meeting other sleds, so no warning coming my way! It’s fine! I can handle it! But it was fun to be the first one. I like it when it’s just him and I but with more people I feel a certain pressure to go fast enough so they don’t get bored behind me… so I’m comfortable doing my own thing in the back! 😉 It’s was a great short ride in this cold Canadian weather. 100km
  2. By the way we only saw 4 other sleds the whole day! 👌, trail to ourselves again! They can all stay in Mont Valin.
  3. Day 3: Murdochville to St-Anne-Des-Monts, 180 km Hey everyone, Mr. Ice 👋 So late departure, 9:15 it was. I didn’t care because we had 100 less km to do than the day before, little relieved I was. I knew it was twisty which is good to stay warm because it’s more work for me to stay on the right at a decent speed. Don also told me about some hills... I worried a little, if you remember I’m not a fan of the downhills. However, it was fantastic! I did great, getting better at it and more comfortable. Proud of myself. 🙌 Now let’s talk serious business, what interests you the most, trail conditions. I’m not sure I have the right adjective to describe them, but I even told Don at some point, it’s like white asphalt. The groomer had left Murdochville just before us, so we reached him at some point. Don had looked at the trails and most of it was groomed overnight and the other part the night before, perfect just like I like them. It was truly unbelievable the trail quality we got for a second of January. Some part pass Mont St-Pierre, near La Martre, it needs more snow in the valley. You could see the groomer’s struggles to get up and down the hill, digging up rocks. But I think today’s pictures will speak for themselves. We’re at Hotel &Cie for the night. Nice place, gas and SAQ just in front. Takeout to our room for supper, after the little improvised sandwich dinner from last night, a nice filet mignon is in order for tonight. 😋 Tomorrow back to the truck, then black asphalt to Shawinigan. Chow for now
  4. He gets no points for only uploading pictures, but mostly for being the guide . 😉
  5. Day 2: still written by Mrs. Ice. 😉 Matane to Murdochville, 275 km. Before I begin today’s story telling, let’s recap on a few details from last night. At the Quality Inn the restaurant was closed on the 1 of January when we arrived but we got a delivery from a local restaurant that was opened. It’s was good. As for yesterday, at our return, the hotel’s restaurant was opened, so we ordered and they called us to pick it up when it was ready. For $102 CaD a night with breakfast included, you can’t go wrong. Now, today. I thought I had some great sightseeing yesterday, I was even more spoiled today. I took some pictures but not as many as yesterday, guess why, it was colder!!! But still got a few nice ones. Left Matane at around 8:45 I’m not going to name all the trails since there are only a few towards where we were heading. But I can tell you something useful, for the second of January the trail all the way to La Cache was amazing! And beyond! We saw our friend Keeve that we met last year. We were welcomed to warm up a bit, which we did because Mrs. Ice is still waiting for her new pants, her old ones being a little tight, I get really cold on my thighs and buns. Stayed an hour. Iceman got the grand tour, pictures to follow. Then off we went towards Chic Choc and Murdochville. We were told by Jacques from Hotel Cooper, that the first 40 km from La Cache might be so so, but we were going to check it out anyway, cause I wanted the views! As they say happy wife happy life! It wasn’t groomed, however it was broken by the machine, no drag Mr. says. Anyway, I had seen worse last year near Quebec City. It was drifted in at some places, but not bad at all according to Mr.Iceman. I thought so too. It went well, couldn’t rip it, but that was fine it’s was so beautiful that you have time to admire it. Mother Nature treated me today. I was more impressed by the frozen landscape up there than the mummies yesterday. Of course, the sunlight had to add to this. I wanted to stop and take so many pictures but couldn’t, too cold and I was on the clock to get back, fighting against the darkness, because darkness means colder. For me anyway. I still can’t get over it, I have never seen winter like that before. Jacques was right on, 40 km then we passed the groomer’s trail where he turned around. Now the trails were absolutely stellar all the way to Murdochville, white carpet like Lover said. I have to agree with him. As good as the trails are, there are some early season hazards as expected, we saw 2 places with open water. And a few dips here and there that need to Be filled in with more snow. Before La Cache , I blew up one of my fuses because my magnetic wires disconnected from my helmet and touched metal so it blew it. We stopped to change it, Got to learn about that today. My lover fixed it up for me while I was busy making yellow snow. That’s right, I’m not afraid to pee in the snow when you gotta go, you gotta go. You men have it so easy. You haven’t live until you have it all hanging out there with a windchill minus 25. That will get your attention. If I don’t do it, i’ll Get colder, so got to suffer a little to feel better. Got to see 2 moose today, a mother and her baby, probably from last year because it was pretty big. Our radio were shot at that time, so lover stopped TO warn me and I went in front to see them, after few seconds they headed in the woods. Magnificent beasts! Nothing wrong with our radios, simply should change for a new battery, probably died in the cold. They work fine. The funny thing is that Iceman was still talking to me even though I couldn’t hear... hahahah. Then, later in the day, he let me ride in front for a while, was about time with all the snow dust I endured behind him the whole day. Here at Murdochville we are the only two snowmobilers. Last night there were 2 men from PEI at our hotel, that was it. Like I said, trails to ourselves. It was a lovely second day. All worth it.
