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  1. SNOW THIS DATE 2016,2017,2018

    My Greylock, Adams MA this morning
  2. SNOW THIS DATE 2016,2017,2018

    Manawan this morning
  3. My new Mistress...from the beginning.

    Cmon man !! It’s not a Vactor ! And real men drive 18spd fullers. Just kidding. HXX’s are bad ass trucks. That’s got a ribbed tank so must have a 28” blower in it.
  4. Last Run of 2017\2018

    Ha, you must of passed us somewhere. I remember a group of 3 I think coming the other way on 63. One lagging behind a little ?? Can’t remember. We where ripping through there. We came across 63 from Rabaska to LeCabanon. Picked up the petit du nord at Mt Laurier. Passed the poker run crowd that where parked at the cafeteria. They must have came in a different way cause 33 south from there was flat as a board. Stopped in at LaGlacier around 2:30 or something. Back to lecabanon by 4:30. Was supposed to be our last ride but now we think we are gonna try a weekender
  5. Iceman and the Boss man

    Nope. I’m out of that business now. I was a road mechanic for a dealer out of Rochester Ny then moved to Albany Ny. I worked on Elgin, Vactor, Labrie, Envirosight, Trackless products mainly. But also everything else related to municipal work,The company I worked for sold out to Federal Signal and then promptly closed the doors in Albany. I’m gainfully employed elsewhere now still in the Albany area. I rebuilt many a rodder pumps in parking lots across NY lol
  6. Iceman and the Boss man

    You by chance run a Vactor ? Going to the pumper show ?
  7. Breakdown Lac St. Jean / Saint Raymond

    I agree. Great way to tow a sled. We did it this way many years ago from about 15 miles east of relay22 to Roberval. Works great
  8. Trail conditions Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean

    Km31 has a few things. Maybe they will have belts. I think I have seen them in the cabinet by the door. I don’t know if they are what you need. There is no way to cross the fiord via ice east of shipshaw. Those orange trails that go down by it off of Valin go to places. Maybe somebody will chime in with a better suggestion but you either gotta go back into town over shipshaw, get what you need and then backtrack to the pelchat trail or once in town continue on 83 383 to the boat in Tadoussac.
  9. Trip advice

    Saint Raymond to Saguenay is probablu your best bet and easiest to plan but LaCabanon is about 6 hrs from you.
  10. Le Cabanon / St. Zenon

    Just saw some pics on fb from the area that where taken today. It looks way better than I thought it would.
  11. I just got back from a 5 day trip in Saguenay. Trails where good everywhere. We rode down to the Manoir. 83 was great to you get to the end of where the Saguenay club grooms to. After that got thin and drifted in places due the wind. but after the 301 intersection its Great all the way down to 3. After you cross the bridge on 3 no grooming going on till you get to the local trails into Clermont. Thin through there but passable. We crossed the Saguenay River via the ice crossing. They literally just finished staking that. Ice on the south side shore broke through after the second sled had crossed. The other two sleds skipped it to get on. That wasnt cool but everybody made it. Valin has boat loads of snow and due to the lack of traffic trails where better than I usually get them. I do not know if the river crossings out by Mont Vilian are staked or not but did not appear many sleds where running out there. We did not after the previous ice crossing earlier that day. There is about a foot of snow in Saguenay. The fields east of there on 83 towards LaBaie where thin from the wind but passable. Had to cross about a 5 foot rock hard drift on the 383 just west of L’Anse St Jean. I can’t really tell ya where exactly that was except that there where 2 bridges just a few hundred yards apart. The bigger steel bridge is taped off and closed. Crossed the ice next to it. In my opinion the trails towards Valin west where the best in the area The only bad trail is the rerout on the orange trail that goes due north to 93 just after you cross at shipshaw. I was ready to hit the go button and head up what used to be the road when I saw the no snowmobile sign and the arrow pointing to the right. They rerouted that. It basically bypasses the road section by the cemetery ? You can tell they just cut it in. It’s a mess. All in all ended up with 900 good but cold miles in 5 days.
  12. 2018 Jack & Sandi's trips

    Thanks Jack and Sandy and the gutz Bros for letting me tag along today. The ride today finished up a great week of riding with just a little under 900 miles total.
  13. permit placement

    I believe they do but way too easy to steal, damage and therefore have to replace those parts. There aren’t too many more options. As of yet nobody anywhere has said anything about them being on the tunnel. I’ll plead my case if they ever do.
  14. Good Snowmobile jacket suggestions

    Everything I was gonna add had been said already so x2 on the Skidoo Absolute 0 gear. I Rode through driving rain and -20 degree temps last year. The stuff is warm and waterproof. Wished I woulda got the Absolute 0 bibs. The klim bibs are not as warm and water leaked in during the rain. Still a nice set of bibs though. The newer sleds aren’t as warm as the older sleds so the tallest windshield you can get helps plus gauntlets. I love my Skidoo’s but that’s one downfall to them is poor windprotection even with the tall windshield.
  15. permit placement

    I have been putting mine on the tunnel towards the rear, left side so me feet won’t hit them but can be seen while I’m sitting on the sled. Actually I have been putting all my permits, Vermont and Massachusetts on the tunnel towards rear. I’m afraid if putting on windshield or side panel as those parts are easily removed and then your screwed. I have been through checkpoints in both Quebec and Vermont and haven’t been told they where wrong