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  1. more snow in my back yard that that gaspe this sucks :diablo: :diablo:
  2. have a great trip see ya up there for the gethering im leaving on the 1st to stay at camp and do day trips from there to newbrunswick and quebec then leave to head up for the geatering around the 15th from camp in fort kent
  3. from what i here the chapelle will not be open this year
  4. sorry have to disargree on that one sure every now and then u might find a spot or to thats ruff from drifts of a grommer broke down but in no way anything bad with the exception of the tip of the gaspe i dont care what month its bumpy all the time there i for one wont ride there anymore till they straten that out
  5. im still riding with the spot 2 this season so far it has worked perfict
  6. no iv done the the gaspe in feb many times very light traffic u see sleds at realys but very few once your on the trail
  7. wow nice sleds even the cat.......... lol just kidden
  8. omg roadrunner your killing me here with these pics wow it looks mint
  9. i have no prob with guns its the sick basterds in this world we live in .... everyone hold your childern tighter tonight !!!!!!!!!!!
  10. dont even know what to think just sick fealing i have now how can anyone kill children this is all happining very close to my home my daughter who lives in newtown is locked in her house with a shot gun fucking sick world we live in
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