  6. Easier by sled for sure.
  7. So tonight we’ll shake things up a bit, you’ll read about our today’s adventure through Mrs.Ice’s eyes. Hope you like it. 😁 After hearing Mr.Iceman’s melodies all night long, we opted for a late departure since we’re only riding to the mummies and the surroundings to be back at Quality Inn for a second night. 10:30 it was. Started on 5 to 591. At the beginning, near the hotel, I have to admit that we’re missing some snow. However, only 10 minutes up the mountain and it’s much better. Snow is somewhat loose, so a little shaky but for sure rideable, I just need to adjust my driving. I don’t know about when you’re riding, but I love to look around at the nature, see the fresh snow in the pine trees and sitting on all the branches. Oh, how I was spoiled in today’s sightseeing so early in the season. I kept stopping to take pictures for me, for you, so you see it for yourself, but a picture never truly represents what your eyes can see on the spot. Anyway. I guess I was stopping too much... someone’s patience was challenged, hahaha. 😅 Trails were really great all the way to La Redemption. Only saw a few sleds, you know when you can count them, but lose the count because they’re too far apart... gotta love to have the trails to yourself. 👌 I realize that I dislike to be tilted on one side due to an incline on the terrain, we were in the fields at that point, good to ride on, but lack of snow to ride straight on flat. Lover said it was good practice for me. I guess. But I also need to tell you that I do not enjoy big downhills, but I did encounter a few on Cote Nord last week and I’ m sure will see more this trip. I’m getting used to them slowly, gaining confidence each time. I get good advice. I know i’m In great hands. 591 to 587 now. Got to see the beginning of the mummies’ formation, how nice it was to be in winter’s wonderland. My Hands froze up there because I took too many pictures, Oups. It was worth it though, so beautiful. I can only imagine the look in February. Wow. Then, we saw a sign marked canyon about one km off the main trail, 587. Up we went, It was impressive as well. Sketchy trails for us to get there, but we managed. Lover said there are tracks, we can go. Afterward, we came to a point where I was asked if I wanted to go back the same way as this morning or this other trail, little longer he said. Apparently was 30 minutes, 40 some km more. I said you pick. Junction of 591 and a local orange trail. It goes towards St Paul. So off we go on that new trail. Some narrow and twisty parts, which I don’t mind because it warms me up. Then here it it, some sort a wide trail on a dirt road. Perfect to go a little faster, just a little. 😉 It brought is all the way back to trail 5, we completed our loop from the east. We made It to home base near 4:30. It was a good 240 km. Overall, it was a lovely day, not as nice as it was in Escoumins last week, but for January 2nd, it has advanced pretty well, can’t complaint. Forgot a thing or two that I will add here. We do have radios to talk to each other, lover warns me for things to look out for and sleds coming. However, if we’re too far apart I’m on my own. So I’m working hard for my turns to be sharp and tight on that right. I try to be more on my right than him. 😜 not easy. Last, we came back in the dark, it has been a long time since I rode in the dark. I was flashed by another sled once no clue why, until lover told me I had big lights on. 😬 Mrs. Ice
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