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  1. Actually , we are, just have a 2 week waiting period, then we can probably start counting all over again.....REALLY @%$&*@!! GREAT!!
  2. I am not going to look, and I am definitely hiding it from my wife, I may have spent that on gas and oil last season!!
  3. I got over the border with a few hours to spare in late March, my last stop was at the bank to get a good exchange rate for next season, my sleds are already in the trailer, hope it is headed North and not West!!
  4. And I am one of many hoping to get that money back in the hands of all our Canadian friends SOONER than later!!
  5. That is a long time for the families, and the riders who survived, cannot imagine the grief they have gone through, hope they can find peace and move on , but these memories will never go away, very sad.
  6. A good politician can usually stand up and talk, for a long time, and never answer the question, or talk so long that you forget what the question was, or just talk in a big circle, and never answer the question. So then you get to go home, maybe confused, and tune in the television to the channel that says what you want to hear, really amazing. Then you wonder why so many people are doing something different, everyone pulling the rope in a different direction. In the mean time, back at the ranch, more people have died than in the entire Vietnam war, in 10 weeks!!! Cannot wait for this to be over, and get back on the trail enjoying the important part of this game, LIVING!!
  7. Happy birthday Ice, Be Well, Bob.
  8. Other than being inside at stops, sledding is something we can safely enjoy, but at stops, that steam coming from our breath is what is dangerous.
  9. I am OK with grilling hot dogs on the trail carrying a little extra gas,and eating hot chili out of a thermos if that is what it is going to take, just do not want to break trail every day!!
  10. May 15th, you are riding on fresh sled tracks!! Killing me realizing what was left behind this season. The entire month of April!!
  11. The payroll company we use for checks, and taxes, is going totally paperless, all electronic during this shut down, when it is over a few of their employees will not be going back to work. Many more working restaurants, hotels and other service industry jobs will also not have a job.AT Max BMW, one of the largest BMW Motorcycle dealers in America, one of the salesmen told me that their sales are down 70%. Even if the border opens, so many have been crushed by this that there will be a lot less people making the trip North. I was very worried about the impact out on the trail in March, now I think the fall out is worse than any us of thought 3 months ago. I am hoping this turns around soon, if it goes on into the fall....we are going to loose places along the trail, making it difficult to get food ,fuel and gas, not to mention the effect on grooming, we are facing a real shit storm here!!
  12. Amazing story, people need to be in charge of their own life and destiny, called freedom, that is the kind of stuff that wars start over!!
  13. I have friends who moved there, it is quite an adjustment, getting up early and it feels like you are really late. In late September and early October, things are changing so fast and in 2 weeks time in mid-September you can literally watch summer end, all of fall and first snow, in a 2 week time frame, first snow is called termination dust and everyone leaves the mountains, only main roads get plows and many dirt roads are closed off. I have been there when it is 50 daily and in 10 days that changes to 12 degrees, crazy for sure!!
  14. Homer is a great spot and the ride from Turn Again Arm down thru Coopers Landing and continue on the Sterling highway is incredible, I see the time of 11hours and 27 minutes....there is so much to see and explore along that route that you could spend a month doing it and miss as much as you see. And make sure you have essentials when you leave Anchorage as there is not much between there and Soldatna, and then you really do not want to do all that without seeing Seward...and then if you go a little farther than Homer you get to see a little place called Fritz Creek....and it goes on and on...kind of like riding Quebec and you just want to ride all you can, 3 trips there and just scratched the surface. There is an airport at the begining of the Homer Spit, you have to rent a plane there and spend as much time as you can, we went for 3 days, with 6 of us, camping and fishing where no man has ever stepped foot in late September, like i said, just goes on and on!!
  15. Another great Alaskan ride is the Kenai Peninsula, hardest part of the trip is being able to keep your eyes on the road, truly breath taking, big place, bring your top of the line binoculars and a very good camera, done it 3 times, you can never get enough of it, they don't call it The Last Frontier for nothing!
  16. Unless you are an essential worker and you just keep going to work, while lots are on unemployment and the 600 dollars a week federal give-away, treating this like a big vacation and not wanting to come back to work!!
  17. Incredible that he survived that, I am sure that many of us on here have ridden those sport bikes at one time or another when we were younger. I did and probably had many near misses, I raced super bikes for a decade and still have 4 bikes in the coral, but have learned to slow down over the years...the thrill of twisting that throttle and feeling that pull when you are young is almost irresistible so I will not make any judgements on this young mans character, hope he is OK and grows from this experience , he is very lucky. And the guy who witnessed it does sound like Belushi, that was a great movie!!
  18. I was riding those areas in Maine in the mid 80's then headed to Quebec in late 87. I found those Maine trails to be filled with a lot of weekenders from Boston, going from bar to bar, trails were a little narrower and weekend warriors had too much courage after a few beers. Maybe a lot has changed over the years as it has gotten a little out of their reach financially.I do not think anyone really knows what next season is going to bring us, but I do know winter sports are a big part of many Canadians financial existence...I sure hope a safe way to get back to the best trails in the world happens.
  19. Not too often to see a moose with all four off the ground, or even 2 yearlings, great shot, you are lucky to see that!!
  20. If papers are required, I am more than fine with that, would be very nice to know everyone's situation here, all about doing the right thing!!
  21. Guess how screwed we are going to be if these early openings backfire, and cases go way up and more people die, I hope like hell they are getting this right!!
  22. We certainly left a great spring in the rear view mirror, can't wait to experience that Ski-Doo feeling again!!
  23. That bird is a large common golden eye, a medium sized sea duck.
  24. Definitely not a loon in that pic, but a big bird and probably from the same family. We usually try to get to camp the very first day we can navigate around the ice, a 2 hour trip by water, never see another person for the whole week, very remote, an old logger drivers camp, more rustic than Groomers camp, and some incredible fishing. Just a little worried about leaving out of state plates on the side of the road for a week, you never know how people will react during this virus when no one is looking. Been doing this for 30 years, never had a problem, but never say never.My boat registration came in the mail today so it looks like we are ready, we will not need any contact with anyone once week hit the road, only to stop for gas, so it looks like social distance will be no problem. Very interesting here at the shop, people are calling for appointments and we are reasonably busy with a couple week back log. This is a very uneven playing field, many have no work, we are surprised and counting are blessings, 5 weeks in things are still looking good for us at work, but we know this can change.
  25. We are heading to North West Maine for ice out salmon and brookies in 2 weeks and will see a lot of loons making their annual nests, really great to hear them calling at dark.