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  1. Thanks for all the replies. Especially pointing me to the “GT 2018” thread. I think it’s obvious that there will likely be many areas where wheels would be very helpful (many long bridge runs and ferry crossings ) now to figure out if I should go with the rouski or rollerski set up. 🙂
  2. Thanks Dooright. The plan is to start just north of Quebec City and if possible make it to Baie-Johan-Beetz and back. We know this is aggressive and likely not an easy run. We are allowing 12+- days to allow for weather issues/etc. Of the 5 of us there will be 3 850 renegades, a Lynx 850 Rave le, and myself on a 900T renegade. Collectively we have saddlebagged the Gaspe, multiple trips in Maine, and the Saguenay region. So cote nord would be a new experience. We are watching closely the status of TQ 3 for the upcoming season. One option might be to detour to Matane and take the ferry to connect north of the closed section? But then another challenge could be east of Sept IIes because of terrain/weather conditions.
  3. A group of us are planning a trip east on TQ 3 this coming February. We have not ridden in this area of Quebec before. Based on some trail reports folks have highly recommended having rouski or rollerski retractable wheels. But on other posts with pictures of sleds vast majority don’t have wheels. Not sure how far east we will make it, but looking on the official map it appears that some sections must share river crossings with road bridges. in February how likely would there be lots of bare pavement to run? Thanks in advance Doug
  4. Posting for a friend: 2018 Polaris 800 XCR snow check Switchback. Perfect condition. Never seen salt, always stored inside, trailered in enclosed trailer, etc. Ridden exclusively in northern Maine and Quebec. Accessories include windshield bag, rear rack, rear bag, helmet plug, mirrors, spare belt, and plugs. 3K miles. Asking $8500. Only selling as new sled is on the way. Sled located in North Berwick, Maine. Call Scott for more details at 603-534-7660.
  5. I bought a choko adventurer (https://chokodesign.com/ca/adventurer.html) last fall. The choko was $270 or so. Great quality, very warm, waterproof, etc, etc. While in the gaspe last February a tour guide commented on my jacket “that’s what everyone should be wearing up here” I said if money was no object I would have got the absolute 0, but my cheapness got the best of me. He said “nope, that model choko is warmer, and a better jacket” Was he right? No idea, but more knowledgeable than I am. Regardless I am very happy with it and would buy another.
  6. Thanks for all the guidance above.... Had a great time. Started in RDL rode TQ5 clockwise around the gaspe. First time, but will not be the last. Drove up through VT on the way north. Then tried the route through Maine (crossed back into the US in Houlton) on the way home. While the VT route (from Wakefield, NH) might have been a bit quicker, the roads in QC were in better condition from RDL to Houlton, ME. Not that the "VT" route was terrible, but those roads seamed to be built more on top of an old concrete road. 8.5 hours going through VT. 9 hours coming home through ME.
  7. Looks like we will be heading up through VT. Thanks for the replies. Very much appreciated.
  8. For the first time heading to RDL a week from today. Trailering from central NH. Mapquest is routing us up RT 95 in Maine and crossing into Canada from Houlton. I’ve made the trip to northern Maine many times. So I’m fine with that route. But don’t know if it would be better to go north through Vermont. thanks Doug
  9. Left you a pm. Let me know if still avaliable Thanks Doug
  10. Original owner, meticulously maintained 2012.Renegade 1200X. Cannot be told from new. 4200 milesAlways garaged or trailered in an enclosed trailer. Options include: 6.9 Pilot skis, studded track (zero bent or pulled out), engine temp module, PB80 clutch (comes with stock clutch with 200 miles), medium height windshield w/mirrors, Oil lite bushings, etc, etc.Always used Mobil 1 oil. Only ridden when there was adequate snow (original slides show very little wear). Asking $6400. The best sled I have owned thus far, only selling as a new 2018 is on the way.Also available is a ski doo 2-up Linq seat/backrest for $500.Let me know if you would like additional pics or more info
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