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  1. Big storm came. Well over a foot. Broke trail across 63 over the top of Tremblant most of the way thru. I’m thankful for GPS technology today. Had a blast !
  2. I wear the Sorel Glaciers too. Overall a warm boot. I had to use the hothands warmers once though last year. I always carry them just in case
  3. I start a saddlebag trip tomorrow. Looks like we are breaking trail
  4. Can you share the tracks you gave ? The free Tilou Biscuit map has tracks across the Gouin between Barrage Gouin and Martin. Goes through Obedjiwan.
  5. Great to see this. Jim taught me how to ride up there. I did several rides with him. Haven’t talked to him in a long time. I know of no one that has covered the ground that this guy did. Thanks !!
  6. If your up by Malone, try Owls Head NY. Probably can find somewhere to unload. There is some decent riding up around there. I have seen Quebecers riding around that area as well. But its been a few years since I have been up that way
  7. If you want good riding in NY, go to Cranberry Lake. Not much for amenities anymore, but great riding in that area. Used to be able to find some good riding off the bar loop on the hill down around Osceola, 46 Corners out towards happy valley. Last time we went, many years ago, we started riding around 7 am, got about 100 miles in by lunch. Bounced back the 20 or 30 miles to the hotel and called it quits. Haven't been back since. the traffic, the drinkin and the bumps are too much for me anymore
  8. There is off trail opportunities in Quebec. Also the off trail segment of snowmobiling is growing fast. I have no issues with any of that. The problem is it attracts younger riders who can’t control themselves and venture off trail where they shouldn’t. The other problem is these high horsepower machines with 3” paddles destroy a groomed trail in a hurry. Mont Valin, the area that sold me on riding in Quebec many years ago is becoming unrideable to regular trail sleds due to the off trail sleds and the increase in localized traffic on Valin that off trail riding created. Whatever. To each their own. I’ll stay off Valin. But when they take our regular trails away because they ride like idiots trying to get to their off trail spots, it pisses me off.
  9. I would take 93 and the pelchat trail towards Les Escoumins. Trail is signed 'pelchat'. Its the orange trail on the fcmq map that goes to escoumins. Thats just me though
  10. The fox at Gouin have better manners than our dog at home. They will eat from your hand. Disclaimer: it is a wild animal so if it takes your finger it’s your fault
  11. That’s what they say. But 11 years in Quebec and I still haven’t seen a moose on the trail. Not in Vermont, Not in Maine, Not in Ontario either. Maybe I need to ride the Gaspe more.
  12. I have not been across that yet this year, but it’s common for that section to not get a lot of grooming. There is definitely snow. Most of that section runs along a road. Do what ya gotta do. The west side after Wemotachi is usually much better. But I have never had problems getting across it.
  13. Trail 3 has a problem around baie St Catherine I believe. Not sure if there is a detour or workaround yet. The only way across the Saguenay River out that way is the ferry. It’s a memorable experience.
  14. Don’t forget your tall windshield and gauntlets. An extra layer is a good idea too. That railbed section mixed with -40 makes for some new memories if you don’t have those things. Ask me how I know.
  15. Mapsource doesn’t work on all Garmins especially newer ones. I run a cheap Nuvi and have to use basecamp. Mapsource won’t connect. I liked mapsource much better than basecamp but it is what it is. The maps will display fine in basecamp 4.7, they just won’t transfer correctly. I would like to think it’s a mistake by Garmin but this problem with 3rd Party maps has been known about since at least May 18 and they haven’t corrected it. There may be a better fix than not updating basecamp to 4.7 or reverting back if you did the update, but I haven’t found it. I do run Trak maps on a SD card so didn’t need to go through all this, but the Biscuit maps have some of the Bush trails and ice crossings that trak maps does not. I don’t update trak maps every year either. So I run both, switch back and forth.
  16. There is a problem with basecamp 4.7 not loading the maps on gps correctly. Dont update it. If you did, uninstall 4.7, download 4.62 and reinstall. Make sure you also uninstall mapinstall program. Mine did not get removed with basecamp uninstall. then reinstall basecamp 4.62. That will also install older version of mapinstall thats used by basecamp to install maps. All your stuff should still be there. now remove the maps from the gps that got screwed up, reboot, reinstall. you should be good.
  17. The problem is the latest version of Basecamp. I had the same issue. Uninstall 4.7 Reinstall 4.62 or older. Make sure the mapinstall program uninstalls as well. if not uninstall it. Reinstall 4.62, that will install older mapinstall program. Then you have to uninstall your 3rd party maps from gps. reboot it, install the maps you want. Then just say no to basecamp updates. Link to 4.62
  18. Real Masse gets slammed for lunch but you likely won’t be there for that. Stayed once. Would stay again. I never heard of anything getting stolen out of there. Trails get pounded on the weekends so expect a bumpy ride in at night.
  19. Cmon man !! It’s not a Vactor ! And real men drive 18spd fullers. Just kidding. HXX’s are bad ass trucks. That’s got a ribbed tank so must have a 28” blower in it.
  20. Ha, you must of passed us somewhere. I remember a group of 3 I think coming the other way on 63. One lagging behind a little ?? Can’t remember. We where ripping through there. We came across 63 from Rabaska to LeCabanon. Picked up the petit du nord at Mt Laurier. Passed the poker run crowd that where parked at the cafeteria. They must have came in a different way cause 33 south from there was flat as a board. Stopped in at LaGlacier around 2:30 or something. Back to lecabanon by 4:30. Was supposed to be our last ride but now we think we are gonna try a weekender
  21. Nope. I’m out of that business now. I was a road mechanic for a dealer out of Rochester Ny then moved to Albany Ny. I worked on Elgin, Vactor, Labrie, Envirosight, Trackless products mainly. But also everything else related to municipal work,The company I worked for sold out to Federal Signal and then promptly closed the doors in Albany. I’m gainfully employed elsewhere now still in the Albany area. I rebuilt many a rodder pumps in parking lots across NY lol