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  1. Planning a loop , leaving from Qc city to LSJ-Chibougamou-Val D'or-back to Qc. I have read some older posts and it doesn't sound like there are any major issues with this ride, but I would like to be sure about gas. Looks like there are many places to stay along the route. I plan on reserving when I set a departure date(late feb). We will be 2 guys , one renegade 1200 and one expy sport 900. Any info would be helpful, places to stay, places to eat and where to fuel up!! (would like to do this in 5-7 days) I didn't post in the regional forums because I am covering 3-4 different regions. Thanks , Rodney.
  2. Rodmax

    planning a trip, info welcome!

    no prob for 400 km per day or more depending on weather and trail conditions!!
  3. Rodmax

    White Road late Feb?!!

    Hi there, I have been reading/following all on this site for the last couple of years. I plan on trying the white road in late February with a riding buddy, I am wondering if anyone else might be planning to go at this time.. After reading the highlights of the two trips that were shared last year , I thought it might be wise to see if there were others interested.. My dates are somewhat set for leaving Godbout or Baie Comeau ( where ever the ferry drops me off) on Feb 23 and I have 8-9 days to get back to the ferry. Anyone up for it? Thanks, Rodney.
  4. Rodmax

    White Road late Feb?!!

    Left kegaska on Sat at noon and ran to Chevrey good ride. Chevrey - blan sablon Sunday. Cold and sunny -21. Trails flat and fast. Into BS at 3 pm. Ran down to l'ans au clair for a Look and back to hotel blan sablon for the night. Monday back to Chevrey... And Tuesday back to kegaska. Conditions were great. And the two of us enjoyed every mile.. off to the gaspe for quick loop then sledding locally around cap chat for a few days 4-7 /03. Then back home to reality.
  5. Rodmax

    White Road late Feb?!!

    Thanks, Would loved to have left from Baie Comeau but with no previous experience up there and no one with us going east, I thought I would take advise of this forum to leave from Kegaska this time... Safe and somewhat easy!! But cant wait. Hope to see you 603 you will be on your way to Lab City I assume?? Rodney
  6. Rodmax

    White Road late Feb?!!

    Well the time has come, hopefully the ferry leaves here in the Magdalen Islands tomorrow, I have a 2 day ferry/drive/ferry /drive trip from the Maggies to Kegaska to get to the white road|!!!, 1500 km on the truck then we will put miles on the sleds. Looks like good weather coming up that way. Rodney.
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    iles de la madeleine groomer down!

    operation successful !!
  8. Our groomer went through he ice this morning. Iles de la madeleine Qc.
  9. Rodmax

    iles de la madeleine groomer down!

    yes there were two on board when it broke through the ice, both are ok... were a bit shaken up at the time!!
  10. Rodmax

    iles de la madeleine groomer down!

    3 days so far, it is out of the water but still has to be hauled to shore, they are preparing some type of sleigh to set the groomer onto to haul it to shore!!
  11. Rodmax

    iles de la madeleine groomer down!

    it is on the bottom in the pic , approx. 6-8 ft deep. recovery in progress tonight, and yes insured.!!
  12. Rodmax

    Village Grande near Cap Chat

    we visited there 2 yrs ago(just passing by) met the new owner , he was very friendly .I am going there to stay a few days , first week of march.
  13. Rodmax

    la cache !!!!

    I just messaged the club in new Richmond, he replied that there is gas and food available at the cache!
  14. Rodmax

    Mt Valin looking good

    Really like following you guys on here, but would be much better if I was following in the Snow Dust!!!