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  1. Superb mon ami wishing you a Happy New Year and another fine snowmobile season !!!
  2. UNBELIEVABLE !!!! In PA no less. Way to go Pipeman !!!
  3. Been at that shack many a time...LOVE IT....enjoy your ride and yes, more photos please !! Looks like the locals are beating her down good !
  4. I will take a shot here on the rapids. West of Mt. Laurier somewhere.....west of Grand Remous.....maybe....
  5. Happy New Year and a promise 2021 will be a better year for ALL OF US !! Miquelon year ago this morning (after spending New Years eve with my Native buddies Alex, Samuel & Alphonse) a night I'll never forget I was sure hoping to see them again this year but it ain't looking good. I'll bet it looks just like that in Miquelon this morning.
  6. looks like Windigo to me but probably wrong
  7. might be off here....but....any chance that's Meekos
  8. this was one year ago today Leaving Chapais in the a.m. and heading to Mistissinni
  9. Kenny and I last December 12th at the hockey arena in Amos watching his kid practice.
  10. Actually I just checked and was there last December 13th Man I would like to see my buddy Kenny again. He lives 300 yards from there.
  11. Rodeway Inn , Pikogan Was there last year same time.
  12. I get a two-fur on December 21st It's solstice and 2112 day at once...LOL
  13. My buddies trail cam was non operational so I never got a chance to hang one up. I regret that.
  14. P..S. I have good intel that the “secret place” they are taking them is Manawan with overflows to the Repos
  15. Sad....... i gotta figure something will work out. NOBODY has any vested interest in that place not being open.
  16. The loop around Lac Chapeau de Paille is 6 miles and yes it has only been the last 2 years. From what I’m hearing it will be that way going forward......IF there ever is any “going forward “ nowadays.
  17. Ya know Playhard..... that fu$&in toy sled was gone 6 days later when I came back through. Maybe it didn’t even last a day or two....who knows. I would have bet that everyone would have left it alone because IMO just looked cool as shit there. Hope who ever took it has bad luck with it.
  18. of my favs for sure and ANOTHER one that was surprisingly beat more than usual this year. some dudes (I’m guessing out of Casey and Kanawata both) with long track mountain sleds decided it would be cool to run that whole section and jump off the sides and back onto the trail again....OVER and OVER and OVER the entire way. And they were out there more than once this season.
  19. Mrgrumpers .....thanks for the ride!!!! It’s awesome that somebody has a “virtual” of the whole trail. I fast forwarded threw most of it...welll....because I almost know every section by heart. (Almost). But I definitely WILL refer to this on the off season to bring back so many years of memories on that trail. Yeah...that used to be the case but the cats been “out of the bag” for a couple years or more now. In recent years there has been more and more people (mostly local Quebecr’s) parking in Matawin and blasting to the Repos and back. In fact this year it got worse yet. Someone up on one of the camps on M21 had some new owners (or guests...I’m just guessing) Two mid -late “twenty something” dudes that were there all season and thrashed the shit out of the M21 ((top to bottom) and would go down to the M20 and thrash about too. It literally blew my mind as they seemed to always be the first ones on the trail after the groomer passed. Almost like they were sitting at the cabin ready to launch and NEVER seemed short on fuel ??? I took it especially hard because after seeing the M20 get a little more beaten up in recent years we always still had the relative solitude of the M21. In the last 17 years of going to my buddy Andres place (End of M21 on the airstrip) I have NEVER seen BOTH trails beat up so bad and I was in/out of there a half dozen (or more) times this year. One time I was on it ONE DAY after it had been groomed and because of warm temps it was literally hosed. Could NOT believe it. Possibly the worst I have ever ridden it. So if you were on it this year and had a good ride....God bless you...because I say “ you got lucky” with the timing.
  20. Then my guess is May 19th...........LOL... remember I called it Just in time for Black Fly season !!!!!!
  21. I can’t figure out if I am more impressed with the guys magic or the fact that the Israeli”s have THAT MANY smoking hot chicks in the service
  22. notice how they are "native" cigarettes ........????? You get a discount on them when you show your " Ambassador of Indigenous Affairs" card