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  1. I always enjoyed that stop and the way they had to dig down to the entry door as the snow piled up around the building....It's another casualty of the shut down and a big loss for us.
  2. I known this family for decades...What happened to Sylvia is a real tragedy....I always looked forward to stopping there...lodging was minimalist...but warm and a place to sleep..which a lot of times is all that's needed at the end of a long day...they provide a great service to the community in Parent and are a big part of the local fabric that makes it an important stop....I will miss them for sure and wish them all the luck in the world moving forward.
  3. best news I've seen in a long time....especially this week
  4. Whole administration should be forced to resign… not just Brandon
  5. Not even 2 years....my barber is 93...he says this is the worst administration of his life...and it's not even close...and at 65...I can easily agree with that statement...he will never fulfill 4 years...and should seriously step down... 190 million barrels of oil offed to China to artificially lower prices for the mid-terms...totally self serving...diesel fuel in major short supply...heating oil going through the roof...interest near 5 ... and inflation still going up every month...the American public cannot endure too much more of these incompetent morons...GREAT ARTICLE...NSHM!!!
  6. This POS is still not prosecuted...I don't think I would be a very good cop!!
  7. Can he fly in and you bring the sled ??
  8. The arctic cat on the left was a 303 wankel...rotary...on a lake it would just keep rolling faster and faster...they were short lived only 2 years if I remember right....we were 12 years old...and the fun we had is not replaceable...nobody ever got hurt...nobody complained...no land was posted...and the whole mountain was ours....that's Mt Greylock in the distance...I think it's 3600 ft.
  9. Steve, That was the first really reliable snowmobile and it kicked around for years and always ran exceptionally well… it became the benchmark for quality and reliability in the industry… Iceman would have loved one… it’s a first year 1968 SL 350 YAMAHA….
  10. border back to normal and snowing......touchdown!!!! long time coming!!!
  11. They are getting away with it because too many people are busy watching dancing with the stars or following what basketball player the Kardashians are sleeping with...can't even make it up.
  12. It's worse than we think...2 sets of how the law is applied .....and for whom.....a sweeping change in November.....and a full return to legitimacy ....is all that can stop this transformation....here is one person hoping!!
  13. Last time they logged it was 2005, I remember well thinking I can get through they will not plow the whole width, I started in St Michelle at 3 in the afternoon thinking to get a head start on a week long trip I would knock out a trip to Mattawin river real quick and start from there the next morning...big mistake it was plowed to dirt all tore up and rocks the size of baseballs all over the place. We were both riding brand new sleds, killing the hyfax and trying not to overheat, Rick was very unhappy with me for showing him this great trail and we were in too far to turn back....I will let someone else report before I do it again.
  14. JG...you have a great office...away from all the BS the world is currently offering ....you know that song...do you like the things that life is showing you....you are one of the very few that gets to answer ...YES!!
  15. The good news is that it was 35 in Parent this morning and we are turning the page towards that season that we all love...and that's the only good news I have heard in a long time!!!
  16. you no longer need a test, the old vaccine doesn't provide much protection against the new variant, and you could be A symptomatic...but that's OK...if you have the old shot...that may well not work?? Try explaining your job that way and see how it works....hard to follow the thought process here.
  17. I think jean guy might be able to arrange that
  18. I had a 320 Olympic when I was a kid, a lot of memories. and it it didn't steer and ride like that one....you are going to have a lot of fun with that....maybe the factory should consider some anniversary model...bet it would sell great.
  19. 130k units in a year...divided by 3 manufacturers or 3.5....small in comparison to say ...boats or bikes....and basically all of it is Canada and north US.....with the limited amount of trail geography we are lucky that most people never figure out what they are missing.
  20. Don't ever forget the sacrifice and what it took to be free
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