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  1. info@moose-valley.com Long Hair and I spoke to the owner one day during the Shut Down, he was able to sell us gas, felt bad ,one day open\one day closed, no warning from the Gov. Anyways, he was a nice guy and seemed to realy like everyone making an effort come by. Email and\or Call him. Later GutZ
  2. I think Sacacomie parks you a 1/4 mile away. Like they did not want us there or ATVers. That was a while ago... but it may have changed. GutZ
  3. In two weeks it will be smooth sailing! Or two weeks after that,,,, or maybe two weeks after that.... LOL! GutZ
  4. he's so old.... how old is he.... he's so old he remembers when the British did rule the US or the colonies... hahahahahaha! GutZ
  5. Are we guessing the missing first letter? I'll say " L " But I am bi-lingually illiterate.... I cant read nor write in two languages... and my first language is "Jibberish"... as you all know.... LOL! GutZ
  6. I agree, but I would bet the Liabilty Ins states on the 72nd page in fine print, Liability is for damages done or injuries occuring by the sled, not to the sled or rider. As well as a clause stating damage and injuries while on marked trails and not on private property adjacent to the marked trails. If said stump was just beyond the marked trail, and cleared for general maintenance, but not with in the maintained coridor, therefore not covered and defaults to the Insured leasie's general liability insurance policy. Think of the scene in the The Jerk at the Carnival Booth.... Or some Bull Shit like that. I feel I spend on a lot on Insurance and factory warranties, and these are designed to protect the companies, not the insured.... Later GutZ
  7. This is Great! Other than the Sled I see NO non-OEM parts in the X-Ray! I think this is the first one of X-Ray with out it!! Not even a filling! Feel Better Buddy!! And bend those Knees! GutZ
  8. Snowmobilers are tree huggers too!! GutZ
  9. No, Thank You! Your Pics are going to get me through the summer. Keep them coming! Thanks GutZ
  10. Happy Birthday from Team GutZ! GutZ
  11. Well.. until some asshole put gas in your LinQ Gas Can...... Sorry! GutZ
  12. Thats north of LSJ? Usually not bad till the end .... South is usually another story... Weird winter for conditions. Later GutZ
  13. I would bet the Circlip was not seated correctly in the wheel, it failed to retain the bearing and it moved off the bearing, not that we have something like it happen...... http://quebecrider.com/forums/uploads/monthly_2023_03/image.png.d697db870cd97aa9db641be01ddc4836.png You can see the bearing in place on the shaft. http://quebecrider.com/forums/uploads/monthly_2023_03/image.png.1a7558a44c7b76fdaf1f2486a9785aaf.png Not that this helps at all, but may help someone else. Later GutZ
  14. MrGutz


    All this time we were holding your friend back!!! LOL! GutZ
  15. I take The Pledge! And 3 others..... Or I'll cut off their riding!!!
  16. Grooming says... most likely. GutZ
  17. I think you're going to be the "Boots on the Ground", Jack and Sandy came back early due to Ice and Rain. I does appear to be getting better, per the App. Later GutZ
  18. Teamfast.com the people who make the M-10,20, etc... may have a replacement for the rear shock. their version of the Air Shock is usually rebuildable. Compared to pulling the Engine, the seat and shock are a piece of cake. You could even replace the bushings with ones from Val from Mainway Solutions, then just grease them every couple months. Later GutZ
  19. Now we have done this..... LongHair took the Formula 500 straight up a plowed snowbank and did what was called "X-Game" worthy air...... But what goes up, must come back down.... landed right on the tail, causing this kinda damage.... Sucks so early in the season, good luck on getting parts..... GutZ
  20. Just to be clear "We" had nothing to do with this, so if anyone had new 2022 Polaris in the pool, not a winner. LOL! This does suck. GutZ
  21. It has the Dodge Warranty. And it only has 55k on it, I blame Covid, it sat more than usual, I had to have all the brakes replaced since they rusted together, the shocks were just replaced, because they had rusted, E-Brake Cable snapped due to Rust. So... may get some idea tomorrow. GutZ
  22. Really..... is it? hahahahha!!! You've given him rides home? He should be a test pilot or durability evaluator for products.... LongHair this is our indestrucable new product, oops, it's broke..... LOL, 30 seconds, new record! With reading your eval from last night\this AM, it may be good we did not go.... but this not the way I wanted to be discuraged from going... GutZ
  23. Hey GuyZ So who ever had the pool going this year, the winner is "The Durango" There has to be a pool, right, what will we blow up next..... We would have been unloading the Trailer by now if things had gone well and giving J&S a call to plan for tomorrow's ride...... But you see LongHair somehow has grenaded the Durango..... 55k on the Odometer.... ( I cant say he did anything wrong, but this does make the second SUV of mine to need a new engine with him at the helm, and his forth engine in misc trucks this year....) Fortunatly we were only 20 miles from the house, and it was 40 degrees.... NoHair was only wearing slippers, PJ Pants and his Foxy Headdress.... so 40 degrees was just up his alley ......while we waited for LongHair to get his work truck and tow the trailer to the house. The Dealer Service Agent went by while AAA was loading the Durango, and told me he said to himself ,"is that coming to my door"? Pulled on to 91 North from the pike and each light on the dash lit up in turn...... Pulled over just past the Holyoke Mall, opened the hood, coolant everywhere.... its had no issues in the last few weeks ; in the couple times I've used it and tested with the trailer. I like to do a shake down run up in to the hills around us, really put a load on it, because we dont use it more than 10-20 times a year. Oh well! I checked Rental Trucks today and they were not bad, so our next launch date is the 19th. Pistons Crossed for Luck!!! By the way, I also checked out a new Lincoln Navigator.... WOW... Taking Mrs GutZ for Test Drive Soon! Stuck at Home GutZ
  24. Looks like you are the boots on the Ground! Updates? Pics? GutZ
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