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  1. The West side is definitely better in my opinion, the East side down to Quevillon is twisty and keeps jumping the road hard to keep it groomed nice
  2. The app is fairly close and like said above way better than signs but it almost always under estimates the mileage some
  3. Why does it cut the riding time 2 days?
  4. That monkey took a beating!
  5. I have been riding Quebec since '89 and I have seen the markers really fall off. It used to be you almost didn't even need a map just a place you wanted to go and maybe a trail number to follow. When we were riding last week there were times we went 20 miles or more with no markings at all not even a trail number. When you get to a trail intersection now usually the most you will see is a trail number in either direction where there used to be signs pointing to towns with distances and all kinds of signs for Hotels,Restaurants,Gas stations, Dealers etc. If you have experience in Quebec and use the tools available it's not bad but I feel for anyone that has never ridden Quebec. The reasons are easy to see with the fact that it's hard to get volunteers and the ATV clubs are getting bigger and stronger and using their trails in Winter and not really buying snowmobiles but it definitely has changed
  6. The trail up through Chateauvert used to travel that way all the time, was always nice. Does anyone remember the trail when Chateauvert was open and when you came up 345 just past Dam Gilardo the trail went right then went up and crossed the Riviere Rats road and bypassed Repos
  7. For sure don't forget airdrop the pictures pick some good ones put the path back together in your head then try to get it all done on an iphone before you pass out LOL
  8. Thanks Alain, my friend Jen takes the pictures she has a good eye. Not sure on the camera but it's just a small pocket one I think Olympus
  9. Well the trail markings used to be much better for one thing
  10. viper2

    M&M tour

    We passed you guys on Friday crossing the Barrage leaving the Reservation. We were the 5 Yamaha’s heading South on 386
  11. It’s marked and staked so if you are on 23 going East when you come out onto the river 23 crosses and the river trail I think is M19 goes right up the middle
  12. Day 7- all good things must come to an end, Left The Classic this morning 8 am time to get out of Dodge, it’s the weekend saw on this site this morning the 13 opened back up, good not looking forward to running the baskatong after the freezing rain. The 13 open but not ready yet give it a week but passable. Truck into Mont Laurier not too bad yet maybe everyone partied too much last night gas at the PetroCanada maybe McDonalds? Nah let’s hit the Petit Train du Nord. Take an early lunch at the resto bar Lac Saguay good choice out of there before 12:30 keep trucking. Gas at the Petro T in Riviere Rouge right on the 63 then over to Macaza man the nuts are out now! They think they are on a one way trail! The communicators help this, Me then the two girls then the big guy, hey big guy last guy in line thinks he owns the trail ok no problem will set him straight lol. Get close to St. Michel getting crazy let’s take it slow and get back to the truck. Overall trails not bad little beat between SMDS and Le Cabanon and some icy corners but hey it’s Saturday. Make it back to the truck safe with 1475 miles on no breakdowns no tragedies great trip.
  13. Day 6- Leave Val-D’Or to Louvencourt for breakfast don’t have that kind of time to do the Forestel. Have reservations at Le Classic couldn’t get anything for Saturday anywhere near Rebaska or the outfitters in that area everyone booked solid Saturday gonna be crazy keep right gang! Head down 386 trail to the Reservation trail still exciting with the hills and the way the trail leans to the ditch. Gas at the Reserve and head South trail in pretty good shape the lower half we are running along the road because it’s plowed. In to the Verendrye lodge grab a late lunch and make tracks for Domaine. Trail needs grooming not rough but narrowing up and there is a water hole 25 miles before Domaine on 63. Gas at Domaine and on to Lytton to the Classic. Groomed from the Domaine to LeClassic thankfully C527E3F1-7BDD-4B99-8322-C7B251FC76EC.MOV 506310F5-FAF8-47C9-BD4F-EDA57E4A9FA3.MOV
  14. A little hard around Mont Laurier scratchers help and the 13 is reopened, not great but passable. Will be good on next pass which looks like might be soon there were 2 groomers staged along the highway near the quarry
  15. Snobeeler, went through the reopened section of 13 this morning. It’s not great but open
  16. Day 5- Leave LaSarre still pretty cold -7F and 4” of fresh snow. Head down 93 and cut over to the Western loop. Heading to Duparquette to warm up and get breakfast, no deal both restaurants closed. Continue on to Rouyon Noranda gas up and get some breakfast, trails not too bad so far just some loose snow on top. Take the local cutoff to 83 heading east all groomed up until about 1/2 way to Preissac then gets a little rough and in need of grooming. From there take the local to the Manior des Rapides gas up and take a break, good food nice spot. Continue on the local to 307 for just a short section then back on the local to LaMotte and through to 309. This section of local trail was pretty rough back on the 309 all good again. Took the 309 into Val-D’Or for the night at the Forestel. Been here before great place to stay but the dinner takes way too long call St. Hubert lol
  17. Day 3 actually Day 4 since we did ride Sunday in the Lanaudiere and Maurice area that I posted in the regional section. Today we left Senneterre and took 93 West. Very cold this morning-16F no restaurant at the Senabi so we head to Barraute for breakfast and a much needed warm up. We continue on 93 to Amos where we top the gas and bump into Iceman at the pumps. After a nice chat we move on and find a warming hut with smoke in the chimney just after the Berry local trail. We warm up and make the final run into LaSarre to the Villa Mon Repos for the night. 93 did not disappoint today was smooth and fast and low traffic. Was cold cold today and with snow starting early afternoon we welcomed an early quit into the hotel at 3:00 and time to relax
  18. Yes Carman, actually bumped into him today in Amos
  19. Pipeman, we stayed in LaSarre tonight we were the ones that were at the Senabi last night and talked to you this morning. Didn’t put 2+2 together until I talked to Iceman in Amos today
  20. I would call Dominic in Clova. Went through there Tuesday morning and the groomer had just come up the Lepine Road but we were on 83 so not sure how far down they went
  21. Good to see you in Amos today Don. We ended up going to LaSarre to the Villa Mon Repos tonight nice place
  22. What kind of oil and where you headed? They have Ski Doo oil at the gas station in Parent just happened to see it don’t really look for that stuff anymore
  23. viper2

    Sunday Ride

    Got to LeCabanon Saturday night. Rode Sunday as a warm up for our Western Quebec trip. Took 345 down to Koubec then continued to 23 to Grand Mere up the river to Mattawin for a late lunch then the 360 to 345 back to LeCabanon great trails low low traffic and excellent trails.