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  1. Don't ever forget the sacrifice and what it took to be free
  2. Is that the gas station that had the fire ...great pic of Copper...are you on a bike road trip??
  3. Kind of concerns me the way it says current...like someone is anticipating more regulations...AKA lock downs...Joe slipped last week and said of course there will be another round and more stimulus....I don't particular like that ...I'd much rather hear something more optimistic or inspiring...or are those days over??
  4. So what is the common denominator all over Canada and the US where nobody can hire or find workers...secretly the governments are pushing a combined socialist program where millions are on food stamps, free health care and ebt cards ??...no secret they have to live...so how do they do it with out working...and it's no secret with inflation how much more taxes are being collected on inflated prices.....sad things aren't back to normal...I don't know how much longer some of these places can hold on
  5. New federal holiday...National Learn To Ride A Bike Day
  6. We are so lucky he didn't get hurt....Kamala will sink this quicker than the Titanic , right now it's just a slow motion train wreck .
  7. Love the optimism, it will be here before we know it !!
  8. Maybe 325 American....great deal as far as I'm concerned....that kind of cash won't buy you this much peace, relaxation, excitement, or getaway anywhere else that I'm aware of...not even close...great return on the money!!
  9. Like the Washington Redskins wokies will want that song replaced
  10. So thats what that tee shirt is that you were wearing....it's really great watching hockey live in Quebec when you can see how much everyone puts their heart and soul into it...I've been lucky over the years to see some great outdoor pick up games in Canada...these guys are really good.
  11. I know it may sound crazy but some of my most memorable trips have been in monstrous storms and off trail boon docking....I will admit I have been lucky...probably took a few risks that were not advisable....but it's been a great adventure.
  12. I suffered with a back for years..finally went to a surgeon...just get it done, they are perfecting these surgeries all the time.
  13. Exploring with the expedition extreme!!
  14. I broke that trail 2 years ago in a blizzard
  15. Just a guess....North to Gouin Reservoir??
  16. I'd like to read the review you posted for this memorable anniversary evening...interesting crowd for sure!!
  17. So you noticed the disappearing act the money you put in for retirement is doing...very nice hey...you may need the rest for food, heat and fuel sooner than you think....best part...media still not mentioning it...like everything is OK!!
  18. Gutz, with these high gas prices and the bad economy I bet a lot of people here far from the snow will have sled sales up and prices plummeting and you may have a great opportunity to upgrade Junior for a great deal...just put a governor on it until he grows into it, like a block of wood behind the throttle !!
  19. The effects of the second pipe...maybe not washing the road away?? Same logic here in the states...can't approve anything until an engineer makes a few hundred k...probably the governors nephew.
  20. good time to install a second pipe as no extra excavation will be needed.
  21. You are rebuilt like the bionic man!!
  22. Gutz, get that hip fixed now, your son doesn't want to hear any excuses when the snow flys...remember what it was like when we were young and got our first sleds, Be Well , Bob.
  23. 3 tanks and 3 qts of 2 stroke oil...350a day...100 dollars for a room....75 to 100 a day for food...400 for a trail pass....and gas and incidentals traveling from the states for 7 to 10 days...better figure 8 hundred a day...hopefully exchange rate will help at 20 percent...starting to get expensive for sure....but still less than an Alaskan lodge for a week...or a fishing boat at Cabo or even Lake Ontario...this isn't a cheap sport anymore.
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