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  1. Hope you picked an extra one up for me? :)
  2. First place I ever stayed back in 98 or 99. Back then it was family owned by a guy who was and avid hunter. His son drowned in the lake and then sold the place. Still a great stop.
  3. What skis are you running on that Freeride RR? Safe travels.
  4. Same here. I believe it was on mileage psycho site, but not 100 %. I think my first picture was in 99 at this iconic cross roads. :bc:
  5. Do we all get a participation trophy?????????? :lmao:
  6. I believe it is the REV-XS. Thanks,
  7. I am looking for a med windshield for my 2013 800 renegade X. If anyone is looking to clean out their garage please message me. Bob
  8. Ha I know that island well. :bc:
  9. That's just awesome. Thank you for sharing Alain.
  10. I should have been there with you. At least my trailer made it to the great white north this winter.
  11. One of my favorite places to stay when up in Mt. Valin.
  12. Not true, I heard they hit 3 bumps and its cold. They may abandon and come home. :bc:
  13. I always wanted to go first. :bc:
  14. Thanks guys - Now I just need to unload my old stuff. Everything happened kinda quickly. Wasn't planning on this and now I have 4 sleds and 2 trailers.
  15. Thanks Dave - My wife is extremely happy. Dave is a stand up guy and I am looking forward to tipping a beer with him and his bride in the future. Bob
  16. Dave, I tried to send you a message. I assume your inbox is full.
  17. I agree you can't compare NY to QC but that's like comparing apples to oranges. If I could afford to ride in QC more often I would. But riding out of my backyard is nice as well. :bc:
  18. Why so? I am one of the groom operators for the area and sorry but I have to disagree. If we have the snow our trails are amoung the best in NYS. I guess I shouldn't say that though as I like having the trails to ourselves. Yup I agree don't come not worth it. :bh:
  19. Lake George, NY???? Was in the woods 6 hrs on Sunday in Lake George doing trail clean up.
  20. I wonder how many babies will be born in Buffalo area in about 9 months. :lmao:
  21. Great report as usual Alain. I looked forward to reading your reports this winter. I was not able to venture to the great white north this winter. Have a great off season and look forward to reading yout posts again next year. Bob
  22. I am not sure about a trail to Expe. We drove right there and stayed the night. Then the next morning we followed the owner up the road to a gated parking area. We left from there for a 4 day saddlebag trip. When we returned there was a phone in a building and called them up and they came and opened the gate. :bc: