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  1. Yea I here ya, I paid a bit over $5000.00 USD, however unless I wreck it I plan to have for 20 + years. Triton makes a quality trailer,cheap they are NOT ! Ya get what ya pay for.
  2. Hey Midrange, I have the TC-11 and LOVE IT !!This was my 4 th season with it. I have the the quickslide track system and have the spare tire and gas can mounted on the floor in front of the sleds ( 121's). Also have the fuel door and the large front door is awsome as you can get to the tie downs,gas can, spare tire and I mounted 2 milk crates on each side of front door for jack, battery charger and other trailer related goodies. Also you can put alot of gear bags etc right inside the front door. Another nice feature is you can jump right in to fuel up or get to other things inside and there is a light right inside of front door and rear door with seperate switches, and thats just from the front door. Open up the back and ride right in ! I installed nice plywood on sections of both sides and got shelving from a trailer store for oil, belts ,tools, papertowel holder, hand cleaner,broom,shovel,shop manuels and whatever else you can think of.On the floor I installed ski guides and track mats and it all works GREAT !!
  3. There's plenty of snow , you have to do your homework and check w/ locals as you get up there and as you go along. We hit some of the best trails I have ever riden, and some SHIT. Certainly beats not riding !!
  4. X 3 left rigs there for a week ,no problems
  5. Signage was'nt bad at all before ,it was after Wemotaci where there was a problem with trail and signage !
  6. The road was plowed w/ gravel, don't remember exactly how long but it seemed like forever. However we met a local rider at Relais 22 who said there is a new trail was'nt marked yet wich is supposed to bypass that area.The bad section was east of Wemotaci heading to Robervale. That plowed road had plenty of snow, it was fine just watch for autos. LOL yea I don't know how I ended up there, thanks
  7. Our group of 8 left Sainte Anne Du Lac on Mon AM,went across lake to local orange trail to 13 N to 83 E to the wrong trail up to Barrage Guin. We went up the western side of the loop and it was a horror show. Ended going up the road hte rest of the way, spent the night at Barrage Guin. GREAT place!! Our first visit, stayed in lodge and the food and staff was real GOOD !For dinner they have 2 choices and breakfast pretty much anything you want. One of the boys does'nt eat meat and they hooked him up w/fish both nights we were there, no problem. The trail from the barrage down to 83 on the eastern side of the loop was real nice the next morning. Tues went to Robervale on 83-E,most of it was good. However just after Wemotaci it was a MESS from the loggers for a long way ! Spent the night at Chateau Robervale.Wed we rode 83-E to 355-S to Lac Edward for lunch,down 355-S to 73-W to 355-S to 360-W and on to Mattiwin and spent the night.Thurs rode from Mattiwin on 360-W to M3 to 345-N to orange trail to Lac Chatrovert for gas,( no lunch today, only gas ) real nice trail ! Then on to Casey for lunch, WOW what a trail!! Always puts a SMILE on you'r face.Left Casey up to 83-w to orange trail back to Barrage Guin. Another great night of food and fun, one of the guys showed vidio of the group on the big TV in the dining room, it was blast. Again we stayed in the lodge, witch is nice as you don't have to go outside for dinner and breakfast. Fri left the barrage down to 83-W and on to 13-S and had lunch at 100 Lacs, another real nice place. Back down 13-S to orange trail into Sainte Anne.The place in Sainte Anne Du Lac,Resto-Bar-Du Tourisme was a great place to start. There was plenty of parking, the rooms were big enough and they have a full menu,good food and a couple of cute waitresses and bar maid. All and all, it was a AWSOME trip. No major problems, no one broke down or got hurt !!!!!!!!!! One of the boys rented from the Skidoo dealer in Mont Laurier and they gave him a decent deal on the sled for multiple days and they let him take the sled on Sun afternoon and was able to drop it off on Sat late so we did'nt have to "F" with all that on Sun AM. Can't wait to get back up to Qc
  8. That place came up on one our time share searches. It looks to be close to LaBelle, we have ridden out of there ( Labelle ) a few times to go north, nice ride.We are going up to Sainte Anne du Lac on Sunday. Riding mon-fri, hope to find some good snow.
  9. I E-Mailed them awhile back complaining that you lost the local trails once you panned out past the 2 mile scale, maybe they are fixing that problem. I hope so ,that is very frustrating
  10. Anyone having problems getting the trails to show up on the map ??
  11. Stayed in Mont Tremblant 2 yrs ago with the wife.We trailered to LaBelle and took off from there for 3 nights on the trail. Only about 1/2 hr away and I think there were rentals in LaBelle, check with local club. Most of the rentals near the ski mountain are by the hour.
  12. The Ski Doo dealer in St michele has all new machines and LOTS of them. Maxim also new machines, not alot.They are 2 good guys.I have rented from dealer in St Michele a ton of times over the years ( wife, freinds, had a sled go down, needed a rental etc ) Rented a sled for the wife from Maxim, no problems I here the Ski Doo dealer in St Raymond is good also.
  13. WOW thats good news, lucky they found that cottage ! Thats when a sat-phone comes in handy.
  14. WOW Thats great new's !! Did the farmers get what they wanted ?
  15. Place is safe, GOOD people and GREAT food. Stayed there the 1st yr they were open. They have a hot tub now plus some other renovations since We've been there. Denis rides so He may have some good info for you.
  16. I checked the web site, it is the Pouvoirie Barrage Guin & Magnan Lodge at the Damn. Goin' there Jan 20 with 7 guys for the night. First time up at the resivoir !!
  17. I LOVE that pic !! Thanks for the last report w/pics. Heading to Real Masse next month for a week, keep up the good work !
  18. Hey Groomer is that the outfitter at the damm
  19. Got back last night, trails were AWSOME !! Spent the week at Real Masse', GREAT people, food and service. We shot up to Casey and back to Kanawata on Thurs. night, GREAT place, food and service Mario and Celine are real good people. Plenty of snow everywhere, get up and RIDE !!
  20. Call Richard at Auberge Mekinac, thats were you get on the river ( North End) he is one of ZENWAITER"S sponors. Get his number there. Dave L
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