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  1. bonjour jean-guy... happy birthday to you friend,hope you are having a great day,relaxing and resting getting prepared for wood camp...have a great day jean-guy...
  2. wow!!!!! jean-guy thats looks better than when i was there two weeks ago, looks like you were not hibernating ha ha ha merci,wish i was there....
  3. what's happening in the valley jean-guy no pictures or activity lately are you in hibernation alreadyha,ha,ha
  4. bonsoir ice man..i'll be in carelton thursday and chandler on friday will be looking out for that BIG iron of yours.greetings Mark
  5. hey partner...i will be blasting off monday morning from the universal,,on another epic adventure.will be thinking of you guys on this one alot.thanks again tom..all the best to you and yours
  6. thanks ice,upon further investigation i was able to figure it out...and based on towing and krikri's last post's
  7. obviously i heard a rumor ?but i have veriyfide the did not travel this part of the trail based on your post i read, so your response is mute..thank tou for your interest it is indeed open ....
  8. is the 5 closed for the season from grand'e vallee to gaspie
  9. big blue house;gas pump out front.maybe my memorys lax.inside looks different?looks bigger than what i remember it to be..was there in 2013..the dog?like i said memory is bad.
  10. been to lac fallion before do not remember this stop?
  11. tom do you have one more ride left in you end of marchGASPISIELET ME KNOW
  12. heading that way soon,but i will be on my sidewinder,but my 4th apex is in my garage with 1900 miles on it in case this new sled doesn't have the reliability factor i will have a back-up plan to go forward.loved my apexs,rock solid
  13. lol lol ,you know i'm teasing,my gear is almost the same,and you might get a large suprize taughting me lol lol iv'e never ever been passed
  14. problem solved............. just get a yamaha,,and get a full night of RESTFUL SLEEP,,
  15. tom why dont you just get a sliegh with a good set of 5.7 pilots on it to tow be hind that big four hole d-9 caterpillar to move all that luggageman you are loaded for bear brother,lol lol
  16. i'm with you on that wulsock,hopefully theres still open trails in march,this weather trend does not look promising?these are brutal thaws were having...
  17. ANY FUEL ISSUES IF NOT CARRYING EXTRA FUEL GOING THAT ROUTE UP OVER THE TOP LA'DORE TO AMOS,,THANKS PIPEMAN,we would be on four fuel sucking big bore yamaha,lol lol, huge reliability can't go any were with no petrol,ha ha ha
  18. that will teach'em hey iceman,next time he should have a yamaha.that way when finally actually gets to trail,he will have enough POWER&TRACTION to be able use the trail lol lol .old 2-stroke Jeep,not so muchLOL LOL.....
  19. were rooting for you zrt cat,we know how much goes into these adventures each winterand your timing this year is spot sorry my friend but you are going to be have finally reached the promise land,lol lol .just relax and will be renergized with your surrondings and be litterally a peace....enjoy the exprience and journey
  20. read a quite a few reports, as one of my sleds is the same as yours. supposed to be the cats meoo! made right in good old
  21. that is absolutely the funniest thing i've ever seen period