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  1. I second the idea for Mark but would also like him to add a small snowmobile repair/supply shop so when we are in the area we will have less to worry about. LOL.......
  2. Awesome pics Snobeeler. thanks for sharing !!!! hope you can have a little fun on the snowmobile in between shoveling out everything. While Buffalo (and areas south) get all the attention and news coverage, the little hamlet of Natural Bridge, NY GOT 70" inches setting a new New York State record for most snow in 24 hrs. This is north of Tug Hill and east of Watertown.
  3. asphalt and grass In fact......I got 10 bucks on it.....anyone?
  4. O.K all Qeubec riders.......here is your chance for an early season smackdown. Load up the trailers. Thought you had to go all the way to Mt Valin.....bwahhhhhhhhh Seriously....major event going on for parts of NY. Typical snow belt areas. They closed the thruway for next couple days to all truckers and might go full closure. This is some serious shit. But...it will all melt within a week or so and be nothing more than a PITA for eveyone. Certainly not rideable as it will be heavy and wet. I live at the tip of the pen in the picture and wont get much of anything here. The exact same thing happened here in 2014 as you can see. Lets hope it's not as bad and no one dies this time.
  5. pulled the old gal out this weekend. Christ almighty is there a TON of shit to remove to pull a 1200 Hope to get her all back in by end of thanksgiving weekend. Here a pic of her on the side getting the "water method" for the primary clutch and both motors side x side
  6. Shooting for around thanksgiving time to do swap out of engine. Ordering stuff this week. Please say a prayer for me. LOL
  7. Michel & Melissa dont sound Chinese. I was looking forward to some pork fried egg rolls after a long days ride.
  8. an elderly Chinese couple are laying in bed one night. She's reading and he's watching TV He turns the TV off and snuggles up to her and says "How about a little 69"?? She says WHY YOU WANT BEEF WITH BROCCOLI NOW ??????
  9. It would be hard for me to decide if that was the perfect sled or the Enduro. Sacrafice the heated seat and air shock for better over all shocks. Personally, after riding the last 13K with the air shock I dont know if I could live without it. Beautiful machine Andy. Hope to cross paths this year.
  10. Thanks. Yes , I have read that and every other DooTalk post on everything 1200 but still cant get the answer I'm looking for. Why would a 1200 sometimes show full oil on dipstick when left overnight and sometimes show nothing another time ????? If I has to guess....something broke or dislodged in the oil pump assembly and is creating havoc.
  11. When I picked the sled up from dealer in LaTuque in March they had swapped out temp sensor and water pump as well as all coolant. They had an issue refilling/burping ?? and were actually on the phone with BRP. Said it was still overheating. Unfortunately it was late season and I didnt get a chance to test it myself. After screwing around with it at home in the spring I still have mixed feelings of the motor being bad or not. I tested for exhaust gas leaks in coolant, comprssion and leak down tests off each cylinder and they all checked good. I unknowingly created a mess while pressure testing the cooling system. When you pressurize off the coolant bottle (all checked good overnight) and go to release your in for a big surprise. Massive amounts of coolant came backwards spilling out even if you tried to do it slow. Anyways....topped off/refilled and started multiple times over period of days. Then i got the idea of trying to run the sled on a run up stand while spraying the heat exchangers with a garden hose. Did this several times over a period of days and was amazed to see that even in 60+ degree weather I could keep the engine temp in the 150-175 range and watch it go up and down as to how much water I was spraying. All I need is 5-10 minutes of riding this sled on a trail with snow and I would know if it's still good or not. Problem is I cant duplicate that until winter conditions. The one thing that perplexed me is this and if anyone else has an opinion I would appreciate it. While I was messing around with the sled over the course of a week or so I would pull the dipstick before I started it after it was sitting all night completely cold. Sometimes the dipstick would show nothing as it's all down in the sump (normal). Other days I would pull the dipstick and it was completely full. Am I missing something on that one ??? Is it possible a gear or something is cracked in the oil pump housing and blocking the flow sometimes. I'm pondering how to educate myself on how to do an oil pressure/flow test or just say fuck it and pull the motor and replace it with the used one I bought back in April. If it is something in the oil pump area the motor has to come out anyhow.
