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  1. same thing, paid for it a couple of times and this year it updated on its own...
  2. I was there in 2000 i think. Was there a "strange" bathroom setup?
  3. oh you had me for a minute..... good one.
  4. spanky123

    Gaspe Trip

    can you share it here? looking to do a trip in march...
  5. When we where up there two weeks ago everyone seemed to be staying to the right of the stake, including us. Last year the gentlemen that owns the store/gas station gave us heads up about the lake trail. Cant remember how much trail it cuts off, but it was a lot. And the shape 355 was in that day I didnt mind the shorter route...
  6. Quality Inn. a few years ago six of us booked accross the road because quality inn was full due to hocky tournament in town. we where backpacking and when we pulled in around seven at night we discovered the Motel Le Riverain had a fire the night before and was closed. The owner of the quality inn made arrangements to put us up, even using the maids quarters. much appreciated! plus im from upstate ny and all my local channels where on the tv!
  7. great pics and ride report Alain. again. we have very little snow in our area of NY, and your posts really get us excited to ride in the great white north! we are bringing some friends who have never ridden there and I have been a little nervous about building up their enthusiasm, but it looks like conditions are coming around!
  8. although i dont post anything, i love to see your pictures and trail reports. thanks for them! our first trip up will be february 12th.