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  1. Guessing it all depends if they had a contact # or email address for your trail pass info, or if the had both guessing I don’t know squat!😁
  2. Two words ”snow golf”!😁
  3. You will have a vip trail sticker for next year and only fresh groomed trails were ever you point tour sled!😀
  4. Yup first stuff out of the garage, I got to ride my bike, ride my sleds and drive my tractors all in one day, too bad it was only to high ground up the road.👍
  5. Hey guys you may get an email like this in your in box. It is a survey about your snowmobile experience and expenses on your Quebec trip. While the email is all in French if you scroll down to cliquer ici, it will bring you the survey and there you will find a choice to complete it in French or English. Seems to me responding can only help our cause.
  6. Ha,ha on the spray foam. There are those that have lost everything, I really feel for them. We on the other hand have no damage just a a lot of work moving stuff to keep ahead of the flood and work to put stuff back, One wet garage that we emptied in time and will dry out and lastly lots of flood debris to clean up outside.
  7. My pontoon boat stored on it’s trailer in the back away from the lake was floating! water has gone down close to 4 feet over the last few days and while higher than a normal flood easy to take.
  8. Grumpy the whole house was raised 9 ft when the flood proof base was put in. The back fill just below the windows was as per regulations 17 cm higher than the worst flood on record. Then along came this year 3 + feet higher than I have ever seen in my 47 years here and roughly 6+ feet higher than the average we usually get. I now am looking at raising my garage 4 feet and buying lotto tickets as a back up plan👍
  9. Hi Fuse, The water is dropping fast, 21 inch drop since it’s peak Thursday night. Still needs to drop a lot more but we are happy it has gone down that much as rain is predicted and we think there may be a second rise of water as the snow melt from further north that comes down the Rouge river may not have happened yet. For Us lots of disruption and cleanup to come but no real damage or loss. Lots of folks in worse shape really going through hell.
  10. No. Since the basement was designed to take a flood 3-4 ft above the basement floor level, it is well sealed and 3 pumps in the sump pit all set at different levels in case the first can’t keep up. Normally just one pump runs but at the level in the pic ( about 7 ft above the floor ) the first runs steady and the next in line cycles on and off. The 3rd is the biggest 12 volt we could find, it can keep up at lower levels but not this. It is there just to buy time to get the generator running and the pumps switched to it. Been there done that, gets your adrenaline going real quick!
  11. My house yesterday. Water is down about 6 inches. I’m up on a hill so it has to drop about 5 feet to be back to normal. The plywood with sealant was put on just before it reached the basement windows. Small leaks running across the floor to the sump pump pit but the basement remains water free.
  12. Thank you shore, Yes I have just heard that Cornwall, Massena, and Beauhornois are holding back water on the St Lawrence till the water coming down the Ottawa river subsides a bit. They say Lake Ontario is at a lower level than it was a few years ago and can handle this. Hope they are right.
  13. My house is flood proofed to a certain water height so it is routine most years but this year is extremely high, pushing the limits. I’m guessing most of you fellas are seeing some of this mess in the larger urban areas on the news, but you might not see this. Industrial Snowblowers being used to blower water back over a sand bag dyke.
  14. A good portion of Quebec is now paying for all the great snow conditions we had this winter. Certainly worst flooding I have seen in my area in 47 years. We are surrounded by water and have to take a boat to dry land, but the only place to go is to neighbours higher up than us, we are pretty much all cut off by flooded roads, touch and go for 4x4 pickups to get through. State of emergency declared here in Montcalm and the army is here. There are those far worse off than we are and certainly the Rigaud and parts of the West Island of Montreal are having a tough go of it. Predictions are it could be worse than the 2017 flood.
  15. Hope it stays low for you jean -guy, a lot of water coming down river from Rigaud Pierrefonds etc around Montreal.
  16. Thanks, Normally we have a spring flood but the house is built to take it. This year we had tons of snow still left as the water rose from heavy spring rain, so we are pushing the limits of our flood proof basement. The garage first floor is flooded but it is cement part way up so no damage, all my toys from the garage are lined up on my road on higher ground, making it look like I am having a garage sale!😁
  17. Ha wish I could Jean-Guy, busy watching water rise here. View out my front window, if you look closely you can see what is left of our snowmobile trail heading down the lake.
  18. Hi Jean-Guy, Good to hear things seem to be ok in your area. We are paying the price here for all the snow this winter. Epic flooding in many areas. On a positive note I did get to snowmobile today, moving my machines to higher ground!😁
  19. That’s why dispite the fact that I live in a flood zone, I would never take a nickel of government flood aid. If I want to move or sell it will be on my terms not the government dangling a carrot in the left hand and booting me off my land with the right foot. Feel bad for a lot of folks though. Nice pics Groomer, sorry to steer you post off track.😀
  20. Don’t forget we have done away with the pennies in Canada so your 3 cents worth is rounded up to 5 cents, talk about inflation! 😁 Good words gully rider, one thing I do wish is there was a discount for multiple sleds. I have 3 and it gets expensive to put passes on them all when one considers I can only ride one at a time.
  21. We also have a government that invests in the sport in the name of tourism, not sure what other provinces or states do.
  22. Snowed all day here too, about 15 cm and we had a lot of snow still on the ground. I hear the Charlevoix area had 31 cm out of this storm. While snowmobiling is my biggest passion, I’m getting itchy to get the motorcycle out, should be good to go by July or August.😄
  23. As another season winds Down, My club posted this on FB about volunteers as a tribute to them and an encouragement to get involved. While the commentary is in French I am sure the message comes through and it is a nice clip reminding us of the great season we just had and it doesn’t happen without lots of volunteers behind the scenes.
  24. Kinda makes you want to take up photography!😁
  25. The expense of an activity is often tied to the amount of adrenaline rush. On the opposite end of the scale we have things like jig saw puzzles, take your pick.😁