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  1. Hey, I think i have seen that set up before.
  2. Team Iceman's Season Ender part 3

    Nice to meet you guys this morning. We continued on to Moose Valley for a nice lunch. Then off to The Lake View for some hot wings. We landed in Fort Kent for the night 300 miles later. Hard to believe how good the trails are!!!
  3. Cote Nord and Lab loop

    Looks a bit different than is did when we pulled out of there in 2012
  4. Cote Nord and Lab loop

    There is a reason we call him the Roadrunner.....
  5. Weather Warnings for a Big One

    Yes, I was part of that team. I hope the Roadrunner's easy button worked out well for you guy's. I was running sweeper when we ran up on your crew. 1500HD
  6. Weather Warnings for a Big One

    Markusvt, There was a few places with some great powder riding!!! Good thing some in our group had planned ahead and came with there Freerides, and Backcountrys!!!! Glad to hear you made it back safe and sound. 1500HD
  7. Imotoneige17 app not working

    I have been up to RDL a couple days and the App worked fine...
  8. Imotoneige17 app not working

    It is not working on my iPhone....
  9. Moose Valley Lodge

    Had a great 4 days at Moose Valley!!! Lee , Josie and crew were great. You could not ask for anything more!!!
  10. Hey........ DAD is not even 50 yet!!!! Dad just wants back in the lounge before 8 pm. LOL
  11. 2016 Riviere du Loup Trail Conditions

    I like to make a loop and usually have several (friends) places I like to visit each trip.
  12. 2016 Riviere du Loup Trail Conditions

    Day 1 we got dropped off in Jackman and rode up (Friday the 3rd.) it was a bit skinny the first 35 miles but smooth. 285 miles into RDL everything was in good shape and the club houses were all busy... Day 2 we left RDL @7:00 am Saturday morning and 85 to Edmunston was perfect all the way. Moose Valley was busy and all good except in Kedgwick that was special for about 15 miles. Kedgwick south to Van Buren was great. Back in Maine Van Buren to the Lakeview was flat and fast, must have been 200m sleds there... Lakeview towards Eagle Lake was in poor shape, I used a few old routes to by pass some of that all the way in Portage. 340 miles in to Hews Brook Lodge. This place should go on to your list of places to stay!!! Day 3 we ran off trail to Chesuncook, There we met my Dad (our Taxi Driver...) From there down the Lake to Jo Mary 175 miles. 800 Miles 95% was perfect!!!!
  13. Glad you had a nice trip. I talked with your dad several times before you left and told him you had done a ton of checking and would do just fine.
  14. 2016 Riviere du Loup Trail Conditions

    We will be riding in Tomorrow Night also.
  15. 355 trail info

    Great news! We may ride from home to RDL now.