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  1. Yup there’s going to be different tan lines this year for sure.
  2. I thought that lawn mower dude was the groomer.
  3. Your polite, I was thinking they tend to talk out a different part of the anatomy,😁
  4. I am confused too, was this written by a health official or a politician who can’t remember what he/she said the day before?
  5. Money means nothing if it is at the cost of people getting sick and dying. Stay safe.
  6. I think her cousin lives in Tremblant.
  7. Guess we will come out the other side of this with the US promoting buy from and support US based business and Canada doing the same while trying to reduce the flow of money headed China’s way. Lots of talk about that on Face Book these days “buy Canadian” is the theme.
  8. Faster sled=Social distancing.
  9. Great just what we need more guys with flashing lights buzzing around our trails.😁😁😁
  10. As far as I know yes there will be compensation for all small businesses that have been forced to close or directly effected by the covid 19. At least that’s what Justin keeps saying.
  11. Your a brave man leaving your canoe on the ground like that for the winter. Un be known to me my brother left my canoe on my front lawn in late fall and by the time I came up to snowmobile it was well covered and hidden by snow. We were driving sleds over it most of the winter with out knowing. Let’s just say it had a distinct see through bottom come spring.
  12. Agree totally. I believe the virus would rip through schools faster than seniors homes and granted the seniors are for the most part more at risk of dying or serious sickness than kids but it’s the spread from kids to teachers and back to parents that would be devastating. My daughter works or should I say worked as an educator in a daycare, she and her kids who go to the same daycare were always coming down with what ever was going around. It would probably be impossible to keep kids practicing safe social distancing, heck we are seeing it is hard to teach some adults to do it.
  13. Yes yet they hope to get schools up and running before May, I find they are being over optimistic.
  14. Ok we have a new summer contest, forget what do we think the date the groomer will first pass, how far do we think Playhard can get with his doctors note.👍
  15. You may very well get the note but getting border guards or the SQ to understand you may be a bit harder, a reasonable translation of fool hardy is imbécile.😁😁😁😁😁😁
  16. Interesting question, spring is usually busy for me, it starts with getting a boat I keep in Ontario ready for spring launch and bringing it up river to Kingston, can’t do that, can’t really ride my bike, and no place to go with the cars so I’m working on the house, it’s been a work in progress for a few years when I find time, well now I have fewer distractions so I might just get caught up on that over the next few months. Only other plans are to work on a few of my small garden tractors and make my garden bigger.
  17. Ok but you taste the recipe first.
  18. As for BBQ bat or Bat Poutine in Montreal, ah no, being from there I believe we have higher standards, well ok maybe in China town but they probably would have to run out of stray cats first.😁
  19. Canadian officials have been talking just this morning about when they ease some restrictions there could more than likely be a second and third wave of infection so they have to carefully weigh this against getting the economy moving again too soon. Hind sight is 20/20 but can you imagine if it had been possible for all of Nord America to stop Any foreign travel from entering US, Canada and Mexico the moment we started hearing about the outbreak in China? Would have been a total mess at the time but given where we are now, I’m just saying if only we could have.
  20. Yes you are right, all the snow birds fleeing for home. IMO nothing was done to force them or anyone else getting off a plane to self quarantine other that handing them a paper and telling them they should. How many of them got home and just went out to the store to get groceries as they would normally after being away from home for quite awhile, probably 75% of them.
  21. Given the numbers in the US and the numbers in Canada, it is a pretty sure bet we are at an earlier stage of the viruses progress in Canada. It will be fool hardy to open the border to non essential public travel prematurely. My guess is December 20th. 2020, but that is also based on my own optimism sooo, don’t buy your passes just yet.
  22. That high amount for the plate does make for lower private insurance costs ( fire, theft, collision, road side assistance) I pay $252 for that. My bike is a 1600 cc cruiser. When I add what I pay for the plate and the private insurance, it is similar to what some of my buddies are paying to private insurance companies in Ontario where they don’t have the mandatory government run insurance built into their lisense plate cost. The cost for a bike is excessive compared to a car but they justify it by saying a person in a motorcycle accident is more likely to be a bigger drain on the medical system in terms of cost than a person in a car accident. Like anything else you don’t pay, you don’t play I guess.
  23. Yeah I don’t go anywhere except a trip to the grocery store every couple of weeks. Living in cottage country and on a popular motorcycle road, I started to see quite a few motorcycles coming up to ride the last 2 weeks or so, but I was reluctant to get mine out as one: I didn’t feel much like riding even just to the store and two: I didn’t want to be seen by people in my area as just another rider who wasn’t taking this seriously. Now Quebec has shut down our area to outsiders and have road blocks in place, so definitely not getting the bike out, but they were kind enough to send me my $600+ license plate renewal the other day. Oh well, I have plenty of jobs around home to keep me busy for quite awhile.
  24. Thanks for the update and as per information the news is reporting up here Today, 3m has worked out a deal that allows them to export the masks and ramp up production to try and satisfy the US needs. I think it is important to remember that the world is intertwined globally with trading of resources, raw materials and finished products and this pandemic is a global problem and will only be solved by country’s sharing their expertise and resources to eradicate it. Together we stand stronger.