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  1. GPS

    So here are the pics of my setup. First off the mount appears as it’s one piece but it’s not. The upper part detaches from the lower base. However. It isn’t strong enough latch to hold the gps on. First bump it falls off. I had to trim the glovebox lid underneath. If you look you can see what I cut out. It needs to be as close to the latch as you can get it. If it’s too far forward the gps hits the windshield. Also the upper portion of the mount had to be drilled to put the machine screws all the way through. Use the holes in the support plate as a guide. The holes go through the circuit board but they don’t interfere with anything. I put dialectic grease between the upper part and the base where the contact pins are. I bought a new glovebox lid for my sled to trade it in. They are 10 bucks. New sled is an XS also and I don’t know yet what I’m getting next maybe gen4 I don’t know yet. So at some point I will have to do this again. It seems like a lot but it took me about 2 hours to put it all together including running the wires to the battery. The only thing extra I did was add a 2 pin deutsch connecter to the wires to remove the hood easier. But it’s not necessary. You can unplug it from the glovebox lid. All in all I have less than 200 into the whole setup. Add the trak maps which are also not necessary and I’m at 300. I have not waterproofed it. I just put a zip lock bag over it. If it’s real bad I put it in my pocket. I don’t rely on the gps like I used too anyways.
  2. Vehicle question

    You should have no problem. I have taken my road equipment service truck into Ontario many times. They want to know what your doing. If your not doing actual work for profit then it’s no issue. But they would ask the same question in different ways why I was coming in. Yes I was getting paid by my company, no I’m not working on actual equipment. I was always going to school up there for one of our suppliers. I was never asked to show insurance paperwork.
  3. GPS

    I thinks it’s a 2597. I will look tomorrow. As for the mount I found it on the garmin site i had to drill 3 holes all the way through the base of the mount because the quick release catches won’t hold. I will try and get pictures tomorrow. The downside is you really can’t use the glove box cause the mount hits the windshield when you open it. If you have a low windshield it may not be an issue I don’t know.
  4. GPS

    I just use a cheap garmin nuvi. I bought a 30 dollar mount and screwed it the the glove box lid. The mount came with everything to hardwire straight to the battery. I run the freebie maps they talk about here. I did buy the trak maps but I end up using the freebies most of the time. They have the water crossings. I bought the northeast maps from gps trail masters. If it snows or rains I put a zip lock bag over it or put it in my pocket. It has not failed me yet. There are more expensive options but the cheap way works
  6. Saint-Donat village fighting to reopen parc gates.

    Yes I hope they succeed too. Opening that Tremblant parc 33 trail along with the connector between St Agathe and Tremblant town could have the potential to change snowmobiling in this area immensely. I know I for one, would be likely to start in this area more often as it is a shorter drive and with the short connector trail would give many options to day trip from as well as saddlebag out of. Years ago St Donat was a popular area for American snowmobiliers to start from. The Pot was a popular place. It has been slowly dying as a snowmobile haven though and now with the closure of the Tremblant Parc trail, will certainly put it under. That being said though, its a two way street. They have to get their act together at the Pot. The service is horrible. Food not really good, very dated rooms etc. We likely wont stay there again unless these issues are addressed. But the town of St Donat is still on my radar if the can at least get the connector trail open out of St Agathe and definately if they can reopen the parc trail. I did not know about the Le Suisse spa. I will check that out. Also the club in the area is notorious for inconstant grooming. Sometimes the trails are great, sometimes they rival tug hill for the size of the moguls. Not sure why that is. But I dont go to Quebec for bumpy trails. I wonder sometimes how much politics get involved with trail making decisions. The lanaudiere and laurentides regions are pretty much set with their hubs of operation, Mt Laurier and St Michele Des Saints being those. But I gotta think the town of Mt Tremblant has some pull in that arena and adding the connector trail plus the parc trail could potentially add a third "hub" centralized between the two areas, around St Agathe, St Donat or Mt Tremblant area for sure. I also know alot of Montreal locals have second homes or vacation property in this area and not sure how they feel about increased sled traffic in the area. Not sure if that comes into play or not. Anyway's it will be interesting to see how it all plays out. I know i will be paying attention to all the latest developments the best I can
  7. A Sad Day for Yamaha...

    If your riding the trail from SMDS to LaCabanon, anytime after say noon, you might be standing the entire 12 miles
  8. Auberge du ravage

    Easy to find well marked off of 83 just past the 383 split. When the trail ends at a road turn left. They didn't like that we parked by the door. They would rather you park in the lot in the front. Take your boots off at the door. Or she gets a little wound up. They have slippers in a basket by the door. The place is nice. But it was a 100 dollar lunch for the two of us. They where serving Buffalo steak when we where there. The food was excellent. Expect to pay outfitter prices for gas. They only want to sell you what you need to get you to next gas. We didn't buy any.
  9. Trip no. 6

    They use it at busy border crossings. They have one at the I87 crossing. You go online fill out forms pay money and whatever other hoops they make you jump through. Then you get to use the nexus lane to get through quicker. We just inquired the last time we crossed and technically your not supposed to go across with trailer in the nexus lane but the border guy said people do it and they don't make much issue about. If you cross at times when it's not busy you really don't need it.
  10. A Sad Day for Yamaha...

