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  1. I had my highest mileage winter in a long time, put it away today with 200 km short of 6000 km for the season. 3000 km on Gaspe trails, the balance done locally. 2019 expedition sport 900 ace, great machine, not an issue all winter. Rodney.
  2. relais, la cache closing tomorrow for 2 weeks. Relais de la Cache 1 hr · AVERTISSEMENT: PAR MESURES PRÉVENTIVES, NOUS FERMERONS NOS PORTES COMPLÈTEMENT À PARTIR DE DEMAIN POUR UNE PÉRIODE DE DEUX SEMAINES Svp faire circuler! *********************************************************************** WARNING: BY PREVENTIVE MEASURES, WE WILL BE CLOSING DOWN COMPLETELY STARTING TOMORROW FOR A TWO WEEKS PERIOD. Please circulate!
  3. i read the clubhouse in new richmond, on the gaspe is closed. grooming still going on as usual.
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    Gaspe Run

    yes i spoke to you, I was with the group of 5 guys eating next to you at breakfast..i had a great week!!! hopefully back at it the first week of march!!
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    Gaspe Run

    I just called , and they have oil both regular and synthetic, but not brand specific.
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    Gaspe Run

    Yes I was probably talking with you.
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    Gaspe Run

    I just got back from 9 days in the great Gaspe !! Had excellent weather 90 % of the time and excellent trails 95%.. Rodney
  8. i was planning to go to the north shore in February but with all the ferry problems i may change plans, Will wait to see if the F.A Gauthier gets back in service before making reservations!
  9. Did my first NB ride in feb this past winter, trails were all great except for one section due to broke down groomers, 750 km in 3 days. i did find that all the trails lacked signage, maybe because i have always ridden in Qc.. but the only signs i saw were at major trail intersections... still with the trail maps and cell phones we did good!!
  10. go to this link, NB interactive map Island lake lodge would be due west of Bathurst at a major intersection of the trail system, a few different loops can be done from there.. I planned my 3 day trip with their map and it worked out 95%, I do think they need more signs telling you where you are , I had to frequently go to the trail app on my phone. But trails were great!!!
  11. Not sure how far you would want to do in a day , but I was in NB last week for 3 days.. We had coffee at a place called Island Lake, they rent cottages and I think from there you could easily do a few different day trips..
  12. What do you take as far as tools and or spare parts when travelling? I think I go overkill , a booster pack, with complete set of sockets and wrenches 8mm-24mm , spare wheel of each size on the sled and spare bearings with the tools to change them, as well as some oil, chain case oil, antifreeze , tie wraps, hose clamps, hay wire, ductape , rubber mallet , headlamp. with an assortment of spare nuts and bolts flagging tape , survival blanket ,flares , bungie cords , and a couple of ratchet straps. oh and an axe and a saw.. Good thing she is long and has a lot of carrying space... But I would like to cut back. Thanks, Rodney
  13. I did that last season, loved it.. will surely go again!!
  14. domaine Valga is nowhere near Chandler, unless I am mistaken...Check it out
  15. keep checking the ferry, it is broke down... not sure for how long , but it will probably be weeks... just a heads up before getting there and it is not crossing!!!
  16. that bridge is 1 km upriver from my dads cottage, river is very high!!!
  17. I wrote Timbrell .. but should have wrote Parent.
  18. Thanks for the input, I am still ironing out details using the interactive map. I am leaning towards the first of march for this trip. does this look realistic, no real big mile days but very doable I think depending on weather and trails. Day 1 Four Pt. Qc city to 3#-369-23-83-Roberval approx. 320 km Day 2 Roberval-373-93- Chibougamau approx. 315 km Day 3 Chib-93-Sennetere approx. 350 Day 4 sennetere-83- Timbrell approx 380 km Day 5 Timbrell 83-73- La Tuque approx. 360 km Day 6 La Tuque 73-3- Qc city. approx 225 km any info on places to stay and where to fuel up etc..will be appreciated!! Thanks, Rodney.
  19. I imagine most places along the 93 and 83 only take cash, would this be true?
  20. no prob for 400 km per day or more depending on weather and trail conditions!!
  21. Planning a loop , leaving from Qc city to LSJ-Chibougamou-Val D'or-back to Qc. I have read some older posts and it doesn't sound like there are any major issues with this ride, but I would like to be sure about gas. Looks like there are many places to stay along the route. I plan on reserving when I set a departure date(late feb). We will be 2 guys , one renegade 1200 and one expy sport 900. Any info would be helpful, places to stay, places to eat and where to fuel up!! (would like to do this in 5-7 days) I didn't post in the regional forums because I am covering 3-4 different regions. Thanks , Rodney.
  22. Left kegaska on Sat at noon and ran to Chevrey good ride. Chevrey - blan sablon Sunday. Cold and sunny -21. Trails flat and fast. Into BS at 3 pm. Ran down to l'ans au clair for a Look and back to hotel blan sablon for the night. Monday back to Chevrey... And Tuesday back to kegaska. Conditions were great. And the two of us enjoyed every mile.. off to the gaspe for quick loop then sledding locally around cap chat for a few days 4-7 /03. Then back home to reality.
  23. Thanks, Would loved to have left from Baie Comeau but with no previous experience up there and no one with us going east, I thought I would take advise of this forum to leave from Kegaska this time... Safe and somewhat easy!! But cant wait. Hope to see you 603 you will be on your way to Lab City I assume?? Rodney
  24. Well the time has come, hopefully the ferry leaves here in the Magdalen Islands tomorrow, I have a 2 day ferry/drive/ferry /drive trip from the Maggies to Kegaska to get to the white road|!!!, 1500 km on the truck then we will put miles on the sleds. Looks like good weather coming up that way. Rodney.