  12. Stripped down pretty good but have not touched since spring. Hoping to swap out motor in next month or so. Please say a prayer for me...LOL
  13. But Ice.....we can have "beef with brocolli" along with #C24, B18, and some pork egg rolls when we get back from a long days ride 🙂
  14. Frank couldnt come up with the money. It's as simple and factual as that. Man Ihave some fond memories staying in Shawinigan and rippin out to Chez Rogers for the evening and back. On more than one occasion when we pulled in the place mid evening there was a "sea" of sleds out front and you could hardly get a parking spot. Then when they pushed us out the door and turned the lights out our sleds were the only ones left in the lot. No BS on that one !! Stopped by there one summer while wife and I were vacationing. Here "Mrs Snowmaster" and I Dont recall exact date but at least 15 yrs ago
  15. Exactly. BECAUSE there was NO ridable trail (at least my thresh hold) anywhere near Mt Laurier or other places when I/we did that. Over the years if you wanted to get GOOD before Christmas riding in you had to go to Mt Valin or northern Abitibi. Hell, I remember about 10-12 yrs ago driving from Honeoye, NY to St Honore to get 2.5/3 days of good riding in. There was 4 ft on the level and they were grooming. The date.....(I remember it well)...November 13, 14th & 15th. Another time....SOLO no less, left Honeoye on Christmas day early afternoon. Pulled into Relais 22 at midnight. Spent the night in an completely empty bunkhouse. The next morning I got on my 0 mile 2004 Rev 800 and rode to Roverval where I spent the night. Next morning I got up, rode back to the "22" , got in the truck and drove back to Honeoye. 160+ miles on new sled. Almost 1200 mi. on GET THIS.....wifes brand new COMPANY Chevy Venture van with paid gas card. Only caveat was I had to have a 170.00 hitch put on. This shit would NEVER happen nowadays....LOL with todays gas prices and inflation you wont see me taking those bonzi short trips anymore. The good ole days are sadly over. Going the extra miles over the years to where your average person wont has rewarded me ten fold over the years. wouldnt change a thing if i had to do it all over again. LOL.....
  16. I remember talking to Diane & Dennis late last season and they had an Asian couple from QC area that were interested in buying the place. I wonder if the "deal" went through. One thing is for certain. There will be BIG shoes to fill when Dennis is not around anymore. I'll miss seeing/talking with him but have a feeling we might cross paths again as he has a house/camp out in the woods not awful far from Repos. Diane is reportedly going to move to the south shore of Montreal to be near her daughter.
  17. Great story. I love the trails up around LSQ. Have stayed at Motel du Lac several times while passing through as well as a launch point on a couple occasions. It's a LONG LONG drive from Rochester to Lebel......LOL
  18. Thanks for sharing that Alain !!! It was a great watch. I remember what I call the "yellow banana" days. My first venture into Skidoo after riding Arctic Cat's was a 97' 670. Loved it so much I followed up with an 98" and then a 99" H.O. Had lot's and lot's of fun with those machines. For what they were they sure withstood a lot of abuse and always came through.
  19. Ditto to what Playhard said. I would have loved to do all that in a sidexside. Hope to run into you again this winter. BTW...what registration/insurance/trail pass ?? does it take to legally run the trails up there with those machines ?
  20. Leaving camp and driving down the # 1 road they keep it graded so nice that it is literally smoother than ANY interstate in New York
  21. The new 480k dollar bridge at the Giraldo dam. Don’t be fooled by this picture. This thing has two massive 4 ft tall Ibeams underneath, all 8x8 PT timbers with galvanized bolts and hardware and will surely be there 50+ years from now. just don’t lean on the rails and look over like the old bridge....LOL
  22. Everyone knows where this is.....LOL
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