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  1. Yup, the year that Snobeeler is talking about, the Gaspe was the only area with snow in February. My group talked with them as we were driving up when they were on their way home. I avoided Matane on our way out, but on the return trip snow was very plentiful even in the town. The Riotel has the new Hotel, which is very nice, but there is a chance that you might get put in the old section, not bad, but you have to walk a distance to get to the main Hotel and their services. Can be a bitter walk along the St. Lawrence.
  2. Looking for any updates. We are looking at starting a Gaspe loop starting on the 20th. Any input would be great.
  3. I assume the hill is too icy?? Otherwise that Gilbert should be able to climb a tree, we run 3 of them. One trick I have used is to back up the hill this puts all the weight on the tractor and a lot more traction. Neck gets sore looking bakwards. Good luck and keep up the excellent work!! Wish we had some of that snow to play with.
  4. Been there too, very cool place to visit.
  5. Yeah Viper I learned a long time ago looking cool usually means you get cold much faster.
  6. Thanks Groomer, The moose was somewhere near La Cache. I didnt mean to hijack the thread, I find everyones pictures interesting and it is fun to look at them and say I've been there!! I know this site is for Quebec but I thought I would share some of my experiences elsewhere. I want to return to the Gaspe sometime, but I find myself only able to do one large trip each year. I have found may interesting places to visit and want to return to almost all of them. For about the past 4 or 5 years I have been visiting Quebec at least once a year and have found it to be a vast territory with friendly people and a very varied terrain that can change dramatically over the couse of a day on the sled. Keep up the good work Groomer, down here near Buffalo, NY we are still waiting on enough snow to get going and get the groomers out. I help our club with the grooming runs, but do not spend the time in the cab like you. I currently operate a John Deere Gilbert, awsome in the deep stuff, but the drag is not heavy enough in my opinion. Happy Trails
  7. Went west last year - here is some Yellowstone
  8. One of my favorite areas Gaspe in 2006
  9. Here is Mt Valin 2007 not so good for my sled or my arm
  10. I have been around a little so I'll post accordingly. Here are some from Quebec in 2008 We rode from Real Masse to Mt Valin and back. camera screwed up so not many pics
  11. You guys have most everything one could hope for. Here are a few items that I carry in addition. - Water Proof Matches - Mechanics Wire, works great in conjunction with the duct tape or electrical tape. - Electrical Tape - SUGGESTION use ONLY Scotch 3M "33+" or "Super 88" this stuff works great in the cold, I know because I am an electrician. Can be bought at Home Depot, be prepared it is expensive when compared to the cheap stuff. - I have a spare set of carbide runners hidden under the hood, I run an aftermarket ski so finding a replacement would be almost impossible. - SPOT Messanger - Have not had to use it yet, but there are many areas that I ride that have ZERO cell service, hope to never have to use it either. There is always something I forget or should have keep the suggestions comming.
  12. The trick is not to forget anything you don't need. If this is your 1st ever saddlebag trip here are a few suggestions. * I always use 2 bungies to help hold the saddlebags in place, keeps them from bouncing and tearing if you get on something rough, not Groomers trails. Stretch them from running board to running board. * Find a place for extra oil, OEM oils are hard to find at times, not suggested to carry in saddlebags. * A tow rope, extra plugs, basic tools, mechanics wire, zip ties, fuses, isopropel, flashlight, extra maps, phone numbers and a list of places to stay while on the trip. * hand gauntlets, if the warmers die these will make the trip bearable. * A camera is a must for this area. * A tall windshield, again if it gets real frosty this can make a day more enjoyable. * use plastic bags for your clothes as suggested, and also some slippers or sneaks, boot liners just dont cut it. * A swim suit, many of the places have pools or hot tubs or saunas When you finish packing your gear, ask yourself what do you think your buds missed and then pack some spares.