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  1. From relais 22 do we miss this plowed section if going west on 83
  2. I see that you are from NS and curious where you unloaded to start your trip. Thanks
  3. You always have the info. Thanks again. How many cold ones do IOU??
  4. OK, thanks......now if I new what irfanview was I would have my first lesson ha ha! Might go back to camera shopping tomorrow or next day. Got any recommendations?
  5. Finally got high speed internet and hope to find high speed sleddin. If I get a camera are you going to teach me how to take pics and how to print/post. I think you just volenteered. Thanks HO HO HO
  6. Thanks for the info. I will try another time. Have a very merry christmas.
  7. Groomer I just tried to send a pm but when I clicked on "send" it said "this page cannot be displayed" so not sure if it worked. One of the members helping me thought I may not have enough posts yet.
  8. Thanks for the replies. This is a friendly and helpful site. Merry Christmas
  9. Hello guys and gals. I need a little help learning how to send a pm. If anyone could lend a hand I would really appreciate it. Thanks alot and have a great holiday season. HO HO HO
  10. Thanks for the quick reply. I am looking to go for a run on thursday somewhere. You are like Santa with all your GIVING. Thanks again.
  11. Hi Groomer. Thanks for all your hard work on the trails and on the computer. I always appreciate your work and information and for sure those awesome pictures. Do you know where I can find a snow bank big enough to unload my truck somewhere in your grooming area? Thanks again for all you do, I owe you a cold one(or two). HO HO HO
  12. Thanks for the information. I will be there early next week.
  13. Thanks for the great news. I am not familiar with the KM 12 location, could you give me a little more info where this place is located. I got my pass in the mail today and am very excited to use it. Thankyou.