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  1. JTD0314

    Upcoming trip

    That is it. Plenty of snow 93 on the other side is sweet
  2. JTD0314

    Upcoming trip

    That is it. Plenty of snow 93 on the other side is sweet
  3. JTD0314

    Upcoming trip

    3 is closed as of yesterday. However, you can go up 83 and take the local trail to the ferry. We did it yesterday.
  4. JTD0314

    Roll of the Dice

    Thank you. We are heading up next Sunday.
  5. JTD0314

    Roll of the Dice

  6. JTD0314

    Roll of the Dice

    Where would be the ideal place to start a trip from the south in this region next week?
  7. JTD0314

    trail con lac etchimen to river de loup

    I just got back from a Jackman, ME to Riviere Du Loup run and the trails were great. Plenty of snow and should be good if the weather stays cold. 545, 547, 35 and 5 were great. Stay to the northeast of St. George and you should have great trails .
  8. JTD0314

    Shawinigan Day Trips 2/15-2/19

    The forecast is calling for snow on a daily basis over the next week. Let's hope this is the case!
  9. JTD0314

    Trail Conditions 2010

    Bill, We took your advice and are coming up on 3/2 -3/6. I know a lot can happen in a week, but do think we should be all set riding from the HI. Joe
  10. JTD0314

    Trail Conditions 2010

    Thanks Bill. Do you sell three day passes? Joe
  11. JTD0314

    Trail Conditions 2010

    Bill, We are coming to QC from NH on March 2nd and staying until the 5th. I was hoping to stay in St. Raymond the first night and then ride to the HI. Is this possible with the current conditions? Any recommendations on where to start from and stay? Where is the best place to get three day passes by the 1st? Thank you, Joe
  12. JTD0314

    Shawiagan or St Raymond to HI

    Any updates on St. Ray? Planning on leaving fromt he Roq and heading for Mt. Vilan on the 1st of March.
  13. JTD0314

    St. Raymond

    Does anybody know how the conditions are in St. Raymond? We are heading up the first of March. Planning on staying at the Roq for the first night, and then on to Mt. Vilan for a night or two and then back to St. Raymond. Any recommendations? Can the ride from St. Ray to Mt. Vilan be done in a day and any recommendations on a place to stay in Mt. Vilan?