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  1. I agree the warmest helmet i have ever owned. I not sure if thats good or bad. The shield seals tight and is draft free so i like that. My eyes were always tearing with other helmets. I run hot with my cheap Irish skin. This helmet should have better venting. How does the humidity in the helmet exhaust?
  2. My new Oxygen helmet arrived yesterday. Like any new toy i unboxed immediately. It does appear to have nice features. I removed the ear pads as they felt to tight and seamed unnecessary for my liking. Maybe after the helmet breaks in i will try again. I'm most interested in air flow around my eyes. My past helmets has to much air movement making my eyes to tear a lot. The helmet looks to seal air very well. The throat coat idea seems like it may be the cause for overheating. I seem to run hot anyway. I most likely wont be using the neck warmer unless its very cold.
  3. I just placed an Oxygen helmet order at Eklund Motor Sports. They have stock.
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  5. Hi Bill, Reading your response. I cant find Lac city. Did you mean Lab City? The Cains quest race starts in Labrador City at the Arena March 2 so maybe that would be a better start option anyway. Eight - ten guys split the cost. Ride the train on Monday. Sleds follow the next day. 3200 miles groomed trails.
  6. Not so many years ago..... i remember guys discussing loading sleds on the train from Sept Isles to Schefferville. Does anyone know if that can still happen? To plan a trip with arrival to see the Cains Quest departure woulds be quite the adventure.
  7. Todays pic. Valin should have snow soon.
  8. Well i didnt know Yvon RIP. But do remember pretty chicks behind the counter.
  9. Could solve stolen sleds and trucks?
  10. The Gaspie still looks to have alot of snow in the Chic Choc mountains. ---Mac---
  11. Wow does this thread make me think back to days when Bernard used to haul around our broken junk. He would send a driver no matter how far away we were. I miss that guy. ---Mac---
  12. I Love to see spring riding pictures. Please post your last ride. This is the air force overhead view updated daily.
  13. Yes - Some of us still remember. RIP.
  14. I dont know twhat map you are requesting. This map works very well. http://www.nohrsc.nw...ont=0&js=1&uc=0
  15. The link below is a map of Zec Martin Valin. You can see Lac Jalobert. Any road you see above this lake is the back country only accessible by snowmobile. Try and order a hard copy of this map before you go on the trip. Call this number. 418-674-9170 The ladies in the office will mail the map to you. I think I paid 10-12 dollars.
  16. Here is scoobyraid link. Im not sure its where you want to start for off trail riding. Im only familiar with the FMCQ trail network. I do have a map showing seasonal roads north of Lac Jalobert. I once was entertaining this same idea. Their are hundreds of miles of summer roads not maintained in winter. These are summer vacation homes around hundreds of lakes. You can buy gas at Lac Jalobert and jump off trail right their. You will need a map or GPS. Keep in mind no services food or fuel to be found. You guys better know what your doing in the back country. I have always been curious take pics and let us know how you make out.
  17. Thanks for the replies. I thought some of you might have a way to work around this.
  18. Snowgirl - Do you still ride? Wow that was some accident considering you were going slow. Snowmobiling is so unpredictable.
  19. I once read about the dangers of snowmobiling. It was enough to make me give up reading.
  20. Thanks Groomer. Where can we go to get real high up on the mountains. I'm familiar with the towers. Any other interesting high peaks we can visit by sled?
  21. Hey guys can we snowmobile to this place? For that matter can we climb up any of the high peaks? Check out this video. Cool tune.
  22. Hey check out this video. Can we snowmobile to this place? I cant find info. Groomer please let me know what you think.
  23. Iceman - Thats it. Yes nice lodge. They were booked once and rented us a cabin in the woods about a mile away. We loaded all our bags and six guys into one of those tracked vehicles with skis on the front. After dinner they drove us to the cabin and then picked us up at 9 AM the next morning. Cool place. Hilarious riding in that vehical
  24. There was another place I believe past Richards on the right hand side of the same road. I cant remember the name. They have restaurant and a bar. You could see the river from the bar window. Does anyone remember this place?
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    Snow map?

    Here is the best snow depth from NOAA. Takes alittle while to figure out how to use it.