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  1. Hang a right out of the front of the hotel, block or 2 down was a good sports bar, pub. Bar and restaurant closed in hotel., can't get any help
  2. Yep The restaurant is closed in the hotel due to lack of help. Walk to restaurants, grocery store directly across the st. They have a small u shaped spot behind the building for the sleds. Fills up quickly though.
  3. Stayed at motel Chibougamau 2 weeks ago. In the center of town, walk to restaurants. No complaints
  4. discovered a few minors things on the groomer they have leased.. Lack of Ponies?
  5. You'll love the 25 mile stretch from Belletere to Lac Truit!😏
  6. I believe the summer is there busy season with Woodsman. She said they are full and get up at 3am to prepare breakfast for them at 4am and to make there pack lunches for there 12hr shift. then dinner. Sounds like a long day! Super nice couple when we where there last week
  7. Stayed at hotel cibougamau last week, no complaints. Restaurant in hotel closed do to lack of help. Walk to restaurants, supermarket across the street.
  8. He posted about a week ago on HCS that the trail was groomed by his place. I messaged him but no response. Last year I remember him posting he had a cottage for rent. He left his number on the post in HCS
  9. Agreed about the Drakker, Just not a fan of all the local orange trails and the river to get in and out. We always head North out of Shawinigan which is why we always used Richards place to Launch. The Marineau is in a better spot for us.
  10. We've started from the Marineau in Shawinigan many times. No corral for the trucks but a small nice place. Easy access to the trails and fuel and Mcdonalda across the st
  11. Check out Le Daived on the Baskatong. Stayed there last week, outstanding food and lodging, all for $115 a night and that was for a suite. Awesome place
  12. We probably passed you on Wed. We left Lac Eduard wed morning had lunch in matawin. Agree about the pipeline, sucked!
  13. You each get a leg and a thigh
  14. Not sure yet, thinking the Gaspe this year end of March.
  15. Fuel mileage better on the 900’s not to mention the ridiculous amount of oil they used. They went through about 18qt’s in my opinion the 900t is the best Canadian trail sled. Not as good in tight twisties as the 850’s but excel in everything else. I went 137 miles on a tank with 6 liters left.
  16. Day 7 Time to head for the trucks in st come. After a short delay in the morning with a frozen relay, down the 355 all freshly groomed. The big hill section needs more snow to fill in the holes pretty rough section. After that beautiful into mats win for lunch. The 360 along the river was absolutely stellar along the river. Once down around st Michelle and Le Cabanon beat up as usual. Don’t know how people can ride that area constantly. Tough finding the way back to st come. Too many trails, confusing! Not slot of signage. Made it back with 1720 miles for the week. No breakdowns, everyone safe, a lotta laughs and time spent with great riding buddies. 225 miles for the day. Will be back in 4 weeks
  17. Day6 Finally blue skies and colder temps, plan is Lac Edourd for the night. Grooming shows a lot of purple! Bingo! 373 first tracks, set up like concrete. Down through Alma everything groomed up nice. Lunch in Hebertville and onto the 83 which is also mint! Onto the 355 which was a bit whooped to Lac Bruchette, fuel and onto the 355 which showed groomed last night. Yep, smooth sailing into Domaine Lac Eduard. Tried to stay at the Presbyterian but booked, also the other B&b booked. Tomorrow back to the truck in st come. 250 miles for the day
  18. Haha Phil is an expert at it! No helmet on either hoping a cop didn’t drive by he would of made it if there wasn’t a fire hydrant on the other side lol!
  19. 373. Bright purple this morning!! sun is shining!!!
  20. Day5 Todays plan was to completely wing it. After a stop at the ski doo dealer in the morning to replace the wire for momo’s oxygen helmet that got sucked into his track it was TQ 93 south. Freshly groomed last night, passed the groomer headed back from his 2nd pass. Perfectly set up! Sweet! Quick stop at the sawmill for fuel. No food there anymore. South of the mill not recently groomed but still in great shape. Continued up to Lac au Jim. Thought you could stay there but a no go. Quick map check and Giradville has 2 places about 25 miles out. Into town there for fuel and ask. Motel 1km away, Perfect! Small place with 6 rms. You check in at the supermarket next door which also has a SAQ which was even better! Restaurant across the st. Tomorrow up around the lake on the 373 which is an awesome new trail. 225 miles for the day.
  21. Same here always enjoy meeting other qr riders. Hope you get the sled issues fixed
  22. Day 4 Plan was Amos to Chapis for the night. tq 93 was fantastic! Anywhere from 4-6” of light fluff. Stellar day. Lunch in Lsq where Phil had to bury the sled riding 200 yards to get a qt of oil in the center of town. We where going to stay at the opineska but didn’t have the right rooms for 5. So after a stop at the clubhouse off to chibougamau to Motel Chibougamau for the night 288 miles. 93 south in the morning around the top of the LSJ. Plenty of 60 packs in demarisville! Beaver free as of now!
  23. In chibougamau now Headed that way in the morning
  24. Day 3 awesome day today after a late start waiting for the freezing rain to let up. 63 and 83 freshly groomed! Finally out of the twisties of the last 2 days, time to open er up! Plan was Matagami but wasn’t going to happen with the weather and late start. Rain changed to snow an hour north. Low traffic which was great otherwise trails wouldn’t hold up with these crazy warm temps. Into the Amosphere in Amos for the night. 225 miles Looks to be the direction of Chapais tomorrow. 0 pics with the weather