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349 St Gabriel de Brandon


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Another one down.

Hello to all snowmobilers, Following a petition and after several discussions with the municipality of Mandeville, which does not seem to want to take a position, we see ourselves for the moment having to close trail 349 between St-Gabriel and the municipality of Mandeville (see below ) We volunteers have our region very close to heart and we are very disappointed with the way the situation unfolded and the municipality's lack of vision. However, we have made every effort in our power to avoid this unfortunate closure. If you are in favor of keeping the trail open and to help us, please contact the municipality of Mandeville. We hope, one day, to find our path for all lovers of this sport as well as all traders in the region. Thanks Club Moto-neige St-Charles inc. (659-08)



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19 hours ago, NSHM said:

Any word on what the issue is?  Unhappy landowners?

Not exactly sure here

says to call the municipality of Mandeville if you are in favor of keeping trail open. Could be them blocking passage. 

This is Towing’s backyard here he might know better.

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Town meeting last night in Mandeville. The impact of no trail here was discussed and reconsidered. The town agreed to allow passage along Rang St Pierre I believe it is so for this year the show goes on here. 

Problem solved for now.

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