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  1. Final update from JQ, Rode out to Ski-Bee-Doo today trail 83 to 23 to 93 above Alma and 367 back in to shipshaw. Trails were all groomed and light traffic for a Saturday, Snow cover on trails Near Lac Jean were hard packed and covered well, even thru the fields. Afew pics from a very cold day. High of -9 F low at our start of -13 F LOTS OF SNOW ON THE WAY AROUND HERE, next two days. A few pics:
  2. Todays trail ride to Mt valin, Got fresh snow here overnight, 5-6 inches at the Delta and 8-11 inches up on Valin, breaking trail with a few tracks on the way out. All trails around this region are now in great shape with good cover and icy bottom base. Very cold -22 F tonight, Shooter and his gang arrived and we rode together. Paid a visit to Spence Ski-Doo today, the Throttle position voltage sensor thru a check engine code, sled would not rev up from start out, They said it is a common electronic part that fails, was in and out of Spence in a few hours, Thanks to a great dealership and an English French mechanic translator ...... Back on the trail for last ride tomorrow,,
  3. Currently at charlevoix manor trail 83+3 groomed whole way out. Sooth and fast, trails in this area are very hard packed, scratchers helped to lube slides. If coming in from Jq go to local trail 24 and not 68 to come in. 68 is not marked outside of first town. Very cold here -6 now.
  4. Local weather in the area added 4 inches around JQ today and 15 inches up on Mt. Valin overnight, Rode to Relais Chapelle today and KM 31 for lunch. Started to get cold on the way home. As of now it is -6 F and going down. Going to the Fairmont Castle tomorrow, will post trails going that way after in at night. Groomers were out tonight on 367 locally and running 93 on Valin to pack in new snow around 3 pm today. Only a few sleds rode in and a few QR guys are here with Bill at the Delta, nice and quiet here in the week. Planning on a lot of layers tomorrow under all the warm Choko bibs and coat. Below are a few pics: Pat the green shacks covered with snow, are the just in case houses, Gary may need to dig you a path in !!!
  5. Rode around all areas south north and east. Snow cover is good with some areas of hard packed trails with icy base. No need to use scratchers, cooling is good , deeper snow in Valin , north of river and 83 going east toward castle. Going to castle Charlevoix mid week, will report back. If anyone needs trail or condition info just add to this thread, will be here riding thru Sat. Attached are a few pics:
  6. Mr. Gutz, How was the ride today and where did you guys go?? Has the snow arrived yet to the JQ area? Dale
  7. Thanks for the update Mr. Gutz, look forward to the snow report. Dale
  8. Jack, Do you know if 93 was groomed going west from Chappelle and past the last lookout and down to Sacre Coure and over the Ferry? Dale
  9. Jack, Thanks for the post and details, looking forward to tomorrow's report from Onatchiway, Have you seen or talked to anyone in from Sacre-Coure and that area of trail 3 going down to the casino, heard earlier that club Charlevoix was grooming out that way. Never knew you could buy Zec passes at the Ski area?? Dale
  10. Jack, Keep us updated around JQ area, I will be at the Delta on Jan 9. I hope to ride out and up to Mt. Valin trails. Hoping to not need to move basecamp to Passion area, hard to find places to eat if not at Ski area. Doing the snow dance nightly!!! Dale
  11. Alain, Great awesome pics and what a good early season opener to get sled shaken out, again thanks for the report.
  12. Just wanted to add some pics from todays ride, Shooter we will be at SCORES Tuesday for dinner, it is loaded with SBTPs.... One more day left in paradise, Trails here today all great, saw wide load groomer up on 93.
  13. Posting some pics from todays and yesterdays ride doing the loop to the ferry , Coronet and thru MT. Valin and back with Bill at the Delta. Found some great sledder and sled shots...
  14. Just arrived with Bill in paradise,, cold out and looks great around here. Sled is in the coral, breakfast at 6:30 and trails at 8-8:30. Groomer just left out front of DeLTA, Till Thursday!!!!!