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Club de Motoneigistes du Saguenuay inc


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Volunteers in the La Baie sector have been busy repairing the bridge over the Rivière Ha! Ha! bridge! Thank you, it's much appreciated. Another great team of volunteers. Thank you very much for your involvement and cooperation.



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Nos bénévoles du secteur de Laterrière sont en action. Merci de votre implication et collaboration et votre beau travail d’équipe pour la reconstruction du refuge Le Chartrand.  Merci à Denis, Daniel, Gervais, François, Guy et Jean-Pierre pour avoir bien voulu donner de votre temps pour le club. C’est très apprécié. Merci encore!

Our volunteers in the Laterrière sector are in action. Thank you for your involvement and collaboration, and for your fine teamwork in rebuilding the Le Chartrand refuge.  Thank you to Denis, Daniel, Gervais, François, Guy and Jean-Pierre for giving up your time for the club. It's much appreciated. Thank you so much!






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Hello everyone, here's the new Chartrand refuge. I'd like to thank all the volunteers in the Laterrière sector who helped make this a great success. Thank you for your great teamwork 👍









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