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  1. Time for glasses!! They look nothing alike. LOL
  2. So Mike what is your address?? LOL Signed up Mini for a Maine Snowmobile Safety Course just in case.... GutZ
  3. G, Thanks Again for all the Pics, It's really helping everyone Virtually go Outside. Thanks GutZ
  4. So if we get over the border and into Quarantine, we'll all be asking what will the trailz be like in 2 weeks! NNOOOOO!! LOL This Sucks! GutZ
  5. Ruh Roh is wright.... Free Wifi and "Scooby Snacks" they may never get out of the trunk. LOL GutZ
  6. Does the Trunk have Free WiFi? That may tip the scales! GutZ
  7. Already planning the QR Get Together for 2036!! GutZ
  8. Ice, Careful, one project will lead to another! Your Honey-Do List will start expanding!!! Looks Nice! GutZ
  9. The USA QR group Storming the St Lawerance!! Then fighting off the Border Patrol!! GutZ
  10. Good Job Crew!! Never have so many, done so little!! Congrats! LOL GutZ
  11. I try to steer clear of political BS either way while online, but this does rub me the wrong way for sure. Stolen Valor? GutZ
  12. This sounds familiar, I had a Cough and Fever for a couple days at the end of January. Went to urgent care, they said same thing, here's a zpak, done in 12 hours. I would love to get an antibody test. GutZ
  13. Let's take her Snowmobiling!! Add her to the fold. GutZ
  14. I had heard this, this AM, and from what I could tell from the explanation is this: Someone who was "TRULY ASYMPTOMATIC" while having the Virus was Very Rare and IF they were "TRULY ASYMPTOMATIC" their Viral Load would be very small, therefore making it difficult\harder to pass the Virus along. It seemed to hinge on the Definition of "TRULY ASYMPTOMATIC". This would be someone who had no symptoms manifest, no fever (perceived or not), Lowered Lung Function (PulseOyx), etc... I'm not passing this along as gospel.... My interpretation of their explanation. GutZ
  15. Bob, you can make my check out to "Cash" and since it would require effort to pick it up.... could you drop it off.... Thanks!! PS, Dont be cheap, I know you work hard!! LOL!! Sorry, had too, I do hear you... My office is in the same building as some of the counties social services and the things I see\hear... ( But not everyone.... ) Come on Snow!!! GutZ
  16. LOL, On my way, bringing Mason and his Quad too! GutZ
  17. Can I use Eddie Skidoo's Card? Anything with a Jacuzzi? GutZ
  18. But just in case Mike, put me down for one Room 2 Beds, I'll get you dates!! LOL GutZ
  19. I'm no expert.... but that is the smallest Moose I have ever seen. GutZ
  20. Too True. Happy Free TV Day! GutZ
  21. I was driven to school, couldnt be trusted on buses.....too many surfaces.... GutZ
  22. LOL!!! 3500.00 that was for the week we went tubing, shopping, Winter Carnival, in QC , then a Family Sled trip at LSJ!! And it was a great time and would have spent double!!! So I'm Extra Special!! GutZ