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  1. Does anyone know if it's possible to get across the bridges to head north??? Have a trip next week out of St Ann Du Lock. Thx
  2. My point Hank was simple you need to change the people to keep them from abuseing the valuable lands we use not the sleds they ride. No sled drives itself off the trail no matter what track it has on it.
  3. Respectfully your talking about two different issues. Staying off lands your not supposed to be on and also tearing up the trails. If you think your ever going to tell all the locals north in Quebec what track lug or length he can use to get around up there it won’t go. It’s not paddle tracks tearing up the trails and I see more shorter tracks going off trail as long tracks just look for the holes where they were stuck. It’s like guns. It’s not the gun causing the problem it’s the guy holding it!!!! I don’t feel you can blame a class of sleds just the drivers!!
  4. Snappy your missing the point here.. Anyone can go off trail on land and disregard landowners wishes it’s not just paddle tracks!!! It’s the guys driving the sleds. Any sled. Trail distruction is much worse by guys with lots of studs and big horsepower spinning constantly pileing mounds of snow up in the trails than any paddle track can ever do. Up north Parant and that area (remote areas)many of the locals have paddle tracks so they can get around its their means of transportation you going to penalize all those locals. How do you think that will go over??? It’s a common sense thing. The guys causing the problems are the same guys riding way to fast blowing corners spinning their tracks at every opportunity. It’s not paddle tracks.
  5. I agree with rr people need to be more respectful to the landowners before this gets any worse. But to ban paddle tracks makes no sense at all. I’ve seen young guys with heavy thumbs and heavily studded tracks do more damage to the trails than a paddle track ever could. Also the guys bumping off and back onto the trails every time they can destroys the trails but that’s two different topics. Respecting landowners and how guys treat the trails. Guys that ride to fast in my opinion from what I’ve seen take every opportunity to spin their tracks in every corner that’s does a lot of damage every pile they push up makes a big bump. Let’s work on educating the riders not what they are riding!!!
  6. Hello Howard are u on here


  7. We have talked about James Bay for years now as far as we can tell that one would consist of several nights in the bush. Road support for fuel vast expanses there also.
  8. I'm still curious did Rob have snow shoes on the sled for his walk 2 miles back to a cabin??? Was it a hard packed trail from use??? Walking in that country this time of year can be an experience.
  9. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the plot gets thicker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Can't wait to chat. The ride from Lab to Gab has to be quite a story!!!
  11. Nice to see Rob got to finish the whole trip. Still pulling the sleigh just with a different horse!!!
  12. It would appear a trip of this magnitude may require two scribes!!!!
  13. Great report again RR thx for all the good work an efforts to share. Enjoy your day off but I would expect u all will go for a ride somewhere by sled.
  14. It's amazing how fast a logging road can fill back in. Hence all the big front bumpers on the sleds. A necessity in that stuff.
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