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  1. Le Finca

    Accommodations north of Tremblant Park?

    Canada Aventure in northwest side of Taureau or Pignon Rogue Mokocan looks nice and open this year in same general area... Personaly, I am always a fan of Auberge du Vieux Moulin south of Saint Zenon. Kevin has 5 star Lodging/food/ammenities/gas.
  2. Le Finca

    March 9th-11th Chenail Du Nord adventure.

    Wapishish is Accessible from bras Louis and is quite the donkey path into the relais. They have 91 octane, good beer/food and even offer lodging. They mentioned that they hope to be on Quebec map in the next year or two. Sounds like they have been busier this year then in previous years. We stopped their on our way back to valin after riding Cote Nord. We had started that day after a great stay at Chenail Du Nord, and were lucky to have Benoit confirm our handmade Gps track west to Wapishish. It’s worth the adventure and our group would go back again.