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  1. I glad you guys are working on an other ride, i know its last minute, but trust me snowhite and big al '' WILL MAKE IT UP TO YOU NEXT YEAR ''. We'll be back stronger, better and who knows maybe even bigger....like Curchill said: You have ennemies, thats good, that means you stood up for something in your life, trust me we are standing tall.... Have a great ride snowhite and big al
  2. Lastest news for the trail from parent to clove it was groomed on wednesday and thursday, thats the last news that i have, i'll keep checking the ''alliance du nord'' site and see, i have no ideal if its been groomed to senneterre yet still waiting to here. It did rain here a bit yesterday morning but since then its only been snow, i would say we have about 3ft of snow know. Watch out on the lakes the is a bit of slushy areas, keep to were its been marked do not wander off the marked trails....
  3. Well we need a good lawyer, we got an eviction notice (jan 10th), we will not comply, it is not a legal eviction, we are just stuck know because we don't know what to do next, can we operate, kitchen, bar, rooms.... i don't want to give them any material to use against us.....
  4. I truly don't want to be writing this.... The tamarac is temporary closed.. Our competitor and the present owner have succeded in making us stop our activities at the tamarac in clova. Inspite of having a ''written promise of sell'' the present owner refuses to honnor this promise... We are looking for a good lawyer that will help us with this fight for our rights to own and run this hotel. We are working day and night to find a solution and in getting back in the saddle to be able to see all of you's this year, and keep giving the best service possible. If you can be of any help, contact me thru the quebecrider site, i don't know how long i'll have communications from here, but i can hook up from elsewhere. thank you so very much and we hope, pray and are trying really hard to see you soon, snowhite, big al and mo p.s. our phone is cutoff, and so is our e-mail account. sorry mr.mclean
  5. Goodmorning everyone, So here's the lastest scoop for the trail conditions up our way.... parent-clova excellent was groomed last thursday with a small amont of powder over this. parent-wemontaci-casey trail was groomed on friday and saturday, great conditions no snow since. the ice bridge at fer a cheval is ready the trail will be done this thursday, its funny how the bridge is ready, marked off and groomed but not the trail, well to be honest it has not gotten any warmer then -25c so trust me that bridge is really ready. I have no news for the 83 going west towards senneterre, the lepine road or chemin du draveur has not been groomed yet and i have no news as to when it will be. At the end of november we had about 1.5ft of snow, then we got some rain and lost some, then we got the cold, so this will make a very good base, and freeze all the lakes ect that you have to cross. Since last monday (the 13th ) we've gotten about 6'' so know i would say we got a good 18'' of snow. We still have snowmobile passes for sale, they are know $360. ea. and for any group of 10 or more the organizer gets free stay when they visit. Don't need to visit all together..... The most important news is that i want to take this opportunity to wish you all HAPPY HOLIDAYS...have fun, be good, ride hard, be safe, enjoy the food,win,and compagny, what your indigestion.... Snowhite, Big Al and Mo :)
  6. yap, yap, yap i'll try and get some grooming info today, and send yous a new photo. Have a great day, weekend almost here
  7. Big Al and I want to congradulate the group '' Blaire, Todd, Bill, Doug '' from some parts of Ottawa, they were are first guest Dec.1 2013-14 season. Thanks guys we were happy to see and have yah. They were gracefull and signed our wall of fame and left a friendly message for everyone. Next big gang in on the 7th, we'll have lots of fun. p.s they came up the lepine trail, everything was good, hasn't been groomed yet, however with what we do have in snow its better to leave it soft. Hope to see you soon, snowhite
  8. ok heres the truth, we've got about 1.5ft of snow, i wasn't giving tooooo many updates cause Big Al and i were supposed to go to montreal,skedual was changed to later this month, to settle all the last bits and pièces for the hotel, so i didn't want to get you all excited and then not be able to accommadete yous if you wanted to come up. Sorry. But heres the scoop.. we're at about 1.5ft of snow, supposed to be getting another 5 to 10 inches this wednesday... Thanks to our guys that bought their passes, I'm glad you got them, and to those who have not gotten them yet i need to have your $$$ here by dec. 8th to be legable for the early price of $300., after that the passes will be at $360. Thanks snowhite and big al
  9. its a lot blurry, didn't even dry yet, but it will give you a general ideal. Just a reminder dec. 9th is deadline for 300.$ snowmobile passes, and i need payment here couple of days before. thks. snowhite
  10. Yahhhhh baby, its finally here, and probably to stay...'snow', actually i looked at my notes from last year and we are pretty much on skedual, what will change or not will be the quantity. So far since yesterday we've got about 4''.I'll try and send a photo they are not as nice a groomers but hey its a start.... If this woorks you guys won't here or see the end of it.... snowhite
  11. Ha, there nothing better than sitting here by the fireplace with a coffee watching the snow fall for the last 3 days and reading all your weird but funny repetoirs, ar u lookin a me......and some of you might not know this but tony was here once he stoped off at lac stone.....
  12. Ok kids few pointers from a none sleeder, but from a residente out here in clova, yes obedjiwan is big, but its also a indien reserve (dry) there is gas but remember in these remote areas when sometimes the only phone line is by satelite the debit machines don't always work, so bring some cash...... for the gaz. It is not dangerous to go on the reserve but its not a place to go and visit around the town, the ride on the resevoir is more than Worth it thou. When i last spoke to Matin they assured me that the trail leading from there place to the reserve would be groomed and marked, the other half towards the goin outfitters will not be their responsibility. Should any body want to have a guide for this trail i'm sure that the martin will do it, for how much..$......regarding it being marked off in the last couple of years you are right it was not done, the martin doesn't get any founding for this trail so when he has a slow winter i understand him not wanting to do it. He is out of rage for electricity so everything works on generators so when he gets no customers i understand his reluctency to open it up. But i think that this year if we can get people to stop in for gaz, for convenience store buying and maybe even some lunches then that could help out, should you decide to go there and have lunch or even hire ghyslain as your trip guide let me know and i will hook you up. There are 2 big major advantages of going with a guide, 1 he knows how to get there, really get there safe and secure, 2 he knows the local so getting lunch while your there or anything else is so much easier when your with somebody that is known. I was there in the summer vtt and yes it was more than Worth it. oh and by the way we've being in a somewhat sedate snow storm for the last 3 days, with about 6'' on the ground........ ya hooooooo snowhite
  13. yep, yep, yep its been snowing for 2 days up here, i would sure like to send you all some pics but don't know how....but if anyone wants to explain how i'm a willing student..... missing you all snowhite and big al
  14. HI 800Steve Snowhite here from the tamarac in clova, smclelan is right that is a very place to get your info. I also try and post almost everyday and give you up the the minuit news on the trails and the weather,during the snowmobile season, all my info, is based on what my guest share with me, i also translate the groomer skedual from our snowmobile club ''Alliance de nord''. Our club covers the wemontaci side of the 83 trans. all the way to the 'balbuzard sauvage' and then we also cover the northern part of the trail that comes up from Mont Laurier from Lac St Anne. I will also keep you all updated on the obijiwan trail this year, After several discussions with Gyslain and his wife Linda '' Pouvoirie Martin'' he confirmed to me that he will be grooming that trail this year and it will be marked off. I hope that everyone that will go that way will stop at their place to incourage them, gaz, corner store, and maybe some lunch.... (need to reserve for lunch) I'm sure you all know that its very expensif to groom the trails and that trail is NOT federated so all the cost are his responsibility.....i've heard thou that, this area is more than worth mentionning and seeing. p.s. would you need any other info, or translating write i'll be more than happy to help. Snowhite and big Al