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  1. Just did a 4 day trip to LSJ and we crossed last night @10:30 pm in Derby, VT. Not one car or truck to be seen coming or going...
  2. Can you get to and from the hotel by sled trail??
  3. I hope you find your bags...... How did you ride to the Four Points? I thought the trail to there was closed??? Any info would be great.
  4. Why do you drive so far north?
  5. Hi Iceman, How did you guy's make out in your area with this storm? Just making sure there is not a lot of tree damage from the heavy wet snow and ice. We are starting a saddlebag trip in Shawinigan this Thursday AM and heading up to Lac St Jean area. Thank you for any info..Mainebound.
  6. First time posting on QR...Four of us are heading up to this area tomorrow for 4 days. Crossing in Montreal up RT 15 how far south can we start riding? Any recommendations on where to leave the truck? Our first time up this way. Any info would help...Thank you
  7. Hi ODog, Are the conditions good enough to get up to Lac-St Jean from Mattawin? Thanks