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  1. Hi Timbo, My home turf. On the low snow years it's a tough ride. I was always going up through Pittsburg. The best snow hugs the north side of the mountain range. Going through Magantic and staying along the mountains up to St. George the trails mid season are great, but not well marked. The farther north you go, the poorer the snow conditions. I will see if I still have the gps maps. I have not been on those trails in about 5 years. From St. Georges heading north east, there is a great trail that is mostly gas line riding heading up to Cabano. There are a few club houses, one on the trail coming out from Jackman, another just up the road, just prior to getting up to St. Georges. Keep you sleds chained if you stay near St. Georges. The area usually has some great riding from mid Feb until the end of March. There are a lot of sugaring lines on the trees around St. Albans. Newport Vermont could be a good starting point. Only sledded over in that area once. Bob
  2. Not too bad here, but we need rain. Rivers are all running very low. As always, nice pic's jean-guy!
  3. We have been to Loon Lodge a couple times. Good food and a nice log home style facility. If you like remoteness up in the Rangely area, try Bosebuck up near the north end of Auzicohos lake. I know the spelling is off, but a great place to kayak and see the loons & eagles and other wildlife.
  4. Bill, when will you have them at home? I can stop in on my way up through some Friday.
  5. Congrats Bill. Nice to see the recognition for a job well done! Do we need to make reservations now to ride with you?
  6. Staying up at Big Sky, Mixing it up with some skiing as well.
  7. Looks like next years trip is going to be a trip out to Yellowstone park. I'll be staying by the west entrance. Anyone out there ever been? Any suggestions on what to see and where to go?
  8. Well Steven, you still beat me! 640 miles. All fun and new places. I will strive to get out more next year!
  9. Gary, I created a map for my Garmin when we were going to do the trip. There are a few clubs that have all their maps posted and I was able to get gps information as well. I'll see what I can dig up.
  10. Be careful Linda if you start trying to post photo's of your new "naked" sled, Steven might have to start restricting you on the web!!
  11. These were from two weekends ago up on the Belknap range. Overlooking Winnipesaukee,