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  1. Jamie Matheson

    Made it!!!

    Revct1 and snobeeler are correct. Its a must do!! get the snowmobiler package and enjoy the fantastic breakfast as well. The pic below is coming out of the casino.
  2. Jamie Matheson

    Made it!!!

    Finally made it for a ride. Quebec City to Saguenay to Pointe-au-pic and back to Quebec city. Can't wait to return in a couple weeks.
  3. Jamie Matheson

    need help hotel advice

    That is one hell of a good ride!!!
  4. Jamie Matheson

    Trip question

    4 Points Hotel. Did you cross the fiord in Tadoussac ?
  5. Jamie Matheson

    Trip question

    If you simply did a normal 200 miles per day at normal riding speed you would have a great week and be able to enjoy the ride. I would recommend starting at the https://www.hotelsignaturequebec.com just north of Quebec city (safe spot for trailers) If you head north first followed by south down through Mont Valens make time to stop at the https://www.fairmont.com/richelieu-charlevoix/ on the last night, it will leave you a 130 mile day at the end back to https://www.hotelsignaturequebec.com and you can drive home that day. I did this last Feb 1, prepare for COLD weather in Mont Valens. Have fun, If you are Jan 25 to Feb 1st, Im sure we will pass each other at some point.
  6. Jamie Matheson

    Quebec City

    Hoping to start out the year (December 26) from The hotel Signature in Charlesbourg. I was hoping maybe someone lives in or has traveled through the area and could give me first hand trail conditions? Hoping to make it to Farimont Richeilou and back. Thanks in advance for any info. Merry Christmas.
  7. Jamie Matheson

    Share a video of memories..

    I am trying hard to cut down a video to share but it seems its still to large. Stand-By....... Sorry,,,,tried again but it seems a 30 second video is too much for this site.
  8. Jamie Matheson


    Has it been rebuilt??
  9. Jamie Matheson

    2018 Riviere du Loup Trail Conditions/Gossip/Tidbits

    I tiped my sled over coming out of the tunnel 2 weeks ago!!! I can't wait for the 24th of March to be back in the area again.