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  1. Anyone have feedback on staying at Motel Ours Bleu? Never stayed there before but thinking of doing a three day trip out of there. Not concerned about the lack of restaurant or other facilities. More so just want to make sure of security of vehicles, trailer, sleds. Seems like good owners & a good location to ride from.
  2. First time posting, but wanted to give a ride report of an epic (for our group anyway) adventure. Our group of 4 left out of Rabaska at around 8 a.m. heading north on 13 toward Parent on 3/2 and found the trails flat and smooth. We didn't see another sled for the first 60 miles. Conditions were good enough to get to Parent around lunchtime and stop for a bite at Hotel Central. I guess we were lulled into a false sense of making great time with the great conditions. Anyway, we decided (after looking at a map that was clearly not to scale) to continue on 83 and head down 345 to 33 to make a big loop. Long story short, we ended the day with an unexpected 415 miles and 4 tired souls by the time we got back to our cabin at Rabaska. In hindsight - a great ride that we will talk about for years to come I'm sure. Hitting the trail after a great Rabaska breakfast.... Notawissi.... Fuel in Fer A Cheval... Power lines heading north... Hill coming down into Parent.... Fuel in Parent.... It gets real in Casey, when we realize we aren't going to make it home for dinner.... Well, at least the trails are still spectacular!.... Another fuel stop, Pourvoirie Kanawata. The pictures ended here, as the sun went down. We continued on through Manawan and made it to Mekoos, where the chef & one of the servers took pity and threw together wings & fries for us - even though they had shut down the dining well be fore we got there. Thank you to them for the kindness and the very welcome meal! Filled up with fuel once again and onward to Rabaska. Back at the cabin by midnight and some well deserved beverages in the hot tub. Off to bed at 2 a.m. and back at it in the morning!