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  1. Conditions were excellent. We just got home from Rabaska lodge. We left Monday to Parent, to Repos for the night on to 100 Lacs then back to Rabaska. Our favourite trail was on 83 east to the 345 down to Repos. There is nothing like riding in PQ, the trails, people, accommodations are simply outstanding. I don't think I will ride in Ontario any more.....
  2. We are planning on taking the 309 trail from Val d’or to Ville Marie on Thursday. Does anyone have a update or info on the conditions? ty
  3. Anyone have a update on the 309 trail conditions? We are planning on running this trail from Ville Marie to Val for tomorrow. TY
  4. Thanks again for your help here. We are going to start In Ville Marie to Val d'Or then to Lac Faillion then to Rouyn-Noranda the back to Ville Marie and trailer home the next day. Any suggestions to this trip would be are appreciated. Its a little lite mileage wise but be have a new guy in our group that just bought a sled and its his first year joining our group. Ty
  5. We would be willing to drive 8-9 hours for good conditions. We have stayed at the Forestel in Val Dor in the past and enjoyed it but we would like to stay at a lodge similar to Rabaska or Meekoos. Any accommodation recommendations in the Abitbi region? Ty again for all this information.
  6. Hello, Does anyone have a trail condition report for this area? TY
  7. We are currently looking for some recommendations in PQ for a 5 day trip with 4 riders. We are planning on leaving from north of the GTA on January 06th and returning on Friday Jan 10th. We have done Gaspe Bay, St Zenon and Mont Laurier north up to Meekos, Rabaska, Devils mountain, etc. Due to proximity we were thinking of doing the Mont Laurier area again? Do you think the conditions in this area will be favourable or does anyone have any other recommendations? TY in advance. Happy and Safe New Year to All.
  8. Great reporting, thanks for this. We will be sure to plan a trip in this area soon.
  9. So sorry to hear this. Glad to hear you are okay and no one was seriously injured. Hopefully your insurance company will get you a new sled soon. Or does the PQ trail permit insurance cover this loss?
  10. Sorry, one more question. Is there cell service in this area or only in the larger towns? TY
  11. Thanks Steve, will call Louise fro quebectrails.com. Yes I was concerned that RDL was a little too far from the loops we wanted to make but think it will work once I re-check the distances. I appreciate you posting your trip from 2 years ago, Im actually from Caledon just north of Toronto. Really looking forward to this trip. Off to Haliburton Forest this weekend again to get the body worked out a bit before the Gaspe trip! Ty Again.
  12. Thanks for talking the time to provide such great detail. I think we will start from Universal in RDL. I will plan the rest of the trip once we see how the weather is. I honestly did not know the weather could play such a big factor here.... Thanks again to all.
  13. Really appreciate your feed back. I see the orange trail#13 from #5 just south of Gaspe which takes you over to 597. Are you suggesting we then take 597 south towards Chandler then up #5 to Perce? Is Perce a must see on this trip? Yes, thats a good idea to do Murdochville to PALC if we don't need the extra day. Then we could take the 587 to Amqui then up 579 and cross #5 back to Domaine Valga? TY again for taking the time to post your suggestions.
  14. Thank you all for the suggestions, well taken. I have modified my trip based on your recommendations/ suggestions. Please see below and more suggestions appreciated. To answer your questions, this is a boys trip 4 of us in total ages 36-48 all experienced riders. Since I am the oldest I don't want anything too aggressive and like to enjoy the scenery. Day 1 trailer to Domaine Valga Saint Gabriel Day 2 Domaine Valga to Cap Chat Village Grande Nature - Chic Chocs Day 3 Chic Chocs to Auberge le Caribou-River Au Renard Day 4 River au Renard to Hotel Copper- Murdochville via #5 & #597 Day 5 Murdochville to Relais La Cache (Relais Lacache Hotel)via orange trail ( short day as buffer) Day 6 Relais La Cache to Domaine Valga- Saint Gabriel Day 7 trailer home Thanks again for all your suggestions.
  15. Thank you all for taking the time for your recommendations, Its appreciated. TY again.