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25 years old summer sledding fun memories


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Hi guys!

While doing some video archiving of my memories this summer I came across this funny event: the 1997 Gareau Folies in St-Gabriel de Brandon. Some of you probably remember I wrote about it before( the trail pass just aside this site, just below the belvedere of St-Gabriel) and for others, the concept was quite simple: using snow that had been buried during the winter and make a snowcross track to race for an afternoon...in July! Another great sledder idea!!!

A torture for the sleds and the pilots, especially after a few hours at 30C, but the show was great! The track was well thought out with jumps and several long water holes to keep the machines cooled.

We filmed it on 8mm tape so the quality isn't great but it gives a good sample of the event. In the 2nd half of the video I edit you a lap of the open category final at 4 sleds wide which had offered quite a show.

Turn the sound on!


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Thanks for sharing that Alain !!! It was a great watch.

I remember what I call the "yellow banana" days. My first venture into Skidoo after riding Arctic Cat's was a 97' 670. Loved it so much I followed up with an 98" and then a 99" H.O.   Had lot's and lot's of fun with those machines. For what they were they sure withstood a lot of abuse and always came through. 

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