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  1. RR, Is the Relay\Outfitter off the Pelchat Trail open with Gas this year? If you've gone out that way? I think it is here: Brothers and I were thinking of going from Delta to Forestville Area and wanted to make sure Gas and Lunch was available. Thanks GutZ
  2. Hey.... Two Fire Extinguishers and Several Tow Straps. Go Big !!! and Tow Home!! LOL GutZ
  3. Hey We'll be riding out of the Delta/saguenay on the 2nd, we are not partiers\drinkers. Relaxers. We usually bother Jack and Sandy for these days, so they may appreciate the break from us.....LOL But more the merrier. Breakdowns are almost guaranteed! or fires or NOS Explosions or ..... GutZ
  4. Someone needs to wrestle him back to the Keyboard. Any Takers? GutZ
  5. Did any of you Contact Chris at CT Powersports and get the Turbo Flash or talk to him about it. He indicated that it was a big difference in power but it ran as smooth as stock, no issues, he put it on his own sled. Later GutZ
  6. Moderation is that a Cheese\Fromage?
  7. Those are some Fat Dogs.... GutZ
  8. You may need another gas can.... That is the sled i'm looking at, can't wait to hear your review! Very Nice!! GutZ
  9. The camera looks like it got into the rouge! LOL GutZ
  10. I don't even get a garage..... I'm being garage shamed!!! LOL GutZ
  11. Trailer is packed... Sleds are Ready..... Unfortunately.... the solenoid for the NOS on the RR stuck open when we connected the bottle.... Started filling the trailer with gas.... We all laughed and went and got some twinkies... LOL!! I took apart the NOS Controller "Smart Box" and found it contained two solenoids (Odd ball ones) and some twisted wires, WOW. I think I've cleaned it out we will try again... Watch for the earth shattering Kaboom!! on the news. Clock is ticking!! GutZ
  12. Can't get rid of duplicate map. Sorry GutZ
  13. Your Coordinates may be off, trying to program Drone Please Confirm GutZ
  14. High Speed Rouge Delivery: On it's way, now make with the flat snow! LOL GutZ
  15. Well, we're ready.... maybe tooo Ready Tested out the RedRocker up at the Farm. And Long Hair had to give Mini a Rip on the new 1200. GutZ
  16. Looks groom-able, Get Out There!!! LOL GutZ
  17. Full Lot, Look at those guys... Taunting us!!! Damn Them!!! GutZ
  18. Interesting Fact: We tested and tuned the NOS in the RR many years ago in the parking lot. Later that day it made my shiny new Mach-Z 1000 Gade look silly on Brae Louise. GutZ
  19. Good Xmas Gifts!! "My Brother went Snowmobiling in Quebec, and all I got was this T-Shirt" LOL I crack me up..... GutZ
  20. WooHoo! Still 45 Days till we start, but that will go fast.
  21. iMotoNeige, Yesterday?
  22. Does the above line with "Choose Files" appear? GutZ
  23. It appears I'm Bi-Bilingually Illiterate. GutZ
  24. Update: Well last year was disappointing, the sled would not rev (I believe it was the Voltage Regulator ), The NOS would pull hard to Mid-Range and done, a bit of Knock too. It started leaking oil out of the waterpump weep hole, I thought. Spark Plug tore out of the head, needing a new head to be chambered, flattened and milled. The engine cases\cylinders threads on several holes are starting to strip. (94 Mach 1 Motor, 25 years old +/-) So... the VR was upgraded to a Mosfet design, I hope that will solve the Revs. The leak turned out to be the seal for the cases, I think the NOS and Knock caused the lower case seal to blow out, also upgraded to better pistons and cleaned and re-tapped holes. Once the engine was in the chassis and started it was pouring coolant out of a head bolt, it tore the threads and there was not enough depth to increase the threads. I was going to helicoil it, but instead went with using a 10mm bolt since it was the same bore as the heliCoil. We are back in business!! So far..... Tidey up some electical stuff and maybe a little testing at the farm. Untill the next "Earth Shattering Kaboom"..... GutZ