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  1. Well I guess dont order for this season.... GutZ
  2. 7. Keep Sleds 6 feet apart and you need to put a mask on your sled. GutZ
  3. I wonder if we can use AAA\CAA for the trip? GutZ
  4. Just took a look.... Grooming!!! GutZ
  5. Valin Ski Hill <iframe width="468" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/wJlU0-yC-OA" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  6. I assume Covid? I'm sorry to hear it. All will pray for a quick recovery. ( Deity of your choice ) Later GutZ
  7. "With the covid surge going on right now in the northeast, Quebec isn't about to roll out the red carpet for us." Boooo, Hisss, Boooo LOL But is Quebec\Canada better off? GutZ
  8. That's my point, we are getting into a situation when the results take longer than the expect "Safe" period that a Negative Test would allow travel. With one or two people crossing together, waiting another few hours\day may not be too bad, but with a larger group.... Sounds like the old joke; *Your Doctor walks into the room... I have good news and bad news, the good news is you have another 24hrs to live, bad news is I should have told you yesterday...... GutZ
  9. Thanks!! Happy Thanksgiving to All! GutZ
  10. Who would rent beavers equipment like that, I guess if they have a credit card, but really... you know they are up to no good! LOL GutZ
  11. But I did hear on the Internet that the Canadian Covid is more polite, easier going and tastes like maple! I dont care if I have to take a test and show that I took a test, but the turn around times are growing longer and if we are at the border, all vaxed, and waiting for the email for one of us in the group, that can cause a problem. Once over the border, we would keep up distancing, masks if need be, etc... Thanks and I hope they drop it. GutZ
  12. Hey I heard from someone who goes back and forth to QC, that she heard that the Test 72hrs Prior maybe being dropped. Any truth to this? Later GutZ
  13. Looks like they had to plow. So its building up. But I heard it will be Plus 1 next week... GutZ
  14. Yes Sir. I'll look again the AM. GutZ
  15. Well... Thank God for Global Warming!! That wont happen again! They can safely hunt in 70\21 degree weather! LOL We're Screwed!! LOL GutZ
  16. Looks like it is. https://www.passionquebec.qc.ca/en Did you call 418-290-1001? Maybe give the SLed Rental place across the street knows? https://www.destinationmontsvalin.com/ GutZ
  17. Looks like it is. https://www.passionquebec.qc.ca/en Did you call 418-290-1001? GutZ
  18. Right now the snow cover is a little thin.... But in 2 weeks.......LOL! Sorry, had to. I'm sure someone with more info will jump in. GutZ
  19. Just to get the paperwork passed a committee. GutZ
  20. Mike I have emailed with him and he seems great. My only concern would be as the border opens, he may see it return to normal. BUT I am planning to stay there at least a couple nights this year. Beyond that, I don't have an issue. Later GutZ
  21. The oil changes are easier on those! And you're never looking for fuel.... Looks very peaceful. GutZ
  22. More like a ramp!! We can clear it, I got a Turbo!!!
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