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  1. I spent 28 days in 2020 and got cut short due to the Covid shut down....Great trip for you guys...and great report....spending a month touring is a blast, I really enjoyed your pics and writing...many thanks, Bob.
  2. They are open, we stopped there the day they were opening, everyone was very excited and they said hopefully it would be open for ever, great opportunity for them it's a very popular spot.
  3. We saw Jacque a few weeks ago at Copper...he is having a terrible time with help...I couldn't agree more about his contribution to sledding and all the great hospitality he has served up over the years...he is a destination...one of the big players for sure....we have nothing but good comments and memories of Copper...extremely sad to see this happening to them, I wish them all the luck in the world.
  4. I did the 11 day trip in 2016 on my bike and left the day before labor day...the weather gods were shining on us and we rode the entire 11 days in T-shirts, and sunshine ...it started raining an hour after we got home...luckiest bike trip of my life.
  5. Yes it was clear to us on Sunday that road crossings and parking lots were going to be an issue as soon as it hit 33 degrees, wheels are a must , very early this year for sure.
  6. Nice seeing you along the trail last week, seemed like we were following each other around for 3 days, welcome back and have a great summer, Bob.
  7. Thanks for the heads up on the gas situation, never would have figured this that is a busy area....things have changed for sure.
  8. Chris 3 of us starting Gaspe trip Sunday as well, leaving from Hotel Universal, thru Moose Valley to Cambleton, then looping around chris
  9. I've done a lot of restoration work and built quite a few race sleds...it's amazing how many hours go into these projects...this time was well spent, I love that sled
  10. Steve, you could probably go into business building them, want to do one for me??
  11. The headlight looks like it's on in that old snow jet!!
  12. Those are some strange hours for a gas station
  13. West of Murdochville about 100 miles on north shore by capchat
  14. We kept showing up to places after the covid lock down and nobody was open or had limited kitchen help...Hotel and Cie had almost nothing, we had candy bars and beer from package store across the street after a 300 mile day, not very impressive, they should have told us they had the restaurant closed when we booked it, same thing happened at Hotel Francis in New Richmond but there were restaurants a mile away there, things are slowly getting back to normal.
  15. Yes last year food was an issue, I felt like we were on a weight watchers tour, we all carry Linq gas cans
  16. Super report and pics. We are leaving Sunday , 3 of us for a couple days in New Brunswick and then the Gaspe, same thing you just did, 8 days of heaven.
  17. And quads leave considerably more impact than sleds do....not even close
  18. So in court it appears the way it is written, if I'm just going to La Chapel for lunch and back and there is no other way I don't have to pay....so who ever said the original spirit of the Zec has been broken is 100 % correct....why have this public wilderness area with roads and trails throughout...if no one can use it....almost all recreational vacations require citizens to freely enter public , state, federal, or provential land...that ultimately is owned by the public and paid for by their tax dollars....the spirit of this has truly been broken when a very small group thinks they know best for the people.Soon they will control hours, speeds, where you can go, maybe outlaw 2 strokes, or off trail access, and on and on
  19. Now you know why so many people coming over the southern border have so many ID’s… to many rules
  20. no I had some last minute business issues and did not get there...maybe we should try to do dinner Sunday eve...3 QR 's in my group...I'm sure it could be fun...hope to see you guys when we get there
  21. We are getting in on the 26th...Sunday night going to dinner..,2 days in New Brunswick and the rest of the week on the Gaspe ...looks like a lot of QR people around at this time.
  22. confusion or not..we need to find a way to wake people up...seems like no matter what we do...there is always someone with zero respect ...that's a big deal being closed....land owners have all the power...over sledders, fisherman, hikers, hunters...it's not getting better...when ever you get to thank or do something for someone opening up their land to us...just do it!!
  23. When I’m not sledding I spend a lot of time with my hunting dogs, currently training a 7 month old who will take place of my 12 year old…AkA… my best friends.., I completely understand how this fellow must feel loosing 6 dogs… and he only closed the trail… vey lucky that slender wasn’t dealing with me… another moron has severely injured us
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