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  1. That’s the one I meant, had them confused
  2. Is that near grande cascapedia in gaspe? Looks familiar?
  3. Correct. Thought that one was a little tougher, guess not
  4. The Rohan bibs and jacket are the warmest klim ever made but I think they only made them for 1 year. My buddy has them and he don’t where them, says they’re too warm. We were in Val-d’Or this year I think it was -37* first morning and he was still debating wearing them.
  5. Last week we stopped at Senneterre and le Belle on the east side and st Felix on the west. I think the west side was 111miles
  6. I used earth pak 55L back pack last year strapped on a powder keg gas/storage combo. This year I bought the 70L duffel to strap on the powder keg. I can never have enough room.
  7. Thank you for the quick response. Not sure of our loop yet but this is what I’m thinking
  8. Looking for a place to stay near the intersection of 63 and 386. Won’t be till the middle of February. Any advise would be appreciated
  9. I got the app just wishing it groomed and wasn’t updated. To much snow on the trails very narrow and loose