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  1. Snowmaster couldnt have said it any better, im 2.5 from the hill and many opportuities to go but never have because of all the horror stories/amateur night...plus why go out for chili cheese dogs when you got filet mignon and lobster tail 4 hrs north in paradise
  2. Left lake George to meet the the landwalrus in NH arrived in Shawinigan tues nite great snow trails mint . Trying a new hotel directly on the trail! auberge Le flore, comfortable rooms plenty o parking and right on the 23. Can't beat it. Rain all day today, bummer. Ride right and ride right, happy trails..
  3. Hope your feeling better Don. That pneumonia is nothing to play around with, glad your okay...
  4. Omg the landwalrus couldn't sleep a wink...luckily I was on the other side of the building. BTW Reg at Drakkar is good dude. Treats customers real good. Later buddies
  5. Ride with Iceman!!! If your coming up from NC and going to spend your hard earned money do it the right way. Have no regrets you'l prolly have 10X the better time and excitment with Ice. I would recommend it highly...
  6. Thanks Alain, I just took a virtual ride from down here in Fla. Felt good too. My backs a little sore but worth it. Lol thanks again
  7. I must say studs have saved my life more than once and I do see how they affect the roadway crossings but to jump out of the blue with a new law is wrong. Riders need at least a years notice, cmon man!! Glad the Yamaha is still unstudded. Think snow.
  8. El Niño is Spanish for The Nino
  9. So a seal walks into this club..... Be safe Bill can't wait to hear the reports, Fat Lou
  10. I gotta say "the boss" at Reales is the biggest and tastiest breakfast in all of Ca. But you gotta get there before 11 am. It kind of looks like the photo trailblazer sent but bigger. Shane introduced that meal to me years ago and I've been bringing some of the biggest, fattest, mindless feeder friends of mine and they all say "Wow". Around three pm they say "holy shit I can't believe I missed lunch, and I'm still not that hungry"
  11. Love it iceman.... Lookin to letter rip. hopefully with the big Combat Man . And my buddy Blake Mahieu
  12. Headed up thurs night to Monday. Gonna doo a stupid loop. It ain't over till that Fat Walrus sings my friends. Peace out till next year and thanks to all that have made this forum the best Canadian trail report site in existence.
  13. Hey Mark show this video to jasen before u hit the trails in the AM. Don't let him become a concern. I'm not with him to preach safety this wknd. Have fun and no high pitch whistling at Pierre's lol