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  1. How is he going to steer, throttle, brake and hold an arm with one arm while drunk? hmmm
  2. Hi, We rode through there on Sunday morning/afternoon. It was drizzling/sleeting/snowing for the day. I think it finished up as snow with some accumulation. The trails were really good. Best riding I have ever done in the rain, lol.
  3. Thank you very much for the info
  4. Any updates on this issue with trail #3?
  5. I really appreciate all of the information. Quebec has always been a great community of people. Many years ago our first trips to Bas St Laurent & the Gaspe were guided by the generosity of others and their knowledge. We pretty much narrowed down our trip and are looking for some hotel recommendations. We are not too concerned about pricing and are willing to pay for a nicer place with great food etc… Night 1: Quebec I think we decided on the Double Tree by Hilton from a previous post. Night 2: Delta/Saguenay I saw the OTL Gouverneur OTL which looked pretty nice? Open to other suggestions… Night 3 & 4: Chambord I saw the Chalets et spa, also looked pretty nice. We are planning on 2 nights so would want to be in a great location. Open to other suggestions Thanks for your help!
  6. Thank you very much. After your last post, I mapped out a similar route. The difference was spending two days in Chambord. Then the fourth day would be from Chambord to St Anne De Beaupre. We were considering leaving from St Anne Beaupre rather than drive to BSP. The first day would the longest. I stayed in that area once in 2002. Day tripped for 2 days. I remember the ride from Beaupre to the casino was really nice. So I figured adding that stretch to the first day wouldn’t be a bad thing. That was my first time past Quebec City. I don’t remember the hotel name. But it was right across the street from a small bar. Parked right in front of the rooms on the main road. Our concern with regards to the start point, is security for the truck/trailers while on the trip. We have never had any issues leaving the gear in Edmunston at any hotel. We have little knowledge of this area. I appreciate the help
  7. Thank you for that info. The ride to & around there looks good. People mention it quite a bit. What do you think? We are trying to be 150ish miles max from BSP on the fourth riding day. 83-23-369-3 to St Anne Beaupre then ride to BSP (4th day).
  8. Thank you very much for the information. Is a route towards Valin worth the detour? Our boondockin’ talents are very slim. Lol
  9. Hi, We have rode the other side of the St. Lawrence River, Gaspe and New Brunswick for many years. 250-350 mile days are usual for us. Our group has a trip planned for the end of February to this region. We are trying to make the most of our time spent. Plans are to drive to Baie St Paul. Leave from there 1st day head to Saguenay & stay the night. 2nd day, we don’t really know what’s best to do. Mont Valin region? Or Lac St Jean? Is is possible to loop around to 23 stay at L’tape the third day? Then early leave 4th day run to 23 to 369 to 3 back to the truck and drive home from Baie St. Paul. Any help will be greatly appreciated. We are open to a suggestions or changes. Thank you, Chuck
  10. Any insight on the upcoming storm and possibly getting 20 inches in the region? We heard the drifts get pretty high up on the north shore on 5. We would be heading north from New Richmond toward Mont St Pierre on Saturday. Then Mont St Pierre toward Rimouski Sunday. Do you think it will be under control by then?
  11. We are starting from Edmunston to New Richmond on Friday. We were leaning toward 595 to the orange trail so anyway so that will be great. Been keeping an eye on the weather because we are coming from RI and getting 12-18" here.
  12. Can anyone shed some light as far as route and fuel capabilities Leaving from New Richmond to either Mont Saint Pierre Or St Anne De Monts. Would you recommend taking 5 to 597 or heading straight north on 595 to the orange trail then picking up 597 to 5?
  13. Great info... Thx I think we will keep both reservations for now: Le Delice in Mont St pierre and also Hotel & Cie in St Anne De Monts if we can make it. Will keep our plan NR to LaCache -Murdochville-Mont Saint Pierre - St Anne De Monts
  14. Thank You for the replys. There will be a group of 4 of us and we ride pretty aggressive but cautions obviously. We have no problem doing 250+ miles per day. Like you said When I researched Mont St Pierre they looked very basic. My concern is that there doesn't look like much in Mont St Pierre and Ste Anne Des Monts looks like the hotels are a little nicer. Would you say this is accurate or are they both relatively equal? Do you know what trail runs toward Ste Anne Des Monts off of 5? As far as Rimouski is concerned we have stayed at Hotel Rimouski a few times and enjoy it there, but that is typically as far as we go. We are not familar with Mont St Pierre, Ste Anne Des Monts, etc... So trying to decide if its worth pushing the day with a few more miles...