    If I lived up there I probably would be pickier on what I ride on too. I go to LaCabanon a lot for short trips not because trails are great but because it's close, I can get up there after work and gain a day of riding instead of driving. But If Skidoo closed its doors tomorrow, I would ride something else be it green, red or blue. If all I could have was my 1976 Polaris Colt 250 back, you can bet I would be riding it. I had some riding buddies that where brand loyal AC guys years ago that bailed when the Rev took over and the Firecat didn't live up to the hype. They hated Skidoo so much they quit the sport. I never understood that. All that being said, that 900 ace is an awesome trail sled if you can get past the lack of hp.
  11. Conditions for trip

    I did take the cap off and ran it. Water was flowing back into the reservoir. There was pressure too so that's a good sign it wasn't leaking either but coolant was full. The heat exchangers where getting hot so water was def flowing. My gauge will display actual engine temp. When I started it this evening at dealer it read the same as ambient air temp so likely not a sensor. The only thing left is the thermostat. Dealer says they have never changed one on an etec so who knows. They claim conditions, but if that where true I would have been overheating the whole way there. Trails where hard packed when we left RDL. Hard sn icy when we left PALC. Snow was not building in the tunnel like they usually do. And it was warmer than I like. But it never ran more than 4 bars on the temp gauge. I did not have scratchers on. So shame on me. That won't happen again. But usually don't need them up there in Feb. But after running the sled half in the snow on the side of the trail the best I could, and that didn't work, scratchers wouldn't have made much difference I don't believe. Se what they say but I'm thinking they are putting a Tstat in it.
  12. Conditions for trip

    I will be making the switch to 4 stroke next year. After running 595 and hearing that tic Toc while getting rained on I get it now. But I do like my little etec. They have been good to me. Sled is at dealer now. He says it was conditions. Well maybe but I do know I have been riding etec's/sdi in the 600 class since they where invented and if it had been conditions I would have been the last one to overheat. There are many reasons I ride those and that's one of them. It's gotta be really bad to make them overheat. And the first sign of snow the temp comes down immediately. Nobody else was overheating. Nobody I talked to at the copper was having problems either. I have seen much harder trails than what we where on that morning. Getting sled in loose snow which there is plenty of wasn't helping. And the 2 stroke Cat we towed it back with never went over 152. Kick a ski in the snow and it promptly went down to 130. We unloaded the gear, packed top of tunnel with snow and still got hot. Put the flap right down on the ground. Nothing helped. It would just slowly climb until the light came on. I saw no reason to push it into to limp mode. It acts to me like the Tstat was stuck in a partial open position and it couldn't control the heat. 2 weeks prior in excellent conditions in Vermont it was running at 3 bars which is kinda cool. It usually stays on 4 bars no matter what. I will wait to see what they say tomorrow.
  13. Conditions for trip

    I don't have the info sorry. I usually collect that sorta stuff too. The truck was from St Anne Des Monts. That's what was on the door. And we stopped at an Esso in St Anne for a driver change so that Esso was probably home base. Who knows where the car came from. I'm thinking a shop loaner car. But it was in desperate need of brakes. Maybe a customers car that they hadn't fixed yet lol. It was Quebec and any thing is possible up there.
  14. Conditions for trip

    Ha funny, just got done washing them. Not as bad as I thought. Just a light haze of salt spray on the front. They cleaned up easily. The truck and trailer where cleaner than usual when we got home too. Her windshield on the Cat didn't much like the highway speeds. Only 2 screws left holding it on. The others pulled the rubber grommets off. Much further and it woulda flew off. I also gotta say good job to Klim, FXR, and the Skidoo Absolute Zero gear ( or who ever makes their stuff ). After riding through that monsoon in the mountains for the better part of 100 miles, everything stayed dry, all the electronics survived. Pockets where dry. And everything was dry by morning, even the saddle bags. Packing everything in zip lock bags and water proof bags worked and only my tshirt was a little damp. So we where able to put on nice dry clothes for dinner. Everybody was mostly dry on the trail, only a few minor issues with water getting in. And we weren't wasting any time either. We where running 60 plus mph up 595 in a down pour. It sucked, not gonna lie. But wouldn't trade the experience for anything. It was a hell of a ride albeit a shortened one. I'll never forget this one.
  15. Conditions for trip

    Sleds going onand brown Kia in the background with a full tank of gas ready to go